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Episode 3: Near and Far

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Lyhoko Leaci


Episode 3: Near and Far

Sun. May 23rd, 0150AL (2006)


Brad closed his copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince after marking the page, and then set it aside on the bedside table.

Brad.pngBrad: So, now what?

Brian.pngBrian: Apparently we have the ability to use at least one of the Muphridian's abilities, and are the first humans to be able to, at least as far as everyone knows.

Brad.pngBrad: It would have been nice if they could tell us what abilities we have.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed... it would certainly help actually learning how to use them. All we know is that you have some form of precognitive ability, though that's the one ability that's pretty much impossible to control.

Brad.pngBrad: Plus I don't have any idea how we could get on a Muphridish starship anyway.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed, though it does make me thing about just what is all up there.

Brad.pngBrad: Yes, the Muphridish-al'Hasiq war, plus the various smaller wars in Follomer and Carpathia, there's bound to be a lot of ships flying around out there.

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed... tons and tons of starships.


Another unknown starship, somewhere in space

This particular starship had a very unusual appearance, almost as if it was grown instead of constructed like most other starships. Even the interior was different, with similarly green walls, as well as an apparently stone floor and ceiling, and stone-looking columns along the walls at regular intervals. The room was somewhat small, about the size of a large bathroom, and was sparsely filled, with only what appeared to be a bed down on the floor, similar to a futon, and a small waterfall on the opposite side of the room, mounted on the wall.

One figure, wearing a feminine-looking green tank top, a short gray skirt, and no footwear at all appeared to be sleeping, sitting down against the wall on the bed, slowly breathing. The figure appeared to be human at first glance, though a closer look reveals that the person has webbed feet, as well as what appear to be gills. The stone door suddenly opened and a second figure walked into the room.

Cormani.png ???: >It's time.<

The first figure quickly looked up at the new arrival.

Mardon.png ???: >Cormani, I'm not ready!<

Cormani.png Cormani: >You can do... whatever it is you do on your own later, Mardon. Right now I have something to tell you.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >What?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >We're heading back to the al'Hasiq region.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Haven't been there in awhile... that one planet, Terra, I think, was interesting, I wonder what it would have been like if we had stayed longer and helped the Romans out, how they would have done in space...<

Cormani.png Cormani: >We're not really here to uplift others, though if the Dlorwani get any more problematic we might just do it anyway... Anyway, the planet's usually called Earth now, and that area really isn't the best place to uplift anyone anyay, too much chaos already. There's Myon, Carpathia, Vinawasho, the al'Hasiq, the Muphridians, Follomer, and that's just some of them. Though Earth really doesn't need uplifting now, both Carpathia and Follomer come from there.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Chaos? True, the al'Hasiq and the Muphridians do seem to be doing their best at attempting to blow the other up... just like they did back when we were only a millennia old.<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Only... At any rate, it seems that the Muphridians are going to win, they've recently began building new starships that they call the Chekalandra class, each one about 5.6 km long, and each one capable of laying waste to an inhabited planet in about an hour, leaving behind basically no higher life forms... Give them a day, and the planet will look like it has just been formed. Good thing they at least follow some sort of military code, and keep the destruction to the enemy starships. While the al'Hasiq have more powerful weapons, the Muphridians have more weapons, though I still hope the war can be ended soon. And that's only the main conflict in the region.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Ick.<

Cormani.png Cormani: >And apparently, one of those ships has gone missing.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Great. Can't they keep better care of their ships?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Apparently, it was disabled in battle, and when they came back to retrieve it, it had disappeared.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Typical. What can you expect from a civilization that is younger than you are?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Only barely... and at least they aren't childish like you are.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >Hey!<

Cormani.png Cormani: >At any rate, Myon's one of the central planets in the region that isn't trying to blow everyone else up... at least, not now.<

Mardon.png Mardon: >So what are we waiting for?<

Cormani.png Cormani: >Patience.<

Cormani.png Cormani: Carmucaicivvup tacarmaion.

Soon, we will go to the planet Myon.

Galesfe City


Nikki.png Nikki: Guah? There's a hole in the city!

Nick.png Nick: Huh? No, that area just hasn't been rendered yet.

Nikki.png Nikki: Oh.

Nick.png Nick: And it looks like someone doesn't know their way around the city. They come in down a street, get on the highway, get off the highway, head around to the far side of Mt. Jamig, get on a subway, head to the opposite corner of Mt. Jamig, get off the subway, get on the light rail, and then loop back around again, when if they just turned left instead of getting on the highway, they could have gotten to wherever it is they're going easier.


Nikki.png Nikki: Hmm, looks more open in this part of the city.


Nick.png Nick: Not so much on the other side of the mountain, though.


Nikki.png Nikki: And here's the highway, again.

Nick.png Nick: It's open over there as well.


crushedcar: Glad you like it!

ComputerGuy890100: Sorry, I have no idea where the stadium is from. I can't find it in the plugins folder, the STEX, the landmarks menu, and querying the thing doesn't help, either.

Schulmnator: Interesting. Did you check for explosion? That might work...

Archean: Already replied to this one.

Archean2: Pure blood? Well, the entire family has red hair...





lucky7: Thanks for the comment!

Korot: Already replied to this one as well.

Leech10: There's also New Chicago, but I don't really reccomend reading that one.

Benedict: Huh? They have TVs...

Archean3: Umm.. yes. They're a little young, though, right now.

Leech102: Another big reply...

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Interesting ship, what with all the greenery and everything...  And congratulations, I do believe these are the oldest people in CJ history.  :P


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