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1.2 Sebastian




Hi, Schulmanator. Yes, I've been wanting to give it a whirl. I like some aspects of the new game a lot, and I'm not hung up about it needing to be a bigger better version of SC4. I am looking forward to offline mode, because rollbacks are a $%&^!, and happen for no apparent reason, sometimes losing you hours of work. Story wise, this is not in Ellis Valley (as far as I know).

Hi, TekindusT. Thanks for stopping in to comment.

Hi, blunder. LOL, maybe I should have you writing the scripts ;) Although, if she always cooks the favorite, then the 2nd favorite will be the favorite... and so on, keeping him infinitely happy!

Hi, SimCoug. Then there's a double-wide in Sector 5 with your name on it.

Hi, 16minuteman. Thanks!

Hi, Ln X. I'm going to give it a try. It is harder to feel connected to my cities since they can't be saved locally, compared to SC4.

Hi, Luiz P. Romanini. Hopefully I can sustain that interest.

Hi, Huston. Thanks. I was glad to see some of the old classic SC humor in the reboot. And I like to include small details from the game in my CJs.

HI, feeroz123. I have been running a SC4 CJ in the CJ forum for 7 years: It has a spinoff here in the CJ section that I update infrequently, Port Sin.

And now, more from....


Sebastian's visit to father's office at Academy HQ is over.


He can finally start to relax. Not long now until he is home. Thankfully, as the son of a class A2 worker, he can ride the MagLev. Even though the ML routes are always jam packed, it is quicker than the surface roads.


In just 45 minutes Sebastian will be home, where he can relax, away from the blue waves that knife through his brain at regular intervals. Father thinks he has subnormal intelligence and social quotients, but the reality is that he can barely function this close to the source of the 'Net. Half the time the only colors he sees are green, white, and the wave of blue approaching like a thousand hypodermics.


He hangs on through the journey home; fortunately he doesn't vomit despite the 18 minute delay. "Take the MagLev: we're always on time" plays every 60 seconds on the overhead, making him want to scream. Finally he is deposited at Tower2. Again, lucky that his father has such high status, his family lives above the worst of the 'Net's intrusions on his mind. The shadows are long, there won't be much time for respite from the 'Net this evening.


Debriefing with mother takes longer than he had expected. It is dark outside, and past curfew. For some reason the 'Net is particularly bad this evening, so he sneaks out and heads down to the terminal.


A pod opens for Sebastian. There must be a glitch in the software, his pass should not allow him entry at this time of night. He jumps in, calculating the risk of being caught - father could conceivably be proud that he showed some sense of adventure. The pod whisks him over to Tower. No sub-number required. Sebastian has heard it referred to as The Tower, although not by any level As or A2s.


Acting nonchalantly, he ascends to the Biodome Park. It's the highest structure in the sector, and the furthest he can be away from the blades of 'Net. He tries to slow his racing heart, but it isn't as easy as it usually is. Remnants of the adrenaline surge from the journey over, perhaps. Nothing he tries tonight seems to work against the tide of blue waves assaulting his senses.


The trip back to the apartment is going to be brutal.


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interesting SC13 CJ I guess you can always make an interesting SC13 CJ by not giving the reader the idea the city is small. You can make sure your pictures and words can pretend the city is a mega-city.

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This is really nice! Can you do a favor and put some pictures of all the megatowers, academy, omega tower and other interesting buildings. I want to see images of them at every possible angle. I want to use BAT and recreate them in SC4.

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Very interesting!  I am intrigued by the lives these people are living.  I went back and read the first one.  I'll be keeping my eyes open for more updates.  I hope to see another one soon!

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I really love the depth of the story, going into the lives of completely disparate people, and seeing how 'the other half lives' to find out it isn't as great as it seems. Consider me a true follow of this CJ, and keep those stories coming!

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