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1.3 Andrew




Hi, Schulmanator. I am not sure most felines would enjoy the vibes of the 'Net too much. I am sure there are some felines hanging around near Katie's home, though: it's a bit more natural there.

Hi, MarkusJ. Thanks - gameplay is interesting, and I'm enjoying the challenge of seeing if there's a decent story to weave around it.

Hi, Ln X. Well, the saturation fits with Sebastian's perception/state of mind (makes a good story). Reality: I am currently playing with the default filter.

Hi, Snugies. Thanks. One thing the new game is good at is allowing for extreme close up shots and unusual camera angles - definitely helps to compensate for tile size.

Hi, Paulobergonci. Thanks for commenting - well, there is no way you can make a lovely canal city in this game, so I would stick with Notre.

Hi, KonstantinII. Thanks. Every possible angle? That would be Impossible as the camera lets you have all sorts of views. The way the game works makes getting you a lot of images fast a challenge, as you can't plop something, image it, then exit game and start again as you don't get your money back. I'll see what I can do, but it won't be done fast.

Hi, SimRico. Sebastian's part of Sector 5 is definitely 'futurized' as the game calls it.

Hi, NMUSpidey. I try hard to make my CJ ideas work and plug away at them. Only one that had to be put on indefinite hold (Imperium Aeternum). Glad you like it so far.

Hi, Huston. Thanks. With people there is always more than meets the eye... hopefully I can explore some of that with this CJ.

Hi, IL. Glad you liked it enough to comment.

Hi, TekindusT. All will be revealed.... eventually. Meanwhile, today we meet a third character.

And now, more from....


Andrew knew it would have to happen eventually, he just didn't think it would have taken such a short time before he heard the obnoxious mosquito buzzing of a drone. And thanks to the ultra-thin walls of the apartment building, he could also hear Mrs Watkins next door cackling with glee.


Really, Mrs W, a BuyDrone? Because the stores you can afford to shop in are so far away?


Andrew can't imagine anything worse than never leaving the block, although at least if you were inside you didn't have to look at the ugliness of the outside...


He didn't have anything against OmegaCorp, just the annoying whine of its latest invention, drones. He didn't even care about the giant neon sign on top of OmegaHQ most of the time. In broad daylight it was just another neon sign.


And the setting sun would often eclipse it... well, most of it...


Andrew was more concerned with the abandoned factories the mayor seemed content to let blight the landscape. Maybe if the mayor got his act together and cleaned up the place new businesses would move in and he could get a decent job.


He didn't even mind the Omega factory haze - it didn't make him cough and wheeze like some of his friends, plus it was blowing away from the apartment blocks. Most of the time.

The only time Andrew didn't care for the Omega sign was at night. Sometimes it didn't matter how tightly the curtains were drawn, or how much he screwed his eyelids shut, the red and yellow stripes still managed to make their way to his retinas.


Maybe if he got a job he wouldn't have such weird dreams at night, he thought.



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Andrew can't imagine anything worse than never leaving the block, although at least if you were inside you didn't have to look at the ugliness of the outside...


I have to note this sentence down in case I restart Tenements & Rust some time! ;) Again, great and intriguing job!

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Dreams?  Weird dreams?  Yeah, that doesn't sound like foreshadowing...


That Omega place has some seriously sinister undertones to it... not a Chamber of Commerce photo op for sure. I'm sure they're up to no good!


Yup, I was thinking the same thing.  Great minds and all, right?  RIGHT?

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