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New Chandler III

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Another Rainy Night

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There is a new item available in the downloads section. Check it out! Until then, I will reply to my comments I got on my last entry. All eighteen of them :P bear with me here!


Sky Guy: Thanks for the comment, I am glad you like it!
Adrianor: Thanks for the comment. The region is hand-made by me and not done yet so probably not. You can see a view of La Brea though from the downloads page (Page 2)
Liberator444: Thanks for the comment, I am glad you like it!
TekindusT: Thanks for the comment, my friend. I haven't even started on my torch relay yet, I probably should after this entry... :P
Mithrik: Thanks for the comment. I didn't want anybody nagging me if I didn't say that :P

Petrovar Ambassador: Thanks for the comment Peter. I am glad too!
Benedict: Thanks for the comment, I am very glad you liked it.

Wacky32 (second comment): Thanks for the comment, I am glad you like it.
canuck3360: Thanks for the comment, I saw that the other day, I will look into it :)
JetShadez66: Thanks for the comment! I have only seen one tropical CJ, so I wanted to try to make one myself. I am glad you like the road networks too.

dcmetro34: Thanks for the comment. I found it eye-pleasing as well ;)
Skimbo: Thanks for the comment. I do too, and since this is in the tropics, I felt like I needed one :)

greckman: Thanks for the comment. You better remember New Chandler is made by me sometime soon!
sepen77: Thanks for the comment. Welcome to my world.
Blakeway: Thanks for the comment Julien! I am glad you liked it. Thanks for the welcome again as well.

Thomas: Thanks for the comment! I am glad you love my journal. Thanks for the section too, I was wondering how to see it up there :P
Forsma: Thanks for the comment, I am glad you like it.
Sky Guy: Thanks for the comment. Well you obviously found me on Simtropolis, so you wouldn't have missed it :P
Liberator444: Thanks for the comment. I have actually used alternate textures in my old journal (this entry: http://bit.ly/cBGXMQ) for the T-RAM. I don't have much light rail in the city though, only subway and elevated :) 
woodb3kmaster: Thanks for the comment, I am glad you liked it!
Liberator444 (second): You will learn ;)


The Miracle Mile, Diagonal Avenue, and Parque De La Brea in the deluge of rain this evening.

The other side of the Miracle Mile. You can see the mall and an office building all lit up. The La Brea Theater, Frank Gehry's contribution to the city, is in the shadows of the skyscrapers nearby.

The Dubai Towers always shine through the rain well.

Diagonal Avenue, one of the most important roads in East La Brea.

Southeastern La Brea houses La Brea Municipal Airport. If you want to go skydiving or get a bi-plane tour, look no further than the landing strip off to the left of this picture. (this is inspired by Stellar Airpark in the real city of Chandler (in Arizona, USA): http://bit.ly/dmGxnS)

Some apartments...

The station shown here on the metro serves 6% of every single worker from all La Brea. Thats nearly 5,000 people per commute!

A prospective piece of land next to a metro station, the Dubai Towers, and Diagonal Avenue.

People from the Cultan Republic days (Mithrik and Tekindus, I'm talking to you!) know what an empty piece of land in my journals mean.... It's WHERE YOU SHOULD VOTE!! Don't vote more than once or on more than one forum. Thats really the only rule you can't follow :) If you have your own idea, you can also say that as well. Otherwise, here is the information...

Thats about it for this entry. I am done focusing on La Brea for a while, so the next time you see New Chandler it will look quite different! Keep on the lookout for it. Also, on August 12, is the New Chandler Block Party. You guys will like that :P

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Recommended Comments

Great job on the Rain effect!
I vote for #3. Since hospital is a choice though, does it mean the city is high on demand for health? If so, then the hospital would be good. 

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Time to vote again!

I go with the NO. 3.

And look like you are getting better raining effects. Good.

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I see you're managing quite well with the GIMP and the rain effects, you've done a cool job! And I told you previously how much I liked this part of New Chandler...

On voting, as an enviromentally concerned person; I would say 3 but as an SC4 player I say "pull it higher" with option 1!

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Hmmm I love architecture wich would mean n°1, but let's not fool ourselves I think the Hospital will do a lot of good to the people! I say n°4

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