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1.7 Andrew


Hi, MilitantRadical. Thanks - it is a little bit harder to match the scenes here compared to SC4 - I don't always have the best control of the camera ;).

Hi, TekindusT. Nothing like moving the story along... this is no Ellis Valley :).

Hi, Schulmanator. You'll find out in future episodes.

Hi, Huston. It will be interesting to see how Kate handles her future.

Hi, dentonfire. Unfortunate indeed.

Hi, rewright. Definitely, although it remains to be seen which direction her luck will trend.

And now, more from....


"C'mon, Andrew, come out on the town with us!"

"Nah, I'm broke, plus I want to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow's interview."

"We'll have you home in plenty of time for sleep, and we have a group pass for the Skyclops!!"

"Really? You read the fine print this time?"

"Honest. This is legit."

"OK, I'm in."

"Hurry up, it's getting dark soon and the twister will be opening."

​"I'll be down in a minute."

Half an hour later...

"Wow, that thing is amazing."


"Yeah! Look at those lights... looks like you can touch the sky..."

"Oh, you'll ride the sky alright..."




His stomach churning, thrown high in the night sky by the 'clops, even higher on adrenaline, Andrew catches a glimpse of a stunning young woman on the ride. Everything seems to stop... then suddenly they're crashing back down onto the track.


The ride is over.

But Andrew's spirits are still sky high as he looks for her in the crowd exiting the crown.



1.6 Katie


Hi, KonstantinII. Thanks - one thing about SC2013, it lets you take some impressive screenshots.

Hi, TekindusT. Thank you! Hopefully I can hold your interest.

Hi, Schulmanator. I wonder if we'll need a Snowdonian moment to expose the eminence grise.

Hi, Huston. Maybe...

Hi, jmsepe. Thanks! And welcome to Sector 5.

Hi, Titanicbluff. Yes, this is with the expansion. Far more interesting than the base game, I think. Welcome to the CJ.

Hi, FourteenRocket. Thanks for answering, and welcome to Sector 5.

And now, more from....


It's late in Sector 5.

Not everywhere is sleepy, though.


The oil wells run 24/7, helping to balance the city's books.


Even though it's almost midnight, the lights are also on in Katie's trailer.


Her aunt is comforting her. "It was an accident, Katie," she says. "Your mom wouldn't have known what happened. I'm so sorry."

All Katie can do is stare in silence at the floor.

"You'll have to come and stay with me, dear. You're only 17, so they won't let you live here alone."

Katie had wanted to leave the trailer so badly, had planned hundreds of scenarios to escape the life on Dragonfly Lane. But not one had started like this. She felt empty inside.

"I know it's sudden, but you'll have to pack a suitcase, Katie. There's a 2am train. We can come back next weekend and sort through everything."

She began to put clothes in the battered case that belongs, no, had belonged to her mom. Katie looked around the trailer, looked at all its shabbiness, all the parts of it she had despised for years. And suddenly realized she loved it. How could she take it all with her? How could she take even a small part with her? She closed the suitcase. The only thing she put in there other than her clothes was herself, steeled against the new world she was about to enter.

"I'm ready," she said. The first words her aunt had heard from her.

They boarded the train, not one person at the station knowing that he mom had just died. Completely normal routine of document checks, seat finding, departing.


In minutes they were leaving the city. Leaving the trailer, leaving the oil rigs, leaving mom's life, leaving her old life, leaving, leaving, leaving...


"Katie, would you like anything to eat or drink," asked her aunt.

"No, thank you. And it's Kate, not Katie."


Time to leave her diminutive name behind, thought Kate as they approached the bridge.

Time to leave it all behind.


1.5 Sebastian


Hi, MilitantRadical. Seems like daughters of rich businessmen go for someone like dad, or the rebel you suggested. You'll just have to stay tuned to see what happens.

Hi, blunder. Oh, no, I've offended Yggdrasill.

Hi, TekindusT. As anyone will tell you, there are no new stories, only retellings of them. Getting addicted? Maybe less Omega for you!

Hi, Schulmanator. Jenna likes to have a good time, for sure.

Hi, PhatHead. Good to see you here. Yes, once a city is futurized in SC2013 it does take on a very shiny, white appearance. I haven't played around with any filters yet, maybe I should do an update that showcases that.

Hi, Huston. Jenna's a fun person to know.

And now, more from....



"Read me the highlights."

"Son of Anthony, an A2, and Miriam, an executive. High IQ, low SIS, frequent headaches, panic attacks and perceived difficulty breathing, all classic symptoms."

"It's been a while since we've identified a Sensitive. Category?"



"The report recommends euthanasia."

"When doesn't a report recommend euthanasia?"

They both chuckled.


"No, I think we'll keep an eye on young Sebastian. A live Sebastian."


"Better to get a drone. More reliable."

"A drone? In this sector?"

"One of the new ones. Small, unobtrusive. Untrained, he'll never be able to differentiate the drone signal from the 'Net pulse."

"We're sure he's untrained?"

"The parents show no signs of concealment."

"We've been fooled before..."

"And we extinguished that line."

"True. And if he tips over the edge?"

"Immediate termination."

"Of all involved?"

"If it can't be contained, yes. Time to restrict his access to the quieter zones of the 'Net. He needs to be pushed."


"If there's a repeat of the Jessica incident..."

"Make sure that your best A1 monitors his psi output. It won't be long before we know which way this one goes. He could be the next Dominic."

​"Or just another Icarus."


1.4 Jenna


Hi, coolwiththecool2. I ended up with that view quite by accident. Definitely worth pausing the game every now and again to see what things look like at dawn/twilight/night for a different perspective. The camera can give so many different perspectives that I always find it hard to even recreate a shot.

Hi, TekindusT. If you revisit Tenements & Rust then you can steal any of my sentences you want.

Hi, Schriefer. I play SC4, too. I'm just checking out SC2013 to see what I think of it, and to see if I can weave some sort of story to get me attached to my cities/sims. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Hi, Schulmanator. Sinister goings on? In a Benedict CJ? Surely not...

Hi, NMUSpidey. Foreshadowings? I don't know what you mean...

Hi, Huston. Gloomy endings? Well, at least the whole place isn't razed by reapers at the end of every episode :)

And now, more from....


Jenna was bored.


Actually, Jenna was extremely bored indeed. And as the daughter of the CEO of one of the biggest OmegaCo franchises, she was expected to be bored, and like it. No family scandals, not even a little bit of light nightclubbing. Nothing to besmirch the reputation of the sacred Omega.

Not that Jenna didn't have almost everything she could want. Her family lived in the stunning Grand Ritz, one of the city's most exclusive buildings, overlooking the private land of Ritz Wood. And if she didn't feel like taking the elevator all the way down to ground level, there was the rooftop garden with an amazing view of the city.


But she'd been in the wood, and on the rooftop hundreds of times. And she was BORED. She smiled to herself. She had been so preoccupied with being bored, that she had almost forgotten that she knew exactly how to push dad's buttons.

"Dad..." she started.

"What?" he said, not looking away from the computer projection.

"Why are you so tacky?"

"Excuse me?" he said, the spreadsheets instantly forgotten.

​"I mean, honestly, dad, planting a tree on the balcony? It make the whole place look ridiculous."


"It's there for when I need a break, so I don't have to leave the apartment when I'm busy."

"You're never out there, it looks awful, and I overheard some of the neighbors complaining about it."

"The executive approved it, end of story."

"Doesn't mean it looks good, doesn't mean it's right. That tree doesn't have enough space to grow, it'll be stunted, never reach its potential. It'll be dead in a month or two." Jenna hoped she had timed the volley just right.

"Jenna, I really need to finish these sales projections. What do you think it is that lets you lead the privileged life of head of the Tree-placement Criticizing Committee of the Ritz?"

"I know, dad, Omega Omega Omega. But you could have done something more tasteful, a small bush, or a flowering plant, not some sad tree that isn't getting enough soil or light."

"Enough about the tree, Jenna. Why don't you find something useful to do for a change?"

"OK, I'll get out of your hair. Can I take one of the cars?"

"Sure, Jenna, just be back before midnight."


Her plan having worked so far, she headed down to the car pool. Choices, choices, thought Jenna. How about red, with a splash of electric blue to reflect her party mood? Dad probably knew she'd end up taking one of the trackable cars and wasn't too worried. Well she had a plan to take care of that, too.

This was going to be a fun night out.


1.3 Andrew


Hi, Schulmanator. I am not sure most felines would enjoy the vibes of the 'Net too much. I am sure there are some felines hanging around near Katie's home, though: it's a bit more natural there.

Hi, MarkusJ. Thanks - gameplay is interesting, and I'm enjoying the challenge of seeing if there's a decent story to weave around it.

Hi, Ln X. Well, the saturation fits with Sebastian's perception/state of mind (makes a good story). Reality: I am currently playing with the default filter.

Hi, Snugies. Thanks. One thing the new game is good at is allowing for extreme close up shots and unusual camera angles - definitely helps to compensate for tile size.

Hi, Paulobergonci. Thanks for commenting - well, there is no way you can make a lovely canal city in this game, so I would stick with Notre.

Hi, KonstantinII. Thanks. Every possible angle? That would be Impossible as the camera lets you have all sorts of views. The way the game works makes getting you a lot of images fast a challenge, as you can't plop something, image it, then exit game and start again as you don't get your money back. I'll see what I can do, but it won't be done fast.

Hi, SimRico. Sebastian's part of Sector 5 is definitely 'futurized' as the game calls it.

Hi, NMUSpidey. I try hard to make my CJ ideas work and plug away at them. Only one that had to be put on indefinite hold (Imperium Aeternum). Glad you like it so far.

Hi, Huston. Thanks. With people there is always more than meets the eye... hopefully I can explore some of that with this CJ.

Hi, IL. Glad you liked it enough to comment.

Hi, TekindusT. All will be revealed.... eventually. Meanwhile, today we meet a third character.

And now, more from....


Andrew knew it would have to happen eventually, he just didn't think it would have taken such a short time before he heard the obnoxious mosquito buzzing of a drone. And thanks to the ultra-thin walls of the apartment building, he could also hear Mrs Watkins next door cackling with glee.


Really, Mrs W, a BuyDrone? Because the stores you can afford to shop in are so far away?


Andrew can't imagine anything worse than never leaving the block, although at least if you were inside you didn't have to look at the ugliness of the outside...


He didn't have anything against OmegaCorp, just the annoying whine of its latest invention, drones. He didn't even care about the giant neon sign on top of OmegaHQ most of the time. In broad daylight it was just another neon sign.


And the setting sun would often eclipse it... well, most of it...


Andrew was more concerned with the abandoned factories the mayor seemed content to let blight the landscape. Maybe if the mayor got his act together and cleaned up the place new businesses would move in and he could get a decent job.


He didn't even mind the Omega factory haze - it didn't make him cough and wheeze like some of his friends, plus it was blowing away from the apartment blocks. Most of the time.

The only time Andrew didn't care for the Omega sign was at night. Sometimes it didn't matter how tightly the curtains were drawn, or how much he screwed his eyelids shut, the red and yellow stripes still managed to make their way to his retinas.


Maybe if he got a job he wouldn't have such weird dreams at night, he thought.



1.2 Sebastian


Hi, Schulmanator. Yes, I've been wanting to give it a whirl. I like some aspects of the new game a lot, and I'm not hung up about it needing to be a bigger better version of SC4. I am looking forward to offline mode, because rollbacks are a $%&^!, and happen for no apparent reason, sometimes losing you hours of work. Story wise, this is not in Ellis Valley (as far as I know).

Hi, TekindusT. Thanks for stopping in to comment.

Hi, blunder. LOL, maybe I should have you writing the scripts ;) Although, if she always cooks the favorite, then the 2nd favorite will be the favorite... and so on, keeping him infinitely happy!

Hi, SimCoug. Then there's a double-wide in Sector 5 with your name on it.

Hi, 16minuteman. Thanks!

Hi, Ln X. I'm going to give it a try. It is harder to feel connected to my cities since they can't be saved locally, compared to SC4.

Hi, Luiz P. Romanini. Hopefully I can sustain that interest.

Hi, Huston. Thanks. I was glad to see some of the old classic SC humor in the reboot. And I like to include small details from the game in my CJs.

HI, feeroz123. I have been running a SC4 CJ in the CJ forum for 7 years: It has a spinoff here in the CJ section that I update infrequently, Port Sin.

And now, more from....


Sebastian's visit to father's office at Academy HQ is over.


He can finally start to relax. Not long now until he is home. Thankfully, as the son of a class A2 worker, he can ride the MagLev. Even though the ML routes are always jam packed, it is quicker than the surface roads.


In just 45 minutes Sebastian will be home, where he can relax, away from the blue waves that knife through his brain at regular intervals. Father thinks he has subnormal intelligence and social quotients, but the reality is that he can barely function this close to the source of the 'Net. Half the time the only colors he sees are green, white, and the wave of blue approaching like a thousand hypodermics.


He hangs on through the journey home; fortunately he doesn't vomit despite the 18 minute delay. "Take the MagLev: we're always on time" plays every 60 seconds on the overhead, making him want to scream. Finally he is deposited at Tower2. Again, lucky that his father has such high status, his family lives above the worst of the 'Net's intrusions on his mind. The shadows are long, there won't be much time for respite from the 'Net this evening.


Debriefing with mother takes longer than he had expected. It is dark outside, and past curfew. For some reason the 'Net is particularly bad this evening, so he sneaks out and heads down to the terminal.


A pod opens for Sebastian. There must be a glitch in the software, his pass should not allow him entry at this time of night. He jumps in, calculating the risk of being caught - father could conceivably be proud that he showed some sense of adventure. The pod whisks him over to Tower. No sub-number required. Sebastian has heard it referred to as The Tower, although not by any level As or A2s.


Acting nonchalantly, he ascends to the Biodome Park. It's the highest structure in the sector, and the furthest he can be away from the blades of 'Net. He tries to slow his racing heart, but it isn't as easy as it usually is. Remnants of the adrenaline surge from the journey over, perhaps. Nothing he tries tonight seems to work against the tide of blue waves assaulting his senses.


The trip back to the apartment is going to be brutal.


1.1 Katie


It's still dark in Sector 5.


"...where life is wonderful, with low pollution and jobs for everyone..." blabbed the screen. Katie turned the unit off. What a joke, she thought. Sure, you could get a job... if you didn't mind slinging hash at the local greasy spoon, or cleaning toilets at the factory. What was the point of high school if all you were going to do for the rest of your life was make minimum wage and come home exhausted, too tired to care about dinner, fall asleep in front if the nonsense box and do it all over again?

Her mom was a dreamer, always thinking something better would come along. Well surprise, surprise, mom, it's been 17 years since I was born and NOTHING better has come along! Forget dreams, Katie thought, what I need is plans...plans to get out... She had woken at 4am, her mind furiously scheming weird, impossible schemes, and couldn't get back to sleep. Since then she had been trying to work on a plan, but her mind was wandering more into the past than the future.

The sun was coming up now, and her mother would be up soon. She turned the unit back on. If her mother found her brooding it would mean a fanciful pep talk about new hope and new horizons, never easy to listen at the best of times. She even turned the coffee maker on. Might as well start Saturday out on a good note, Katie thought. Give her mom her morning coffee, see her off to work and see what she could make of the day.


One thing was sure, she wouldn't be hanging around the house all day. Katie almost laughed at that - house! Great euphemism for the last trailer at the end of the power line. (Thanks, high school English, the only place I can use the word 'euphemism is inside my own head!)


The end of the line indeed. And pretty much the end of the lane, except for Mr Palmer, the old crank at the actual end of Dragonfly Lane. Sometimes Katie wondered where his power came from. Probably makes biofuel from all the dog excrement on the street, she thought darkly. Until she went to school she had thought she lived on Dirt Street. Good joke, mom.

Reason number one to get away from home today was Mrs Jordan next door. Katie thought that if she smelled llama stew one more time she really would turn vegetarian, even if it meant boiling dandelions for soup.


Katie looked out to the hill, not encouraged by the look of the sky.


And sure enough, a few minutes later, it started to rain.


This was shaping up to be a red letter Saturday...


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