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Chemeketa: 52nd Avenue NE Widening Project, Phase 1

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Hi everyone-

Well, I'm back with another update here, which I think you'll really enjoy. Suffice to say, it's road construction season! And featuring some as-of-yet unreleased content!


52nd Avenue NE Widening, Phase 1 (Mosby to Halpert)

The City of Chemeketa's Department of Public Works is beginning the process of improving 52nd Avenue NE in order to better facilitate the movement of commuters and freight traffic in North and Northeast Chemeketa. As shown on the long-term project map from April, this project is marked as #4.

Alternate link to map:


As discussed in the development of previous projects, 52nd Ave NE is a major east-west surface arterial through the northern reaches of the city, connecting the predominantly residential areas to the west, up with the high-tech facilities and office parks to the east, as well as providing a link between the Chemeketa Parkway (Highway 219) and the West Oregon Freeway (Highway 15). The development on the east end has led to substantially increased traffic congestion on the section between Ashcroft Street NE and Halpert Road NE. While recent projects, including the Rankine-Sorenson Corridor Project and the Aldrin Way improvements have mitigated some of the issues along 52nd Ave, the road is still failing to meet an appropriate Level of Service (LOS).

Between the Chemeketa Parkway and Schrute Road NE, 52nd Ave is currently a 4-lane roadway with speed limits ranging between 35 and 50 miles per hour. The results of the study performed by the city and outside consultants has shown that in order to handle 2020 capacity levels with an acceptable LOS, much of the road needs to be widened to 6 lanes. The segment in particular need of such an upgrade is between Ashcroft Street to Halpert Road. Studies are still underway as to the efficacy of extending the lane additions westward toward the Chemeketa Parkway interchange.

In order to make the best use of funding and minimize disruption along all of 52nd, the project will be undertaken in phases, beginning with the eastern segment, between Mosby Road and Halpert Road. The second and third phases have yet to be funded. Phase 2 will cover the segment from Scarlet Street NE to Mosby Road, while Phase 3 will extend from Ashcroft to Scarlet. If studies determine it is necessary, a Phase 4 would cover from the Chemeketa Parkway to Ashcroft.

Here is the existing intersection with Scott Drive NE and the Highway 15 Northbound Ramps:

Facing east


Facing north


This is the existing intersection at Halpert Road NE (facing east):


Here is the existing Highway 15 overpass:

Facing east


Facing north


Construction begins. 52nd has been narrowed to 3 lanes while excavation takes place.

At Scott Drive, facing north


At Highway 15, facing north


At Mosby Road, facing north


Here are various images of construction already underway.

Facing north at Mosby and Highway 15


Facing west from Scott Drive toward Highway 15 along 52nd


Paving underway, facing west


Facing south at the 52nd/Scott intersection


The widened roadway is now in place under Highway 15 (facing north). (If you're wondering how I got the T21s, I tweaked jackxu's AVE-2 median mod on the AVE-6. These will not be in the public NWM release.)


A look along 52nd after construction (facing east)


Turn lanes going in place at the Mosby intersection (facing north). Signals have not yet been installed.


And that does it for this update. While the city accumulates more funding for Phase 2, we'll take a look at the McCabe Street extension next time. Hope you enjoyed this latest project!

One more reply and we hit #100 here at the ST edition of Tarkusian Cities . . . who will take the honors? :)


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Recommended Comments

Yay, 101 Replies! Nice work on the construction project. Did I post here a few months ago? Maybe in the old cj section... I can't remember. Anyways, I like the new highway. It's always nice to see it in action.

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This looks great, I like all of the road improvements, but where did you get the 6 lane avenue that has a barrier be tween it, is it unreleased or something? Oh, it's the new NWM 2.0. I will defiantly get it when it comes out!

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OMGOSH! Just what I've been waiting for, 6 lane avenue with a barrier!! It looks so amazing. Cannot wait for its release!! Excellent update!

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Guys, the 6 lane avenue with that median is unreleased. Tarkus is part of (well, actually, he is in charge of :P) the NAM team.

I'm really anticipating the release Tarkus, it looks very realistic, and I think it will be well used once it is out. Besides the city and NWM teasers, the street map at the top is great too, I sort of want to see that interchange for the 15 and 36, because it looks pretty sweet (especially for Marion County) :P

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1. What are those stores next to the Office Depot?

2. Great job on recreating an actual construction project! Kind of reminds me how my own hometown Villa Maria Road built a two-lane (with turning lane) detour road while the main road was being excavated to go under the railroad.

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Why AVE-6 has something like that emergency lane near the sidewalk in a continuous line. I do not understand what this function. Like anything there and MAVE-4 but not in MAVE-6 and I wonder why since in AVE-4 is absent this canvas is placed in the AVE-6.


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I love the Ave 6 w/the T21 median mod, it looks really cool. BTW I hope whomever created tht is able to release it when the next NAM and everything comes out :ohyes:

Keep up the awesome work w/the cj, and thanks for showing some sneak peeks of the next NWM content :thumb:

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Tarkus, you need to implement the Tarkus Turnpike into this city... I'm not kidding either... I want to see the REAL Toll Road

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Tarkus, you can see my other comments on SC4D, but I just noticed that, in the first two pictures, the left turn lanes on the road ALSO have a through marking. If the left lane was the through lane, that would direct cars right into the oncoming traffic!!!!!!!!!

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Actually, [b]Exla357[/b], if you look closely the through/left turn lanes do align throughout the intersection. It just might look otherwise because the right turn-only lanes are added where the sidewalks would otherwise be. Anyway, I'm looking forward to those new TuLEPs and, of course, the awesome AVE-6. I concur with [b]ImVhOzzi[/b] since I don't have the knowledge of how to add median T21s to AVE-6; it would be cool if a mod like the pictures was released separately. [b]Ivo_su[/b], the emergency lanes/shoulders are probably present in AVE-6 and MAVE-4 because there is enough space on the two or three tiles to add them, and without them the sidewalks would be quite wide. MAVE-6 and AVE-4 don't have enough space for such shoulders. Well, nice update, [b]Tarkus[/b]; I always love to see NAM-type teaser images.

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Thank you all for all of your support and the great comments/feedback! I'll get to some replies:

[b]TowerDude[/b]: Congrats on hitting #100--you'll be getting "on the map" with a street in Chemeketa! Thanks for the compliments on the transport system, and I hope you'll enjoy the next update (which is "immenent"). :golly:

[b]NMUSpidey[/b]: Thanks for the kind words on the construction project and the new highway! I do remember you from my brief foray into the Forums CJ section, and it's great to see you over here!

[b]Zulu2065[/b]: Yes, that is indeed part of NWM 2.0 . . . the benefits of being a NAMite. :lol: And thanks for the kind words on the update--I'm glad you enjoyed the road improvements!

[b]Alejandro24[/b]: Thanks! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the update and like the new NWM content. As far as the median goes, I was playing around with [b]jackxu[/b]'s fantastic [b][url=http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/24822-median-for-ave-2/]Median for AVE-2[/url][/b] mod (which I highly recommend) and tweaked it so it'd show up on the AVE-6. I plan to get in touch with him about it. :golly:

[b]Mikeaut1[/b]: Thanks for the all-too-kind words, my friend! I'm really glad the AVE-6 is to your liking--I'm looking forward to finishing up and finally letting you all play with it!

[b]ROFLyoshi[/b]: Why thank you! I'm glad you found the underpass there appealing--I'm still in shock seeing that wide of a road going under there myself, in fact.

[b]airmale007[/b]: Thanks for the compliments! And I'm really amused that someone finally caught the HIMYM references in there. :rofl: I stick a lot of stuff like that in my regions--there's actually quite a few more in there that no one's picked up on . . . ;)

[b]k50dude[/b]: Well, technically, the NAM Team technically doesn't really have a leader . . . though I suppose I've sort of become one by sheer accident, I guess. :rofl: Thanks for the very kind words on the city and the new NWM stuff--I've been dreaming of having AVE-6 and TLA-7 for awhile now, and I'm thrilled to almost be done making it a reality. And as far as the 15/36 interchange, I actually featured it [b][url=http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/327/entry-7536-chemeketa-a-look-around/]in an earlier update[/url][/b] . . . it's been upgraded a little since then, and will probably get a little more tweaking in a future update. It is indeed pretty spiffy for Marion County . . . the only real noteworthy interchange I'm aware of there are the I-5/Market St SPUI (first in RL Oregon).

[b]Plane-Crash12000[/b]: Thanks! And you soon will be able to believe in the AVE-6 in your own cities. :golly:

[b]hulkster44[/b]: Thanks for the kind words--glad you enjoyed it!

[b]LivingInThePast[/b]: The stores next to Office Depot are a couple other SimGoober commercials: Party City and Chocolate Boutique (a CS$$$).

And thanks for the kind words on the construction project--I'm thrilled to hear that I've accurately depicted things there. :golly:

[b]Ivo (ivo_su)[/b]: The white line bit there can be considered a shoulder or bike lane--fairly common on surface arterials of this type here in the US. I put it on there mainly as there was room and it would keep the sidewalks from being ridiculously large.

[b]brenn21[/b]: Thanks for the very kind words--I'm glad you enjoyed the update and seeing a sneak peek of the NWM. The AVE-6 is largely the work of myself and [b]superhands/bighead99999[/b], and we're aiming for NWM 2.0 to come out concurrently with NAM Version 30. I'm looking forward to finally being able to unleash it to the general public--it's a lot of fun!

[b]Emirlegend[/b]: Well, the 6-lane Avenue featured here isn't yet available to the public--as I mentioned in my intro, it's unreleased content that will be added in the next update to the Network Widening Mod (NWM). There will definitely be an announcement once we're ready to release it--can't give a release date or timeline for release, though.

[b]Need4Camaro[/b]: Hehehe . . . :rofl: I'd consider it, but the Republic of Oregon actually banned toll roads. :yes:

[b]ImVhOzzi[/b]: Thanks for the kind words on the AVE-6! The network itself will be in the next NWM . . . still need to work out the details on the T21 median mod.

[b]Alex (Exla357)[/b]: As [b]Moonraker0[/b] pointed out below, that's actually a different as-of-yet unreleased type of TuLEP. It's currently labeled a "Type B" in its rough Alpha, but will probably end up getting called "Type D" under the new naming scheme for Advanced TuLEPs. Basically, it just tacks a right turn pocket onto a standard Road.

[b]Moonraker0[/b]: Thanks for the kind words on the updates and the teasers, and thanks for the detailed answers to some of the questions here--I appreciate it! :golly:

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