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Episode 1: The Unknown

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Lyhoko Leaci


Episode 1: The Unknown

Thurs. May 20th, 0150AL (2006)


Unknown starship, somewhere in space

Brad looked around at his surroundings. He appeared to be on a starship of some sort, and judging by the wide open and well lit hallways, it was most likely a Muphridish ship. However, that didn't give him any information as to why he was here, or where on the ship he was at.

Brad.pngBrad: Where's Brian at?

Brad paused for a moment, and then took off down a hallway, almost as if he knew where he was going. After a short distance, he reached a computer terminal on the wall. He activated it, and a hologram with a bunch of angular letters appeared. This was definitely a Muphridish ship, he thought, then placed his hand down on the body of the terminal. Somehow, after a short pause the writing changed to Zukish, and then disappeared entirely, to be replaced with a map of the ship.

He zoomed in on the rear of the ship, and soon found a room with two lifesigns in it, with several others scattered around it. After finding himself on the map, he lifted his hand off of the console, and it reverted to its original state, and then turned off. How did I do that? He wondered. Then before doing anything else, he took off down the hallway again, following a route he had determined from looking at the map.


Down the hallway, a quick turn to the left, then the right and up a flight of stairs, and another right. Brad suddenly stopped, and turned around and headed the other way past the stairwell he had just exited for seemingly no reason at all. Two more lefts later, followed by a short run down a hall, he soon slowed to a stop outside of an open door.

This is weird, he thought to himself, there's no one around, and how do I somehow know just what to do?

He then entered the room beyond the door, only to face another door, this one closed. He grabbed another control panel on the side of the door, and after a second, that somehow caused the door to open.

The environment on the other side of the door was nothing like the rest of the ship that he had seen. Instead of being empty and quiet, it was quite cluttered, with various pieces of equipment filling most of the available space. In addition to this, there was a Muphridian with short brown hair, and wearing a short dark blue dress, standing among the equipment, simply standing there like nothing was wrong. She was looking at the other side of the room, where Brian was just visible behind one of the other devices. Brian appeared to be wearing some sort of light tannish shirt with green markings on the shoulders, and some sort of plaid tank top over the shirt, but due to the equipment, anything lower than his chest wasn't visible.

After a couple seconds of just the humming of the equipment, the Muphridian began to speak.

Valira.png ???: So, what brings you here... I do believe I don't know your name. And just what are you wearing?

Brian.pngBrian: Do you really need to know, Valira?

Valira.png Valira: Please, can't you just calm down? I'm only trying to help.

Brian.pngBrian: Help!? How is what you are doing supposed to help?

Valira opened her mouth to respond, but then suddenly turned to face a seemingly empty part of the room as an odd rustling sound was heard.  

Everyone stared at the location for a couple of seconds, and then Valira and Brian turned back to each other. She then raised an arm into the air and opened her mouth to reply again.

Suddenly, a large green fireball erupted in the middle of the room.

Brad.pngBrad: Brian!

Something hard hit Brad in the front, forcing him away from the fireball, and then everything went black.


Brad suddenly sat up and looked around. There was no equipment scattered about, but there were a couple random articles of clothing lying in a corner of the room. Brian was asleep on another bed, his snores the only sound in the room, and the Muphridian, Valira, was nowhere to be seen.  

Brad took several deep breaths to relax.

Brad.pngBrad: That's the fifth time I've had that dream this month... what is going on?

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