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Happy Schulman Day!! Massive Update!

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Western Wirdleonia: Happy Days

Archduke Bower is still away on business, so he will miss out on a very happy occasion going on in Western Wirdleonia. Princess Katherine has been working on a special project in the rolling hills north of Schulmanukau. Its unveiling was scheduled to coincide with Admiral Hestorb's birthday. But, a bout of Trixie Fever pushed the date back. Now, the date has been pushed back to Schulman Day, one of the biggest holidays in the Schulminion calendar. The project's exact location and design have been closely guarded secrets. Now that the big day has arrived, let's all come to the grand unveiling!

So, come to Lake Carmelcciase in Western Wirdleonia to celebrate Schulman Day with us! Welcome!

The town of Lake Carmelcciase is a small religious retreat center and rustic vacation destination. The town surrounds about half of the lake's shoreline and is centered around the local church. As only the second town in Western Wirdleonia and the only stop on the direct land route between Schulmanukau and points north, the town looks to benefit from overland trade and transit as well as vacationers and parishioners.

The town centers on the lakeside Abbey of St. Helena the Furry. The church and its grounds are a gathering place for the locals and their many guests.


The abbey and its gardens


The Abbey of St. Helena is a religious retreat center operated by the Sisters of Meow and also an ecumenical outreach center for the feral population of the undeveloped frontier.


Princess Katherine built the facilities here at the request of Queen Vera, Bureau of Feline Affairs representative of Schulmania's non-domiciled population. Census results record only domestic cats. Estimates of the feral population suggest that 35% of Schulminions continue to enjoy the lifestyle of their ancestors and live off of the land.


The gardens surrounding the abbey are great for contemplation and perhaps some basking in the sun.

The scenic town has plenty of waterfront property. Lake houses of all sizes dot the shoreline in three sides of the small lake.



The eastern shore is the site of a special present for Admiral Hestorb's recent birthday. Hestorb was invited to Schulmanukau for her birthday so that she and her hostess, Princess Katherine, could travel overland to the new site for the dedication of the Admiral's Landing Yacht Club.


Admiral's Landing is inspired by a classic design by the established architectural firm of Vanilla & Maxis. Plenty of small lake houses provide access to the club and the water. Permanent residents have moved into the homes across the street from the ones adjoining the water. Those are generally rented out.

In anticipation of significant commercial traffic, many prominent Schulminion businesses have already announced plans to open stores and offices. A variety of goods and services are now available to the public in Lake Carmelcciase.


The fashion house of Catwalk Strut towers over the adjacent Friskies Culinary Institute, whose graceful tower hosts a small café.


Along Comfort Point Lane, restaurants and shops vie for your schulmoneta.


There are three main hotels in the town. One is the The Inn at Crossview Place.


VIP guests are housed at The Lakehouse, a luxurious spa hotel backing up on Mindra Meadow. Admiral Hestorb stayed here on opening night and raved about the views... and the service.


The Lakehouse sits next to the Town Hall and is very close to the shoreline.


The stately Turnstone Court Hotel sits next to the Retreat Center, where many of the activities associated with St. Helena's take place and long term retreat participants stay.

The Turnstone is best known for its grand ballroom, which also serves as the town's theater. For this year's Schulman Day, an arts festival includes twice daily performances in the ballroom theater. Here's a sample of what to expect.








Other features include Night at the SchulMusuem, Schulman Powers: International Cat of Mystery, Schulmeo & Juliet, The SchulPranos, SchulMadagascar and of course I Know What You Did Last Schulman Day. Why not make it a dinner and a show by patronizing one of Lake Carmelcciase's fine restaurants. Offering Schulman Day specials are Madame Furré's Maison du Fancy Feast, Garfield's Lasgana & More, SchulManatee Seafood House, and Three Mousketeers Small Prey Café.

Interested in some handmade crafts and gifts for Schulman day this year? Why not head over to the south shore of the lake to the Schulmanawera Arts Center. Here, artisans turn out all sorts of interesting dust collectors for your home or to inflict upon your family and/or friends. There's something to suit every taste - and those people who don't have taste as well.




All of the town is adjacent to the water. Much of the shoreline has been left undeveloped. This is not only ecologically friendly, but it also provides needed hunting space for residents and guests.


Behind the hotel is some prime hunting land... unless of course you want to go out to eat at a fine restaurant instead of eating in.

Let's explore the town a bit more. I am sure someone will be having a Schulman Day party somewhere!


A small residential area sits in the middle of the north shore and also lines the eastern shore on the way to Schulmanawera on the south shore.


The town hall is at the western end of the settlement. It sits adjacent to The Lakehouse, so visiting dignitaries will have ready access to government offices if needed. The building also houses an office of the Bureau of Feline Affairs.


Nearby, residents' homes enjoy the same scenic views as The Lakehouse.


Bureau of Feline Affairs rising star Maylay Muck bought a condo in the same corner building as cat food magnate Sunny Shingure.  Both are hosting some very upscale parties.


By the yacht club, many locals are planning picnics. René Glücksieben has promised his lucky guests a fabulous meal followed by fireworks on the water. And, you're invited!


No matter where you go in town, the celebrations for Schulman Day are underway.


As for me, I am heading to a garden party where The Schulmanator shall be toasted. My toast:

Just look at that face. The face of a thinker, a warrior, a man for all seasons. Yes friends, The Schulmanator is all that and more. The Schulmanator is a great humanitarian. To know him, is to love him. Those who know him, love him. Those who do not know him, love him from afar. But The Schulmanator is not perfect. Perhaps his greatest fault was that he is too selfless. Cares too much for his fellow man. In his immense modesty, he wishes all a Happy Schulman Day!


Our Schulmania site visitors:


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Thanks for coming!

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CTMandR   Thanks! You are welcome to come watch a movie here anytime. I will provide passes for free admission and for popcorn. Enjoy!


GlobexCo   Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it. That was one of my favorite ones as well.


Hester   Thanks!


Daan300   Thank you – I am glad you enjoyed it.


Hester   He sends his warmest, furriest regards.


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Alright!  More catching up now that my CJ making/commenting vacation is over.  :D

Hmmm...  The town hall looks suspiciously like a subway.  Is there a secret underground kitty transport device there?  :P

Nice work on the town.  Looks sufficiently resort-y without looking like a tourist trap.  :D


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Zelgadis   You are correct sir. That is indeed a subway. But, don’t tell kitties that. They’d think it was an express route to the VET’S office!

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abcvs   I am so grateful that there are clandestine subways to be had. Otherwise, I would have to pixelate the pix like they do on the cop shows so you won’t know what the building is…


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Leech10  Hidden Subway, Crouching Cat-dragon… another good movie to watch.

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ImVhOzzi   Me too! Let’s get some popcorn and go on Netflix and download a few!



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