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Periodic Table of 2011 Trixies



Click image for full size.


Click image for full size.



Hey! I'm on here! If this were the real table, I'd be a noble gas.

It is interesting to check the real table and see what you (more or less) match with.

I'd be a transition metal. :P But, thanks for the recognition!

Glad you liked it.

That's a whole lot of new elements discovered in a year's time. Viva Science!

Every year there are new and exciting Trixie elements, and every year there are old and exciting Trixie elements. It's a law of nature!

Woo hoo there I am! So if I was on a real table I would be the most radioactive and have the highest atomic mass out of anyone, so that's pretty cool I guess :P

Very cool. Or maybe very hot?

These are really cool. Really unique and interesting way to show the Trixie winners :D


Oh nice! With 2011 already done (?) do you have plans for more? Perhaps a cumulative table or is that way too big?

I think trying to create a cumulative table would push me right over the edge of sanity. I have some plans for Millipedia as it pertains to my Ellis Valley and Port Sin CJs, as well as some other wiki ideas. And of course I'll be putting together the 2012 Trixie table in the future - hard to believe the next one will be the 10th anniversary of the Trixies!

Seriously, I can't believe that you did all this, its an amazing job that you've done with this! And it only gets more interesting to see some of the elements their :P Hope you're doing 2011! ;)

Even though I already revealed 2011 (although the one today is more correct) I had always planned to re-present it here as part of my Institute of Trixielite Chemistry series. And it is nice to see you using your element as your avatar - looks sharp.

Yipee! :D I agree with Haljackey, what have you got in store for us next?

I have lots of ideas, not enough spare time. I am working on a secret project... watch out for something unexpected in December.

Hah! Looking at your link, it's apparent that I forgot all about that! Silly me, I must be out of my mind. Huston, here's that link he just showed me (again, because I've seen it before, I'm just like, way dense).

Thanks for highlighting the relevant post - look on the bright side, it was like finding it for the first time all over again.

Gaining electrons like a boss!

I like that - it is true that as you gain Trixies you move up in a category (as long as you stay in the same category of course). If you're a transition element then who knows what will happen.


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I would love to be an element someday... (dreamily stares into the distance)\
Seriously, I love the wikipedia-style of this CJ.

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Oh cool nice to see this completed!

Have you thought about any other tables/stats? I'm thinking a list of members with the most trixies, CJ trixies, etc.

I agree that a total table will probably drive you insane ;)

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Hi, SimCoug. Glad to have created something you find interesting. You'll have to wait until Christmas to see my next project.

Hi, Schulmanator. I know - the problem with something like this is that I have to keep it updated.

Hi, k50. Well, you have different elements to choose from, so if you're feeling dangerous you can have the other one, if you're not feeling quite so dangerous you have the other one.

Hi, blunder. People seem to like being in the halogens.

Hi, hahei. You never know if you'll be an element or not. It took me many years to get my first one.

Hi, NMUSpidey. I find myself finding new and interesting things (and of course errors) every time I look at the tables).

Hi, Haljackey. I'll leave the tables up to Duke, I think. I'm more into a graphic representation of the info. I think Schulmania has been awarded the most player awards, Meg has the most awards, and I think that Blue Lightning won the most in one year (9!!).

Hi, spursrule. Glad you like it!

Hi, Lyhoko Leaci. I love a good exploding leech... but I couldn't eat a whole one. (And I do remember my high school science teacher doing that - quite exciting!)

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