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Hey! I'm on here! If this were the real table, I'd be a noble gas.

It is interesting to check the real table and see what you (more or less) match with.

I'd be a transition metal. :P But, thanks for the recognition!

Glad you liked it.

That's a whole lot of new elements discovered in a year's time. Viva Science!

Every year there are new and exciting Trixie elements, and every year there are old and exciting Trixie elements. It's a law of nature!

Woo hoo there I am! So if I was on a real table I would be the most radioactive and have the highest atomic mass out of anyone, so that's pretty cool I guess :P

Very cool. Or maybe very hot?

These are really cool. Really unique and interesting way to show the Trixie winners :D


Oh nice! With 2011 already done (?) do you have plans for more? Perhaps a cumulative table or is that way too big?

I think trying to create a cumulative table would push me right over the edge of sanity. I have some plans for Millipedia as it pertains to my Ellis Valley and Port Sin CJs, as well as some other wiki ideas. And of course I'll be putting together the 2012 Trixie table in the future - hard to believe the next one will be the 10th anniversary of the Trixies!

Seriously, I can't believe that you did all this, its an amazing job that you've done with this! And it only gets more interesting to see some of the elements their :P Hope you're doing 2011! ;)

Even though I already revealed 2011 (although the one today is more correct) I had always planned to re-present it here as part of my Institute of Trixielite Chemistry series. And it is nice to see you using your element as your avatar - looks sharp.

Yipee! :D I agree with Haljackey, what have you got in store for us next?

I have lots of ideas, not enough spare time. I am working on a secret project... watch out for something unexpected in December.

Hah! Looking at your link, it's apparent that I forgot all about that! Silly me, I must be out of my mind. Huston, here's that link he just showed me (again, because I've seen it before, I'm just like, way dense).

Thanks for highlighting the relevant post - look on the bright side, it was like finding it for the first time all over again.

Gaining electrons like a boss!

I like that - it is true that as you gain Trixies you move up in a category (as long as you stay in the same category of course). If you're a transition element then who knows what will happen.


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I don't know what's worse, that I saw this thread exactly at the moment you posted it, or that I barely read it because all I care for is next one because I'm on there. :P But on a serious note, good job! I like the grayish colour for CXL. And remember, I'm from Spain nevermind, you can probably read that on my profile, hehe.

It's finally here! And yes, I did pull everyone's internet code from their profiles.

Nice! Glad to see myself over there in the nonmetals... I guess bc I am a nonmetal!

Hope you like your other spot in 2010.

Is it me or there were less CJ section awardees in 2009 than in 2008?

As usual, Ben, great job! Be strong, only one more year remaining!

There was an overall decrease in awards (for the first time) in 2009, including the player section - good observation.

I'm all metal. When we get to this year's Trixies, I wanna be in the metals \m/ \m/ ! (Actually I'm really not all that metal, but a little bit, yeah, maybe like aluminum instead of iron...)

Trixie table for 2011 debuted earlier this year. Link to table and my motivation:

Let's see, hey, I actually KNOW SOME OF THESE PEOPLE NOW D:

by that I mean I've made a legitamate amount of contact with them :P

Welcome to modern times ladies and gents

Hey its Frogface! Can't forget the dude that made M.Eastern style a hit! Thanks Bro! =D

Lol, "Mr. Beer", dude, that's like the best username evar. :P

I think Mr Beer was from Switzerland - so beer more likely translates as bear. But of course I could be wrong.

Very cool once again - Lots of great BATers and LOTers this year - Madhatter, Pegasus, Odainsaker, Spa, nofunk, Paeng... I'm still downloading their great creations today. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into this - I'm curious what 2012 will look like...

Me, too - it is fun to see how it all fits together best each year.

Oooo, nice to see some familiar names on the P.T. of Trixies (The one year I discovered mods for SC4 XD) :D

It's definitely a trip down memory lane as you go back through the years.

I can't imagine how much work it takes to make these. Great work!

The first one (2011) was the hardest. After that I had the format. Some years were more difficult than others - 2007 and 2008 were the most challenging of the rest. And I finally figured out what is wrong with your 2011 symbol - it will be corrected next week.

Nice tables, Benedict! Kudos for your work. Funny to see my Trixies from back in the day my username was still mrtnrln. Back in 2009, I was a mere associate, but since 2010 I'm a full NAM member, and my contribution sincethen is more worthy, as I may say ;) Before that it was a bit more like freewheeling on the NAM, testing out new stuff...

Well, and contribution to the NAM is appreciated by all players, so you deserve it. And glad you like what I've done here.

It is clear that you know absolutly nothing about the periodic table.You just

invented some names and put in it.You should read a book about it or research about the topic before posting it.

I took your advice and did some reading this week - hope the 2010 table is more to your liking.


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I had never realized before that Haljackey was awarded Trixies for all four categories back then. This Table brings to me so many nice memories.

I lurked during 2008 before going active in 2009, and remember masterpieces like Jargeah (suplado!), Tierra de la Oscuridad (BlondeTwiggy), United Islands of Territories (Victor Valdes), The Different Views of NY (lucky7) and my all-time favourite Soviet Black Sea Union (SimHoTToDDy)... Memories...

I'll be making my first appearance on the next Table!

And there you are! One of the great things about doing these tables is the memories. I lurked for about a year (2003-2004) before becoming an active commenter, and it wasn't until 2006 that I started my own CJ.

LOL! I'm baaaaaaack!

Funny how you keep on showing up in the tables ;)

I usually find these by the ads you place on the front page.

Excellent excellent work with these. I'm sure you had your work cut out with me in 2008... it t'was a fantastic year at ST. :P

This week the front page ad must have sat in the queue for a couple of days. And yes, you gave me a small headache, although I had a nice out in giving your element the key position.

Ah, the glory days of '08 and '09, I think '08 was my peak activity before my temporary self-imposed exile. I was even nominated for something, but didn't win (obviously hahaha!). Man, suplado!'s Jargeah was one of the most amazing cjs I've ever seen. Lucky7 was awesome, too, and I was partial to ilikehotdogsalot's World (although the years he was active with that could be different from what I'm remembering). Great stuff, Benedict!

Thank you. You'll see ilikehotdogsdalot next week, so stay tuned!


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To everyone - thanks for viewing - just passed 10k hits.

Three to go until I'm on here, haha. I love the format in which you do these. :)

Check back in in two weeks to see where you end up.

Very cool once again - I like your brief description for each year so far, you point out some interesting facts.

Thanks, I'm trying for something close to wiki-speak ;)

Very Nice!

Thank you!

Clever idea! You should have made the teams similar to the lanthanide and actinide groups (the groups with 14 elements on each row).

That is more or less what I have done. If you were to fit the table into where the 'team' labeled boxes are, the element colors would mostly line up. Not always, but a large percent of the time.


It's Monday, so it must be Millipedia time!

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A messy transition zone!

You should have seen the other iterations I tried out - this is by far the cleanest way to keep the different colors together.

I could not believe how much things have changed... How much elements were discovered :boggle:

Yes, it is neat how so many new elements are discovered annually.


Thank you.

Woo hoo! I am finally in one!

The first of many ;)

Nope, still haven't shown up yet (and won't for another 5), but nice to see the table is expanding :P


Great work with these, keep it up!

Glad you like them.


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Click on image or open in new window for full size.



The tables are growing in size each year - Nice work again!

You're right - this year got quite a bit bigger.

The tables are great, but that introductory historical insight at the beginning of each table is so cool. A good retrospective of a site with its own history!

Also note that this is the first time that the Forum category Trixie winners are aligned at Group I.

Since this is Millipedia, I added the last part of your comment in as an edit - thanks!

Wow this is really cool!! You are a really creative guy benedict awesome job!! Looking forward to the 2006 Periodic table I get to add my little piece of history.

It's here!

My bad, posted in the wrong section. Anyways, will CXL show up in here?

Thanks to TekindusT for answering - there are CXL-related Trixies from 2009-2011 - stay tuned.

@hotChocolate: It has shown indeed. Only one Trixie was awarded in the CXL category to mrtnrln (now known as MandelSoft) and it appears in the 2011 Periodic Table in grey colour within MandelSoft's element.

In 2010, several Trixies were awarded in CXL category to members like soltangris, Skimbo... CXL category will appear for sure in 2010 Periodic Table.



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Click on image or open in new window for full size.periodictabletrixies200.jpg


The CJgens group is expanding!

Great to see the player (city journaling) section grow - it is the one I'm most familiar with. Also amazing to see how the growth in Trixies awarded represents the growth in the community each year.

Cool! Only a few more till I show up. I think I joined in 2006...

Check back next Monday to see if 2006 was your first Trixie.

Very impressive - you must have to organize plenty of stats to put these together. I am in awe of your thoroughness and dedication. Well done!

Fortunately Meg keeps track of all awards and was gracious enough to share the data. I did do lots of my own spreadsheets as well, but it would have been a much harder task without her help.

Haha, I come muuuch later, and was hardly more than a toddler at this time!

It's nice to see how the work of some of those members still heavily influence us today !

Absolutely. The Sim City 4 we have the potential to play today stands on the shoulders of these giants.

The time in which SimCity evolved. Really great to see a reflection of how Simtropolis members revolutionized SimCity game play :)

I think the revolution continues - look at all the new stuff that was added last year.

Will CXL show up in here?

You bet!


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SimCoug said:

Awesome... A snapshot of times past.

Today is another view of the past.

TowerDude said:

Benedicitian, sounds like a dark Sect !

You don't know how dark...

TekindusT said:

You must feel like [goes to Wikipedia] Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev! Your table will be expanding over the years and you see there are gaps that there will be filled in as time goes by...

It's so great to see that several names of that era like the7trumpets, joerg, buggi, RalphaelNinja, have actually changed the way we play SC4...

Each year there are friends we haven't seen in a while, as well as many people who, as you say, made major strides in how this game can be played today.

My favorite memory from 2003 is Paletexan - his CJs were beyond anything anyone had conceived at that point, and really laid the foundation for the 'modern' CJ of today.

Schulmanator said:

A clever idea. I like it!


Huston said:

Awesome, it really is an interesting way to look into Simtropolis' past more or less :D

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it.

Mastof said:

Nice work, now lets see it in Bahasa Melayu :P

Just go to millipedia.my

NMUSpidey said:

Cool. One year before I joined, but may years before I was active!

I joined in 2003, and had plenty to say in the CJ forum, but didn't actually play the game until 2006!

jacksunny said:

This is really neat, nice work!

Thank you.

Haljackey said:


Do you plan to do a table for every year?

Well, you've had 2011, 2003 and now 2004. Check back next Monday to see if I've done 2005 :)

BIWDC said:

Nice :)

Glad you liked it.


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