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New Chandler III

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Driving in New Chandler City



If any of you remember the Spaulding teaser (not sure when that was, probably last year), the same thing happened to this one. I got bored with rural areas and wanted to go back to east New Chandler City.

Originally this was supposed to be a voting entry but I kind of made the decision on my own, so we can be optimized for a good, long drive for update 50, because entry 50 has to be awesome, and I wanted to show off two colleges I had :P These driving entries are also a sort of tribute to TekindusT's Taxi Driver journal from a few years back. If you haven't seen it you need to.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this relatively short drive, you might be familiar with a few of the places we visit already :)


We're starting off at Don Figote Airport. New Chandler City has three airports, this one is by far the smallest, but it's the closest to the Central Core.


Leaving the airport, we go through a roundabout and accelerate up the Fordham Avenue viaduct. It was built to skip several lights and avoid a relatively shady industrial area of town, two things tourists like.


We're going to peel right now onto Highway 317 westbound, a bisector of the sprawling city.


Crossing the freeway is the Burlesque Avenue (bottom) and Beltine (top). Exit 34 has access to several surface streets, including the Beltline.


We now hit Exit 33 serving two surface streets. We'll be taking the exit and veering left and heading onto the Paseo de Jardínas (Gardens Avenue), which heads through several Spanish-speaking parts of town.


Heading north on the Paseo we meet DeLornier Avenue again, on the northern edge of DeKalb University. Formerly a Catholic Mission, it's now a Catholic private university. It also has one of the four major Catholic high schools in New Chandler City, DeKalb Preperatory.


We now continue through another roundabout with Paseo and Regal Avenue. Regal Avenue is an off-grid throughfare that heads into the Central Core. During this part of the drive the light rail line is in the middle of the avenue.


Continuing the drive down the garden-lined road, you might be able to see the light rail line resurface. It will head northeast toward the Civic Center station (if you saw update 47 you would know what I am referring to).


We now are heading through Colegio Virrey Briso (Viceroy Bryce College). This college handles much of the Spanish-speaking crowd and will be a good stopping point today.


The next update is Update 50 and I'm going big. See that freeway at the top of the picture? We're hopping on it and taking a nice long drive.

Hope you liked this update though, if you did, leave a comment, give it a +1, follow it, all that fun stuff :)


Recommended Comments

Wow, I like your roads D:


Where did you get that circular GLR - Subway Transition? D:

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very great update! You should really get these featured because I know they use to be and when they stopped being featured I thought you were done with New Chandler...

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Definately much better than any of my Taxi Driver updates! Fantastic job with all those highway signs, you must have spent a lot of hours on them!

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[quote name='111222333444' timestamp='1348370912']
Wow, I like your roads D:


Where did you get that circular GLR - Subway Transition? D:
Rampes GLR by dgidge:

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Awesome update.. love how lush and green everything is.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Can't wait for the drive up the freeway to see where it leads![/b][/color]

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[b]Mithrik:[/b] Thanks for your continued comments, I've never seen a college in Mexico so hopefully it's not too big :)
[b]Benedict:[/b] Thanks for your continued comments!
[b]111222333444:[/b] See Hellken's post. Glad you liked the drive by the way!
[b]sim_link (1st):[/b] Thanks SimLink, glad you enjoyed it!
[b]TayMay27:[/b] Thank you! I did get this one featured, I usually don't feature my one-picture teasers that take place between updates ;)
[b]ggamus: [/b]Tank U :P
[b]TekindusT:[/b] Thanks for the continued comments... you created it and inspired me to do this so shut your mouth!
[b]Hellken:[/b] Thanks for stopping by, don't know how that happened, my bad.
[b]sim_link (2nd):[/b] The second picture does but I forgot to point it out :|
[b]Fox:[/b] I'm glad you liked it Fox, hope to see you on the drive down the freeway!
[b]kj3400:[/b] Thanks Kenny, I figured you would love this update :P

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