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Experimental Software Playhouse

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Schulmania’s Experimental Software Playhouse


It’s time to get artsy! I have upgraded my graphics software from bare bones to decent. So, I am entertaining myself with trying out some effects on SC4 pictures. I will label them and you can tell me which effects you like (or not). I have a pretty good sampling of them, and I am not emotionally attached to any effect. So, like it or hate it – tell me now so I can decide which one(s) may want to appear in Schulmania in the future. Please tell me which effect(s) you like or don’t like so I can use your feedback effectively.

Let the Paint Shop Pro games begin!

































And, for those who like contests, here’s one for you:

Name as many cities that these pictures came from as possible. The person with the highest number of correct selections will decide which of the State Visit Photo Galleries will be posted on ST for everyone to admire. I will give you #1- Sunburst: Sacred Precinct, Schulmanicus.

And anyone who gets them all correct will get a special prize! Good luck and enjoy!


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Recommended Comments

I love those pictures! I'd have to say, "Sunburst" and "glowing edges" are a bit overwhelming. My favorites are "Aged Newspaper", "Albumen", and "Daguerrotype". :golly:

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Always IMHO:

Sunburst: useless unless aliens are visiting Schulmania.
Cyanotype: very cool, it is able to give a mysterious aura to the picture.
Pyramid paint: pointless for me, SC4 is a game about details...
Platinum: very nice, elegant and classy; everything seems more distinguished under it.
Pencil: I just don't like it but can't explain why.
Infrared film: perfect to make anything older than it "really" is.
Glowing edges: unless you're recreating Las Vegas, I'd stay away of it. Details and overall feeling absolutely flushed.
Dagerrotype: same as Infrared film, but even older.
Crossed process: not a huge difference.
Black pencil: OK for a single building, horrible if you're depicting a panorama or a downtown pic...
Albumen: love it, like dagerrotype but in the 20th century.
Aged newspaper: suitable when you're making aged newspaper, else use Platinum.
Coloured pencil: I would use it to spread epilepsia among Simtropolians...
Coloured edges: same as Pyramid Paint.
Coloured chalk: same as Coloured Edges.
Box camera: same as Infrared Film.

Here's my two cents, sorry if I've been too harsh on some of the effects...

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I really like Cross Process. Very subtle enhancement to the overall graphics. It's not too noticeable, but noticeable enough to realize the colors and whatnot look better. :D

By the way, for the "sunburst" effect to really work, it'd have to be placed more on water or large glass, so it's like a reflection of sunlight. Like a camera glare! I've used that a few times for skyline shots of my big cities.

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[quote name='TekindusT' timestamp='1313702739']
Always IMHO:

Here's my two cents, sorry if I've been too harsh on some of the effects...

Fear not... I am looking for honest feedback to help me decide which ones work well and which maybe not so much. I appreciate your specific and helpful comments. :ducky:

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I love the Cross Process!!!! It reminds me of the early days of color photography/film, like the footage you see in documentaries. It looks great!!!! Thanks!!! :D

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I like all of them except for Pyramid Paint, Glowing Edges, and Colored Pencil. :D I especially think the Sunburst would look fantastic if it was toned down a little, and then positioned over a reflective surface, to give the impression of the sun reflecting back towards you :)

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You seem to be having fun with the effects! :golly:

My opinions, based from my experience with graphics:

1. Sunburst is really cheesy, unless if there really is a strong source of light that the glare is emanating from e.g. lighthouses.
2. Cyanotype will look great with landmarks, to give it a postage stamp/paper money look.
3. Pyramid Paint wouldn't find much application for images of 3D figures that are under perspective. Leave that to 2D images e.g. pictures of people or scenery.
4. Platinum works! Somehow this looks better than plain greyscale.
5. Pencil, Colored Pencil and Glowing Edges are just wrong, unless those happen to be nightclubs. :party:
6. Infrared Film has a sort of spy-movie look to it. In the context of a CJ, this might be good in newspapers.
7. Good call in using Daguerrotype on the castle!
8. Cross-Process reminds me of Lomography and old pictures from the 1970s. If you're going for nostalgia, this will be useful.
9. Black Pencil just won't work with SC4 screenshots because of the game's projection.
10. Albumen, Aged Newspaper and Box Camera are excellent!

As for the contest, I'm actually new to the whole CJ business, so let the veterans answer. :thumb:

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[b] [/b]


[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b][color=blue]Ggamgus[/color][/b] Thanks. I think that one seems to be one of the favorites.

[b][color=blue]1000000000000[/color][/b] Thanks. The glowing edges does not seem to be very popular. It is a bit Vegas-like, isn’t it? I like the 3 others myself too.

[b][color=blue]111222333444[/color][/b] Thanks. And you answered for 2 pictures. So, you are our selector for the photo gallery to be shown. PM me your choice and it will magically appear!

[b][color=blue]Andrey km[/color][/b] Thanks. I like that one too.

[b][color=blue]Escilnavia[/color][/b] [i]Obrigado![/i] I think the colored chalk could be good in an update for sure.

[b][color=blue]NMUSpidey[/color][/b] Thanks. I just did that as a sample. It is a little much in that picture. Perhaps I could do another one a little less flamboyantly :D

[b][color=blue]9988[/color][/b] [i]Dakujem![/i] :D

[b][color=blue]Wenter13[/color][/b] Thanks, and welcome to Schulmania! You hit on several of my favorites!

[b][color=blue]TekindusT[/color][/b] Thanks, and your honest opinion is exactly what I was seeking! I think your favorites overlap well with mine. The pyramid paint makes an interesting artist painting feel to it. But you are right, not really suitable for an update. Perhaps framed in a gallery instead.

[b][color=blue]Archean[/color][/b] Thanks. The cross process is interesting. Has that midcentury color picture postcard look to it.

[b][color=blue]Jsimcity4[/color][/b] Thanks, and welcome to Schulmania. I like it too, for the same reason. Has a little nostalgic look to it.

[b][color=blue]Emperordaniel[/color][/b] Thanks. I think the sunburst has potential, but I definitely need to work on it.

[b][color=blue]ThomasSimpson[/color][/b] Thanks. I think platinum seems to be the overall favorite thus far. But definitely a few other contenders out there.

[b][color=blue]ImVhOzzi[/color][/b] Oh noes!

[b][color=blue]Xbfernandez[/color][/b] Thanks. Indeed, I am trying out the features and seeing how they look with game pictures. I appreciate your feedback. I think our favorites have a good deal of overlap. And, BTW, welcome to Schulmania!

[b][color=blue]Spursrule14[/color][/b] Woo hoo! Thanks! And welcome to Schulmania!

[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right][Volume 3 Update #181][/right][/right]
[right][right] [/right][/right]

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