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1.4 Jenna




Hi, coolwiththecool2. I ended up with that view quite by accident. Definitely worth pausing the game every now and again to see what things look like at dawn/twilight/night for a different perspective. The camera can give so many different perspectives that I always find it hard to even recreate a shot.

Hi, TekindusT. If you revisit Tenements & Rust then you can steal any of my sentences you want.

Hi, Schriefer. I play SC4, too. I'm just checking out SC2013 to see what I think of it, and to see if I can weave some sort of story to get me attached to my cities/sims. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Hi, Schulmanator. Sinister goings on? In a Benedict CJ? Surely not...

Hi, NMUSpidey. Foreshadowings? I don't know what you mean...

Hi, Huston. Gloomy endings? Well, at least the whole place isn't razed by reapers at the end of every episode :)

And now, more from....


Jenna was bored.


Actually, Jenna was extremely bored indeed. And as the daughter of the CEO of one of the biggest OmegaCo franchises, she was expected to be bored, and like it. No family scandals, not even a little bit of light nightclubbing. Nothing to besmirch the reputation of the sacred Omega.

Not that Jenna didn't have almost everything she could want. Her family lived in the stunning Grand Ritz, one of the city's most exclusive buildings, overlooking the private land of Ritz Wood. And if she didn't feel like taking the elevator all the way down to ground level, there was the rooftop garden with an amazing view of the city.


But she'd been in the wood, and on the rooftop hundreds of times. And she was BORED. She smiled to herself. She had been so preoccupied with being bored, that she had almost forgotten that she knew exactly how to push dad's buttons.

"Dad..." she started.

"What?" he said, not looking away from the computer projection.

"Why are you so tacky?"

"Excuse me?" he said, the spreadsheets instantly forgotten.

​"I mean, honestly, dad, planting a tree on the balcony? It make the whole place look ridiculous."


"It's there for when I need a break, so I don't have to leave the apartment when I'm busy."

"You're never out there, it looks awful, and I overheard some of the neighbors complaining about it."

"The executive approved it, end of story."

"Doesn't mean it looks good, doesn't mean it's right. That tree doesn't have enough space to grow, it'll be stunted, never reach its potential. It'll be dead in a month or two." Jenna hoped she had timed the volley just right.

"Jenna, I really need to finish these sales projections. What do you think it is that lets you lead the privileged life of head of the Tree-placement Criticizing Committee of the Ritz?"

"I know, dad, Omega Omega Omega. But you could have done something more tasteful, a small bush, or a flowering plant, not some sad tree that isn't getting enough soil or light."

"Enough about the tree, Jenna. Why don't you find something useful to do for a change?"

"OK, I'll get out of your hair. Can I take one of the cars?"

"Sure, Jenna, just be back before midnight."


Her plan having worked so far, she headed down to the car pool. Choices, choices, thought Jenna. How about red, with a splash of electric blue to reflect her party mood? Dad probably knew she'd end up taking one of the trackable cars and wasn't too worried. Well she had a plan to take care of that, too.

This was going to be a fun night out.


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Looks like someone's upto something! Jenna seems a little different to everyone else featured so far, very mischievous and in a way, rebellious. And I only do reaper updates every so often excuse me :P

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