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Episode 2: The Unknown, part 2

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Lyhoko Leaci


Episode 2: The Unknown, part 2

Thurs. May 20th, 0150AL (2006)


Brad.pngBrad: That's the fifth time I've had that dream this month... what is going on?

Before he could think about the dream any more, the alarm went off, bringing an abrupt end to Brian's snoring. After a couple of seconds, when it became apparent that Brad wasn't going to turn it off, Brian groaned, then swatted at the alarm, missing twice before managing to make it stop.

Brian rubbed his eyes, then stretched and yawned, then turned to look at Brad, who still hadn't moved.

Brian.pngBrian: You had that dream again, didn't you?

Brad.pngBrad: Yes...

Brian.pngBrian: What do you think it means?

Brad.pngBrad: I don't know... what I don't understand is that it each time I have the dream, it seems to be different.

Brian.pngBrian: What do you mean? You never mentioned that before.

Brad.pngBrad: It's not really different, it just seems like minor details change around. I take a different path, or you say something different, stuff like that.

Brian.pngBrian: Oh. Don't you think you should tell someone else about it?

Brad.pngBrad: Probably... it was just a weird dream the first time, but for it to come back 4 more times, something pretty much has to be up.

Voice: Brad! Brian! Hurry up!

Brad and Brian each got up and left their room, and walked down the hall to the kitchen to find that Nick and Nikki were already eating their pancakes, though Nikki still seemed to be half asleep, and both, like Brad and Brian, still in their pajamas. Brad and Brian grabbed their own plates, and sat down.

Brian.pngBrian: After breakfast?

Brad.pngBrad: Yes.

After the two had finished eating, they walked over to a woman who was currently cooking some more pancakes.

Brad.pngBrad: Mom?

Rachel.png Rachel: Yes?

Brad.pngBrad: I had an odd dream last night.

Rachel.png Rachel: Odd? In what way?

Brad.pngBrad: I was on some sort of Muphridish ship, then I did... something to a computer terminal to make a map show up, and after that I ran down to another room in the ship, where Brian and this Muphridian named Valira were at. After that, a fireball appeared in the middle of the room, and then I woke up. Also, it’s the 5th time it's come up, too.

Rachel.png Rachel: Interesting. Is there anything else, or was that pretty much it?

Brad.pngBrad: That was the main parts of it.

Rachel took the pancakes off of the griddle and then transferred them over to a place, which she then handed to Michael, who had just entered the room fully dressed.

Rachel.png Rachel: Do you think it might mean something?

Brad.pngBrad: Possibly, that's what I wanted to talk about.

Rachel.png Rachel: I don't know anything about getting meanings out of dreams, though I could find someone who does. I'll let you know after school. But for now, you really need to get ready, or you'll be late.

Brian.pngBrian: Yes, mom.

Galesfe City

Leech: Well, now that I'm playing SC4 again, it would be good to show some pictures.

Nikki.png Nikki: So we're going to do the commenting!

Nick.png Nick: Ugh...

Leech: I'll be leaving now.

Nikki.png Nikki: No.

*Nikki grabs Leech and pulls him down onto a couch*

Nikki.png Nikki: And stay there or I'll get the water.

Leech: Do I have to?

Nikki.png Nikki: Yes.

Nick.png Nick: And I don't want to be alone.

Nikki.png Nikki: Huh?

Leech: Oh, all right.


Nick.png Nick: Now, where are we?

Leech: Mt. Jamig.

Nikki.png Nikki: I can see that... This here's a basic campground on Mt. Jamig, for when you just want to get away from the city without 

actually getting away from the city.


Nick.png Nick: The Syomï Minazí Êd Myon, or in English, the Myonian National Stadium, and its the where the Myonian national soccer team 



Leech: Various hillside developments. It was tricky tearing up the old highway and putting in the new RHW there... Replacing the 

trees was easier.

Nick.png Nick: What? Replacing trees? Tearing up the highway?

Nikki.png Nikki: What are you talking about? It's always been like that.


Nick.png Nick: Same as above, but at night.


Leech: The big farming tower, and several smaller ones.

Nick.png Nick: And a lot of skyscrapers.

Nikki.png Nikki: And shops!


Nick.png Nick: And more towers, and a park.

Nikki.png Nikki: More of the highway, as well.

Leech: It's M-11, by the way. At least the part of M-11 that goes though the city.

Comparison episodes:

Galesfe City Episode 10

Galesfe City Episode 27


Schulmanator: Indeed...

Zelgadis: Who's shooting at who?

Korot: DPM 1? Do you mean Galesfe City/Dierapyámuk-Myon, or DPM 2? Probably the latter, as Galsfe City ended before you joined ST, but I can't remember any other incident like this in either right now...

simcity4fan12: Yes, that is sketchup, with background from Celestia.

Archean: There's 460 of the secondary guns on the entire ship. (each with 3 guns on the turret) 116 main guns. (the towers)

Archean2: Huh? This isn't a mega reply...

astronelson: It's much better when you can actully watch from the beginning.

Archean3: Ah, there it is... and I've already replied to this one.

crushedcar: Might be because it is somewhat based off of the Destiny...

jacqulina: Thanks for the comment!

Leech10: Um... hi.

Benedict: Yes... expecially when random things start happening...

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 Beautiful city! May i ask where you got that flora from? They create a beautiful canopy over the roads and surface that i could use.

I'm impressed with your building style, and that family is just full of Orange isnt it. Pure blood something? 

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Is this the first time we've seen the twins' mother?  I dont' recall seeing her before...  Anyway, for the moment, she doesn't seem to know any more than they do...

Nice cities as always.  :D  I do believe you're the only one who ever uses some of 2ch's stuff.  It looks good.  :)


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Archean: Already replied for the tree links...

tarrina: Thanks for the comment!

soccerderek: Sorry, but I still don't know where or what the stadium is... Didn't find it anywhere, though the lack of a name when querying it makes it seem likely that it is a Japanese BAT...

Zelgadis: She did show up in the original Galesfe City, though that was before the avatars came out...

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