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2-14: Intersections - Clermont

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Jetty Jockey



Welcome ! In today's update we return to the mainland for a look at the Clermont tile.



Clermont is an unincorporated section of Dennis Township, located at the southeastern corner of the township. It sits on the relatively high ground that runs along the eastern side of the county, 13 feet above sea level. East of the tile is the tidemarsh seperating the mainland from the barrier islands. To the west is the Beaver Swamp, one of the county's many wildlife refuges.


Clermont is located at the junction of US Highway 9 ( easternmost north-south road ) and NJ 83 (southernmost east-west FAR road). To the east of Route 9 is the Garden State Parkway, but there is no exit for Clermont. West of Route 9 is King's Highway, leading northwest to South Seaville. Paralelling NJ 83 to the north is Hagan Road, connecting to Dennisville to the west via Beaver Swamp. Clermont has seen a bit of development in recent years, and is beginning to lose it's rural look.


North of Hagan Road has been developed into a fairly nice residential area. You can tell the age of development by its street layout. Those built in the 17, 18th and 19th century have a grid street layout. More recent ones seem to favor winding streets and cul-de-sacs.


Some farms still exist. This one east of US 9 coexists nicely with its neighbors to the north.


East of US 9 , south of the NJ 83 intersection is the Clermont Industrial Park. A modest amount of light industry provides jobs for Cape May County sims.


Across the street from the Industrial Park is the Garden Greenhouse Center, providing area residents with all thier landscaping and gardening needs. The local farmer's market is great place to find locally grown Jersey Fresh ™ produce and fresh baked goods.


More farmland west of King's Highway. Increasing land values and the higher tax burden they bring are threatening many area farmers. When the choice is between farming and making a marginal profit and selling out for millions, many just take the money and run.

Well, that's all I have for this update. Sorry for the delay , but family obligations took me out of state the past week. I hope you enjoyed the post and please feel free to offer any comments, requests, or suggestions. They are most appreciated!


ImanRafidin: I'm using ploppables rather sparingly at the moment. Cape May County is a fully functional SimCity region, and the I had previously gotten myself into trouble with overuse of MMPs, which upset the RCI balance of my cities . Perhaps once the region is developed, I'll go back and add some more eye candy, but at the moment keeping the region balanced and working is my top priority.

westy177 : There's always a risk when living that close to the ocean, but the quality of life that comes from living so close to the natural beauty of the shore makes it worth it in some peoples opinions. Fortunately, there have been no storms like the 1962 nor'easter or the Great Atlantic Hurricanes of 1938 and 1944 in recent memory. We've had our share of brushes, near misses and scares through the years, notably Hurricane Gloria in 1985, the "Perfect Storm" of 1991, and Hurricane Isabel in 2003, but none lived up to the hype. I only hope that when the big one comes, folks here take it seriously.

NMUSpidey : Thanks!

SimCoug : Perserverence or stubbornnesss, who can tell? If you notice on the pics from the link to the '62 storm it appears the houses were built on pilings a good 10 feet or so above the beach.. Those are the foundations, and the before the storm were completely covered by sand. When the sand washed out, the pilings were left unsupported, causing the houses to topple and crash into the ocean like a house of cards. The nbcv piers look good zoomed in, but look weird when zoomed out, so that's why you didn't see them in any of the other pics.

jephonesewarrior: Thank you for stopping by and commenting !

shanemelbourne : Thanks. While they're no major metropolises, most of the regions population is on the barrier islands. It was a major test for the region and I'm glad that the island sims were able to find work on the mainland.


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Another great update. Two things stand out on this one - the perfect use of the FAR roads - I honestly have not seen a CJ that does it better. Second - I really like that neighborhood pic with the cul-de-sac and curvy roads. By giving a tile of space between houses here and there really adds to the realism - It is sort of counter to the 'playing mentality' that develops while learning to play SC4 (every bit of space counts) but seeing the space used in your CJ is very refreshing. Also - in line with that neighborhood shot - there is a house BAT that shows up three times (left side, top side, and right side) - it is a three story brick looking home with three windows on the top floor and an attached garage - can you tell me what it is? Thanks!

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There are many places surrounding Detroit that have a very similar feel to them. Subdivisions on the Ohio-Michigan border have some of those curvy roads and cul-de-sacs, but since the history there is much shorter than the history on the coast we have a LOT more long, straight roads. A rural Michigan/Ohio city journal would be a rather boring affair compared to this.

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SimCoug : The three story is the RLS Colonial, another one of Simgoober's outstanding BATS. You can find it here : [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/11391-rls-homes-the-colonial/"]http://community.sim...s-the-colonial/[/url]
It's a Stage 4 growable 2x2 or 2x3 R$$ that looks like a R$$$. Occupancy - 14 R$$ , 38 R$ ( but it'd be a darn shame to let it distress)

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Thanks for the link - I'm sure I've downloaded that sometime in the past, but I must have missed it since reorganizing my plugins - thanks for the refresher!

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