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Lyhoko Leaci

Episode 4: Free at Last

Wed. May 26th, 0150AL (2006)


Brian.pngBrian: Finally! No more school for the summer!

Lil.png Lil: Brad? Is something wrong?

Brad.pngBrad: No, I just feel like something odd is going to happen, doesn't seem bad though.

Brian.pngBrian: Abilities?

Brad.pngBrad: Maybe. How about we go to the central park?

Tara.png Tara: That sounds good, haven't been there in awhile.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed.


A little time, and one short bus trip later, they were already there, and began looking for a nice empty area to just walk around in.

Brad.pngBrad: Huh? There's lights up?

Lil.png Lil: Weird.

Tara.png Tara: Anyway, it seems Follomer was attacked again.

Brian.pngBrian: What?

Tara.png Tara: Terrorists, they attacked a mall, and then blew up one of the ports.

Lil.png Lil: When will the terrorists learn that all they are doing is making it more difficult for themselves?

Brad.pngBrad: It is more likely that Myon will help them now, though...

Brian.pngBrian: True.

They continued walking though the park, however unknown to them, they were being watched.


Mardon and Cormani's starship, in Myon orbit

While there was no sign of their ship in orbit, that didn't mean that they weren't there. Instead, it simply ment that there cloaking system worked well enough to hide the ship from Myonian sensors.

Cormani.png Cormani: >Interesting.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >What?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >The sensors are indicating that there are a couple of odd lifesigns located in one of the cities along the west coast of the ocean.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Odd?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >If the ligh signs detectors aren't acting up, these people are apparently human/Muphridian hybrids, yet I don't see how such a combination is possible.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >How many?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Don't know. Can't get a good enough resolution from orbit, plus they seem to be too close together. I'm going to come in lower.<

The starship, still unseen, began to drop down lower and lower, before entering the upper atmosphere and then settling down to hold position over Galesfe City.

Cormani.png Cormani: >Hmm, seems to be three of them, and a forth that is apparently a normal human.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Can I check?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Huh? Oh, if you want, just don't mess with them.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Okay.<

Mardon seems to stare off into space, but from his perspective, something entirely different was happening. The view of the interior of the starship faded away until it was only just visible to him, while a view of Galesfe City Central Park appeared to replace it, viewed from above. Mardon concentrated slightly, and then he seemed to fly down closer, then floated over to a group of four people just walking along one of the paths. Two of them were taller than the others and had red hair, while the other two had brown hair. All four were wearing school uniforms, though nothing about them seemed to distinguish three from the fourth to explaan the odd sensor readings.

Well, there was the fact that one of them had darker skin than the other three, though it was highly unlikely that that was the reason. Mardon looked at them for a couple more seconds, the four seemingly oblivious to his presence, then he flew back up, the view fading away, only to be replaced with the view inside the starship again.

Cormani.png Cormani: >Anything interesting about them?<

Mardon.png Mardon: >No, they all apear to be human. Two boys, two girls... and the're crossdressing.<

Cormani.png Cormani: Mardon...

Mardon.png Mardon: >The girls were wearing skirts, and the guys weren't.<

Cormani.png Cormani: Mardon.

Mardon.png Mardon: >What?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >I don't need to know about their dressing habits.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Oh.<

Cormani.png Cormani: >I'm going down to talk to them.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Can I come? Please?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Oh, all right. Just don't make a mess of things.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Yay!<

Cormani imputted some commands into one of the ship's computers, and the ship began rising bacl out of the atmosphere and into orbit, and then both Mardon and Cormani vanished from the ship altogether as the transporters activated.


Galesfe City Central Park

Tara.png Tara: So Myon is planning an expedition to the Alpha Centauri system?

Brad.pngBrad: Yes, apparently there are some planets there that seem interesting.

Brian.pngBrian: Why no one has gone there before, I don't know.

Lil.png Lil: True, if the planets are so interesting, why haven't the Muphridians or the al'Haisq gone after it?

Tara.png Tara: It is right next to al'Haisq territory, after all. Of course, it is one of the closest star systems to Myon, as well.

Voice: Hello?

Lil.png Lil: Who said that?

Voice: I did.

They turned to see two figures, similar in appearence to humans, aside from the odd markings on their face. One was wearing a green shirt and some sort of blue pants that looked like a cross between shorts and capris, while the other was wearing a green tank top and a gray skirt.

Cormani.png Cormani: I am Cormani, and this is Mardon.

Mardon.png Mardon: We mean you no harm.

To be continued...


Leech10: Already?

Korot: The ships fly though temporary holes in the shield. Same method is used to fire out though the shield. And like I said before, the beam weapons are aiming over the walls.

Schulmanator: Even though the farms wouldn't fit in with the rest of Schulmania? 3.gif

destruz: Thanks for the comment!

DCMetro34: Glad you like it!

Archean: True... And I haven't shown the 9 CS-2s parked in the area yet...

mightygoose: I'm glad you like it!

Leech102: Interesting mix there...

Archean2: But you didn't say which was which... except for the Zevinowa... and yes, that is a Zevinowa. (No n on the end)

Schulmanator2: Do you need another yet?

RedScope53: (on character list page) Yes, I did, kind of hard to find zuke and Muphridian pics online.

Answers to character thingy:

(from left to right)

Row 1, boys: Brian Meiring (Human), Brad Meiring (Human), Chan. Trent Arhns (Muphridian)

Row 1, girls: Cormani (Ancaron), Nikki Meiring (Human), Larissa Meiring (Human)

Row 2, boys: Mloret (Dlorwani), Colonel Ronul Yelslew (Zuke), Mardon (Ancaron)

Row 2, girls: Lil Thobe (Human), Tara Ranly (Human), Valira Muchi (Muphridian)

Row 3, boys: Nick Meiring (Human), Binashu Kaja (Zevinowa), Scott Wasuvo (Gremlin)

Row 3, girls: Lauren Arhns (Muphridian), Tiffany Meiring (Human)

Row 4, boy: Michael Meiring (Human)

Lyhoko Leaci

Korot: Looks closer: The beam weapons are pointing over the wall. (most noticeable in the bottom 2)

Rest of the comments, and the rest of Korot's, will be dealt with next actual update. (Which will be an actual story update.)

Until then, have a random pic of various characters, from the project mentioned last update. (With a different avatar style)


Now, how many can you name, both actual name, and species? (Note: Only 9 of these characters have shown up in some for in DPI, just so you know)

Species list: Human, Dlorwani, Ancaron, Gremlin, Zevinowa, Zuke, Muphridian

Text on earlier frame: Tovdeacu! Danas

Teacher! There are

Answers next update.

Lyhoko Leaci

Coastal Galesfe

Coastal Galesfe

First, a note: The city and story sections will now be separate from each other, so each update that appears will have whatever I have ready, so hopefully 'll be able to keep some sort of orderly schedule in getting them out.




Nikki.png Nikki: Whoa, big.

Nick.png Nick: This is one of several shield generators for Galesfe City. There are also plans on linking various shield generators like this with others on the planet to form some sort of planetary shield, though I have no idea how they're doing that, or how far they are.

Nikki.png Nikki: There are also beam weapons set up here as well, modified to work effectively in an atmosphere, that are also capable of attacking things in orbit.

Nick.png Nick: There are railguns in there as well, though they can't be seen.


Nikki.png Nikki: There's underwater farms in the area as well.

Nick.png Nick: And trees. There's lots and lots of trees.




Nikki.png Nikki: And more farms.

Nick.png Nick: There's research in the area as well, hence the subs.

Comparison episodes:

Galesfe City Episode 33


Archean: Already did this one.

Schulmanator: You'll have to wait and see... though you should already know who's ship it is.

tarrina: (previous update) Glad you like it!

Korot: Will do this one after the update.

Schulmanator2: Maybe it broke and they're trying to find somehwere to buy a new one.

Leech10: Only one?

Also I'm working on something that involves a randomly odd Japanese song and the characters from this story (and a couple that aren't) in case you're interested. More information later.

Lyhoko Leaci

Episode 3: Near and Far

Sun. May 23rd, 0150AL (2006)


Brad closed his copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince after marking the page, and then set it aside on the bedside table.

Brad.pngBrad: So, now what?

Brian.pngBrian: Apparently we have the ability to use at least one of the Muphridian's abilities, and are the first humans to be able to, at least as far as everyone knows.

Brad.pngBrad: It would have been nice if they could tell us what abilities we have.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed... it would certainly help actually learning how to use them. All we know is that you have some form of precognitive ability, though that's the one ability that's pretty much impossible to control.

Brad.pngBrad: Plus I don't have any idea how we could get on a Muphridish starship anyway.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed, though it does make me thing about just what is all up there.

Brad.pngBrad: Yes, the Muphridish-al'Hasiq war, plus the various smaller wars in Follomer and Carpathia, there's bound to be a lot of ships flying around out there.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed... tons and tons of starships.


Another unknown starship, somewhere in space

This particular starship had a very unusual appearance, almost as if it was grown instead of constructed like most other starships. Even the interior was different, with similarly green walls, as well as an apparently stone floor and ceiling, and stone-looking columns along the walls at regular intervals. The room was somewhat small, about the size of a large bathroom, and was sparsely filled, with only what appeared to be a bed down on the floor, similar to a futon, and a small waterfall on the opposite side of the room, mounted on the wall.

One figure, wearing a feminine-looking green tank top, a short gray skirt, and no footwear at all appeared to be sleeping, sitting down against the wall on the bed, slowly breathing. The figure appeared to be human at first glance, though a closer look reveals that the person has webbed feet, as well as what appear to be gills. The stone door suddenly opened and a second figure walked into the room.

Cormani.png ???: >It's time.<

The first figure quickly looked up at the new arrival.

Mardon.png ???: >Cormani, I'm not ready!<

Cormani.png Cormani: >You can do... whatever it is you do on your own later, Mardon. Right now I have something to tell you.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >What?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >We're heading back to the al'Hasiq region.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Haven't been there in awhile... that one planet, Terra, I think, was interesting, I wonder what it would have been like if we had stayed longer and helped the Romans out, how they would have done in space...<

Cormani.png Cormani: >We're not really here to uplift others, though if the Dlorwani get any more problematic we might just do it anyway... Anyway, the planet's usually called Earth now, and that area really isn't the best place to uplift anyone anyay, too much chaos already. There's Myon, Carpathia, Vinawasho, the al'Hasiq, the Muphridians, Follomer, and that's just some of them. Though Earth really doesn't need uplifting now, both Carpathia and Follomer come from there.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Chaos? True, the al'Hasiq and the Muphridians do seem to be doing their best at attempting to blow the other up... just like they did back when we were only a millennia old.<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Only... At any rate, it seems that the Muphridians are going to win, they've recently began building new starships that they call the Chekalandra class, each one about 5.6 km long, and each one capable of laying waste to an inhabited planet in about an hour, leaving behind basically no higher life forms... Give them a day, and the planet will look like it has just been formed. Good thing they at least follow some sort of military code, and keep the destruction to the enemy starships. While the al'Hasiq have more powerful weapons, the Muphridians have more weapons, though I still hope the war can be ended soon. And that's only the main conflict in the region.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Ick.<

Cormani.png Cormani: >And apparently, one of those ships has gone missing.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Great. Can't they keep better care of their ships?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Apparently, it was disabled in battle, and when they came back to retrieve it, it had disappeared.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Typical. What can you expect from a civilization that is younger than you are?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Only barely... and at least they aren't childish like you are.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Hey!<

Cormani.png Cormani: >At any rate, Myon's one of the central planets in the region that isn't trying to blow everyone else up... at least, not now.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >So what are we waiting for?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Patience.<

Cormani.png Cormani: Carmucaicivvup tacarmaion.

Soon, we will go to the planet Myon.

Galesfe City


Nikki.png Nikki: Guah? There's a hole in the city!

Nick.png Nick: Huh? No, that area just hasn't been rendered yet.

Nikki.png Nikki: Oh.

Nick.png Nick: And it looks like someone doesn't know their way around the city. They come in down a street, get on the highway, get off the highway, head around to the far side of Mt. Jamig, get on a subway, head to the opposite corner of Mt. Jamig, get off the subway, get on the light rail, and then loop back around again, when if they just turned left instead of getting on the highway, they could have gotten to wherever it is they're going easier.


Nikki.png Nikki: Hmm, looks more open in this part of the city.


Nick.png Nick: Not so much on the other side of the mountain, though.


Nikki.png Nikki: And here's the highway, again.

Nick.png Nick: It's open over there as well.


crushedcar: Glad you like it!

ComputerGuy890100: Sorry, I have no idea where the stadium is from. I can't find it in the plugins folder, the STEX, the landmarks menu, and querying the thing doesn't help, either.

Schulmnator: Interesting. Did you check for explosion? That might work...

Archean: Already replied to this one.

Archean2: Pure blood? Well, the entire family has red hair...





lucky7: Thanks for the comment!

Korot: Already replied to this one as well.

Leech10: There's also New Chicago, but I don't really reccomend reading that one.

Benedict: Huh? They have TVs...

Archean3: Umm.. yes. They're a little young, though, right now.

Leech102: Another big reply...

Lyhoko Leaci

Episode 2: The Unknown, part 2

Thurs. May 20th, 0150AL (2006)


Brad.pngBrad: That's the fifth time I've had that dream this month... what is going on?

Before he could think about the dream any more, the alarm went off, bringing an abrupt end to Brian's snoring. After a couple of seconds, when it became apparent that Brad wasn't going to turn it off, Brian groaned, then swatted at the alarm, missing twice before managing to make it stop.

Brian rubbed his eyes, then stretched and yawned, then turned to look at Brad, who still hadn't moved.

Brian.pngBrian: You had that dream again, didn't you?

Brad.pngBrad: Yes...

Brian.pngBrian: What do you think it means?

Brad.pngBrad: I don't know... what I don't understand is that it each time I have the dream, it seems to be different.

Brian.pngBrian: What do you mean? You never mentioned that before.

Brad.pngBrad: It's not really different, it just seems like minor details change around. I take a different path, or you say something different, stuff like that.

Brian.pngBrian: Oh. Don't you think you should tell someone else about it?

Brad.pngBrad: Probably... it was just a weird dream the first time, but for it to come back 4 more times, something pretty much has to be up.

Voice: Brad! Brian! Hurry up!

Brad and Brian each got up and left their room, and walked down the hall to the kitchen to find that Nick and Nikki were already eating their pancakes, though Nikki still seemed to be half asleep, and both, like Brad and Brian, still in their pajamas. Brad and Brian grabbed their own plates, and sat down.

Brian.pngBrian: After breakfast?

Brad.pngBrad: Yes.

After the two had finished eating, they walked over to a woman who was currently cooking some more pancakes.

Brad.pngBrad: Mom?

Rachel.png Rachel: Yes?

Brad.pngBrad: I had an odd dream last night.

Rachel.png Rachel: Odd? In what way?

Brad.pngBrad: I was on some sort of Muphridish ship, then I did... something to a computer terminal to make a map show up, and after that I ran down to another room in the ship, where Brian and this Muphridian named Valira were at. After that, a fireball appeared in the middle of the room, and then I woke up. Also, it’s the 5th time it's come up, too.

Rachel.png Rachel: Interesting. Is there anything else, or was that pretty much it?

Brad.pngBrad: That was the main parts of it.

Rachel took the pancakes off of the griddle and then transferred them over to a place, which she then handed to Michael, who had just entered the room fully dressed.

Rachel.png Rachel: Do you think it might mean something?

Brad.pngBrad: Possibly, that's what I wanted to talk about.

Rachel.png Rachel: I don't know anything about getting meanings out of dreams, though I could find someone who does. I'll let you know after school. But for now, you really need to get ready, or you'll be late.

Brian.pngBrian: Yes, mom.

Galesfe City

Leech: Well, now that I'm playing SC4 again, it would be good to show some pictures.

Nikki.png Nikki: So we're going to do the commenting!

Nick.png Nick: Ugh...

Leech: I'll be leaving now.

Nikki.png Nikki: No.

*Nikki grabs Leech and pulls him down onto a couch*

Nikki.png Nikki: And stay there or I'll get the water.

Leech: Do I have to?

Nikki.png Nikki: Yes.

Nick.png Nick: And I don't want to be alone.

Nikki.png Nikki: Huh?

Leech: Oh, all right.


Nick.png Nick: Now, where are we?

Leech: Mt. Jamig.

Nikki.png Nikki: I can see that... This here's a basic campground on Mt. Jamig, for when you just want to get away from the city without 

actually getting away from the city.


Nick.png Nick: The Syomï Minazí Êd Myon, or in English, the Myonian National Stadium, and its the where the Myonian national soccer team 



Leech: Various hillside developments. It was tricky tearing up the old highway and putting in the new RHW there... Replacing the 

trees was easier.

Nick.png Nick: What? Replacing trees? Tearing up the highway?

Nikki.png Nikki: What are you talking about? It's always been like that.


Nick.png Nick: Same as above, but at night.


Leech: The big farming tower, and several smaller ones.

Nick.png Nick: And a lot of skyscrapers.

Nikki.png Nikki: And shops!


Nick.png Nick: And more towers, and a park.

Nikki.png Nikki: More of the highway, as well.

Leech: It's M-11, by the way. At least the part of M-11 that goes though the city.

Comparison episodes:

Galesfe City Episode 10

Galesfe City Episode 27


Schulmanator: Indeed...

Zelgadis: Who's shooting at who?

Korot: DPM 1? Do you mean Galesfe City/Dierapyámuk-Myon, or DPM 2? Probably the latter, as Galsfe City ended before you joined ST, but I can't remember any other incident like this in either right now...

simcity4fan12: Yes, that is sketchup, with background from Celestia.

Archean: There's 460 of the secondary guns on the entire ship. (each with 3 guns on the turret) 116 main guns. (the towers)

Archean2: Huh? This isn't a mega reply...

astronelson: It's much better when you can actully watch from the beginning.

Archean3: Ah, there it is... and I've already replied to this one.

crushedcar: Might be because it is somewhat based off of the Destiny...

jacqulina: Thanks for the comment!

Leech10: Um... hi.

Benedict: Yes... expecially when random things start happening...

Lyhoko Leaci

Episode 1: The Unknown

Thurs. May 20th, 0150AL (2006)


Unknown starship, somewhere in space

Brad looked around at his surroundings. He appeared to be on a starship of some sort, and judging by the wide open and well lit hallways, it was most likely a Muphridish ship. However, that didn't give him any information as to why he was here, or where on the ship he was at.

Brad.pngBrad: Where's Brian at?

Brad paused for a moment, and then took off down a hallway, almost as if he knew where he was going. After a short distance, he reached a computer terminal on the wall. He activated it, and a hologram with a bunch of angular letters appeared. This was definitely a Muphridish ship, he thought, then placed his hand down on the body of the terminal. Somehow, after a short pause the writing changed to Zukish, and then disappeared entirely, to be replaced with a map of the ship.

He zoomed in on the rear of the ship, and soon found a room with two lifesigns in it, with several others scattered around it. After finding himself on the map, he lifted his hand off of the console, and it reverted to its original state, and then turned off. How did I do that? He wondered. Then before doing anything else, he took off down the hallway again, following a route he had determined from looking at the map.


Down the hallway, a quick turn to the left, then the right and up a flight of stairs, and another right. Brad suddenly stopped, and turned around and headed the other way past the stairwell he had just exited for seemingly no reason at all. Two more lefts later, followed by a short run down a hall, he soon slowed to a stop outside of an open door.

This is weird, he thought to himself, there's no one around, and how do I somehow know just what to do?

He then entered the room beyond the door, only to face another door, this one closed. He grabbed another control panel on the side of the door, and after a second, that somehow caused the door to open.

The environment on the other side of the door was nothing like the rest of the ship that he had seen. Instead of being empty and quiet, it was quite cluttered, with various pieces of equipment filling most of the available space. In addition to this, there was a Muphridian with short brown hair, and wearing a short dark blue dress, standing among the equipment, simply standing there like nothing was wrong. She was looking at the other side of the room, where Brian was just visible behind one of the other devices. Brian appeared to be wearing some sort of light tannish shirt with green markings on the shoulders, and some sort of plaid tank top over the shirt, but due to the equipment, anything lower than his chest wasn't visible.

After a couple seconds of just the humming of the equipment, the Muphridian began to speak.

Valira.png ???: So, what brings you here... I do believe I don't know your name. And just what are you wearing?

Brian.pngBrian: Do you really need to know, Valira?

Valira.png Valira: Please, can't you just calm down? I'm only trying to help.

Brian.pngBrian: Help!? How is what you are doing supposed to help?

Valira opened her mouth to respond, but then suddenly turned to face a seemingly empty part of the room as an odd rustling sound was heard.  

Everyone stared at the location for a couple of seconds, and then Valira and Brian turned back to each other. She then raised an arm into the air and opened her mouth to reply again.

Suddenly, a large green fireball erupted in the middle of the room.

Brad.pngBrad: Brian!

Something hard hit Brad in the front, forcing him away from the fireball, and then everything went black.


Brad suddenly sat up and looked around. There was no equipment scattered about, but there were a couple random articles of clothing lying in a corner of the room. Brian was asleep on another bed, his snores the only sound in the room, and the Muphridian, Valira, was nowhere to be seen.  

Brad took several deep breaths to relax.

Brad.pngBrad: That's the fifth time I've had that dream this month... what is going on?

Lyhoko Leaci


Ama i Dierapyámuk Invasion!

Welcome to Dierapyámuk Invasion!

Now that the random Zukish is out of the way, there are a couple of things to know. First, the DPI universe is slightly different than the DPM universe that was seen in my previous CJs, such as DPI Myon being about 15 years ahead of DPM Myon in technology. Second, there is really nothing else to know. Now that that is over with, lets get to the main characters.



Name: Brad Meiring

Species: Human

Age: 17

Occupation: High school student

Background: The younger and more serious of the older Meiring twins, he believes himself to be just an ordinary teenager. However, he will soon find out that this is not the case, due to factors outside of his control.


Name: Brian Meiring

Species: Human

Age: 17

Occupation: High school student

Background: Brian is a lot like his younger identical twin brother Brad, though Brian is more likely to act without thinking rather than trying to form a plan in most cases.


Name: Mardon

Species: Nacran Ancaron

Age: 10130

Occupation: Traveling explorer

Background: Despite his age, Mardon has a tendency to act like a kid at times, though he generally knows when it is okay to act like then, and when he has to be serious.


Name: Cormani

Species: Nacran Ancaron

Age: 10127

Occupation: Traveling explorer

Background: Cormani is usually moe serious than her husband Mardon, and while she may appear to be annoyed by his actions, she secretly enjoys it.


Name: Valira Muchi

Species: Muphridian

Age: 46

Occupation: Space pirate leader, maybe?

Background: She has managed to get a hold of a disabled Muphridish Chekalandra class warship, and has recently repaired it so that it is fully operational. Her exact motives are currently unknown.


Name: Lauren Ahrns

Species: Muphridian

Age: 46

Occupation: Leader of a small outpost

Background: Valira Muchi's identical twin sister, she usually likes to spend time at an outpost on an unclaimed planet where she can live without being disturbed. However, that is likely to change now that Valira is starting to cause trouble.


Name: Trent Ahrns

Species: Muphridian

Age: 53

Occupation: Chancellor of the Republic of Myon

Background: Lauren and Valira's cousin, and like them he is also a leader of a group of people, though unlike the other two, his leadership is actually official to the rest of the known galaxy.

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