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  1. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    978 Is it even possible to have +1000 friends in real life?
  2. xlnation is down at the moment, but it hasn't been closed. You issue is probably related to something you placed in your city that came with one mod... No need to remove all the files you download, just check in the city what's going wrong!
  3. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    (971) I've got accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc etc just to follow people - posting something on every social network every day is insane
  4. Hey are you still working on the future city project?

  5. Oh, it's been a while... Now, here's some good news: finished some projects and I've got now more time to get back to CitiesXL, in March I bought CXL Platinum - but then because of university, I only managed to install it two days ago! What I really want to do in the next weeks is updating some of my old mods: * Unlocker Mod v6 is planned, will support CXL Platinum (I think CXL12 too) and the User Interface Mod. I discovered that most of the features of the old mod are now included in the UIM, so v6 will be just a collection of unlocked buildings (that for some reason are still locked in the game). * CXL HD v1.5 is under development, you can see two screenshots at the end of this post... Got some problems with tree rendering, but at least it doesn't lage anymore while updating shadows (as it did in CXL11)! standard screenshot screenshot with modded settings See you soon!
  6. Please add your high graphics settings mod to XLnation.net xchange forums

  7. Will Cities XL 2011 mods work on Cities XL 2012?

    It depends... If the patch is very complex and needs to modify lots of files, probably it needs to modify some of those files updated with CXL12 too... so it will just create problems. However, if it's a simple add-on (like a ploppable building), it will work on CXL12 too. I suggest reading the comments on that page
  8. patch dosyaları çalışmıyor ne yapabilirim

  9. hello what's the problem my be downloaded patch files in the game does not work

  10. [NEXL] Network Expansion XL

    Hey guys! We've got a new page online for the NEXL! http://www.victorfleur.com/citiesxl/nexl You'll find some new info and some new picture. Share and enjoy!
  11. Cities xl 2012 buildings tranfer?

    Transferring content from CXL2012 to 2011 is not allowed, because that means releasing an expansion pack made by Focus for free.
  12. Bulling every where

    There are a few mods that allow you to do that... however, most of them have been made for CXL2009 or CXL2011, so they work only with old maps.
  13. [NEXL] Network Expansion XL

    I'd like to say that we are still alive Beta tests started last week and we're getting ready for the first release. You'll hear more news soon!