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Chemeketa Red Line, Part 4

Hi everyone-

Thank you all for the warm welcome back! *:thumb:

As many of you may have hoped after my little teaser three days ago, I am happy to confirm that Tarkusian Cities is indeed returning from its 3 1/2-year hiatus.  The plans to bring Tarkusian Cities back actually happened as a happy accident--Simtropolis' own Dirktator and Cyclone Boom tasked me with obtaining some NAM-related screenshots for a project.  I dusted off Chemeketa and both versions of Argentum to that end.  I wanted to get a good sampling of GLR and GLR Dual-Networking features, and ended up spending a fair bit of time playing around in Chemeketa, resolving the light rail "cliffhanger" set up by Update 102, which originated back in December 2013. 

It was the first time I had truly played the game in quite some time, outside of my normal NAM development work, and I had a blast.  I'm not sure how much longer I'll really be able to do anything with the Chemeketa region, as my attempts to try to use an earlier backup to avert a Prop Pox issue in the downtown tile have unfortunately proved unsuccessful, and one of the other built-up tiles shows evidence of disabled props in SC4 Savegame Explorer.  Argentum 2.0 also hit a point where I wasn't really feeling it anymore, though I do actually have some archives I've located of some projects I've done there that haven't seen the light of day, which I'm hoping to process into updates.  In all likelihood, I'll be starting a new region in the near future, though pending RL (I'm looking at moving out of Oregon, possibly as early as this summer) might put things back on hiatus for a bit.

So, without further ado, here's Update 103, where we'll be picking up with the construction of the Chemeketa Red Line light rail system.  The Red Line is designed to connect between Chemeketa Regional Airport to the office and high tech area in the Lila Engel neighborhood, near the intersection of 39th Avenue NE and Ashcroft Street.  When we last left off, construction was wrapping up on southern portion of the line, paralleling the newly-reconstructed and realigned Tweedy Boulevard SE. 

This update will pick up with the central segment of the line, which will run through Downtown Chemeketa.  The route will continue to mostly parallel the existing C&O Railroad line, though in order to minimize disruptions to C&O's operations, and minimize demolition, it includes a "crossover" over the existing rail line, just south of 20th Street SE, and a stretch where it will run in the median of an expanded Rail Avenue, roughly between Salisbury Way SE and 8th Avenue NE.  Additionally, the 9th/10th Avenue SE couplet will be extended one block east, from Rail Avenue SE to Liberty Street SE, in order to reconfigure some less intuitive intersections, and allow for a grade-separated crossing of both the Red Line and C&O Railroad. 

Here's a look at the finalized routing through downtown and vicinity (click to enlarge).


This is just south of 20th Street SE, near the point where the crossover will be constructed (facing north).  The road just to the east is Anglia Way SE (which is now connected directly to Tweedy Boulevard, just south of here).  The crossover is needed due to the presence of the rail junction just north of here.

The crossover under construction (facing north)

Here is the current alignment along 10th Street SE, where the couplet with 9th Street SE will be extended one block east (facing north)

The completed crossover (facing north)

The 20th Street SE station on the Red Line, just south of the C&O junction (facing north)

Work begins at 10th Street SE (facing north).

The portion of 10th Street SE between Rail Avenue SE and Liberty Street SE has been closed, in preparation for excavation work (facing north).  This part of the central segment of the Red Line is actually the only one where building demolition was required, due to the more extensive reconfiguration of traffic patterns at this spot.

Preparation work also begins on extending 9th Street SE from Rail to Liberty (facing north)

That wraps up this construction update.  For Update 104, we'll continue with the 10th Avenue SE reconstruction, and enter into the heart of downtown.



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I am so glad you got Chemeketa back up and running @Tarkus :thumb:

I plan to restart and rebuild my region when I have finished downsizing my plugins.

One can only mod for so long and the effort we have put into the NAM is really paying off.

I can't wait to see where this goes *:thumb:

-eggman121 (NAM Team Member)

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Nobody does in progress construction like you do, Alex.  You missed your calling- a calling, anyway. 

Chemetka highlights a number of the things, mostly transit related, mostly as a result of the NAM Team's efforts, that SC4 does better than Cities: Skylines.  I've steeled myself not to be nostalgic, but I'll admit to some jealousy. 

Prop pox.  Yecchh!  Hearing that someone has run into it always makes me feel a bit ill.  I never, as much as I played over the years, never ran into it, but that's probably because I never was much for urban development.  Trees and farms seemed blissfully immune.

Anyway, so glad you are doing this at the same time I am doing that.  I'll check in again soon.


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After a few years of inactivity its awesome to see CJ's I used to follow still active to this day.
Still awesome as ever love your thoroughly logic approach and explanation, always inspires me in my own builds. 

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Construction bat´s make building up in a CJ more lifely; ploping everything down every thing and hitting the button can become quit dull ! Still someting notable need to come to replace these lots as these are only for this timed occasion, well done !

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@Eggman121 - thanks for the kind words--it's really good to be back at this, and to finally be able to play around with this new stuff we've been working on for so long.  I'm probably going to do a plugins rebuild at some point when I get my next region going--I wish you the best with yours, and hope to see your new cities soon, too!

@dedgren - Thanks for the all too kind words.  I think part of the appeal with the construction for me is that it has a surprisingly natural story arc to it.  I'm really pretty flattered to hear that our efforts on the NAM side are keeping up with certain aspects of "the Joneses" (AKA C:S), and we're still planning to keep chipping away at it.

I've somehow (miraculously) managed to keep the Prop Pox from seemingly infecting more of that downtown tile . . . it was all on a 16-tile stretch on the far east side of the tile, which, fortunately, doesn't have a lot going on.

@westy177 - Thanks for the warm welcome back, and the compliments on my approach here--I'm always thrilled to hear that things here have proven to be an inspiration for readers.

@raynev1 - Thanks--glad you enjoyed it, and it's good to be back!

@sejr99999 - Thanks for the kind words--I'm glad you enjoyed the construction, and you'll be pleased to know there's going to be a ton more where that came from.

@f3cs - Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it, and it's nice to be doing this again after so long away.

@kschmidt - Thanks for the kind words on the construction - it does kind of force me to be a bit more methodical in how I do things, and it's interesting trying to figure out the best way to depict the staging of a project in SC4.  I'd love to make more construction lots at some point that better fit the kinds of things I'd like to show,  but finding the time is always the killer.


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Huge congrats on 10 great years of Tarkusian Cities, Alex.  That is an amazing accomplishment, but demonstrates the same focus and dedication that has kept the NAM moving forward.  Hats off to you, my friend!


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