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Chemeketa: McCabe Street Extension

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Hi everyone-

Well, I'm back here with another smaller construction project in Chemeketa, which the city is undertaking with impact fees gleaned from developers while it acquires funding to finish widening 52nd Avenue.


McCabe Street SE Extension (23rd to 33rd/Creek Way)

Below is a map illustrating the plan for this latest project--the dashed lines are roads that will be constructed as part of this update.



The McCabe Street Extension will extend McCabe Street SE from 23rd Avenue NE to 33rd Avenue NE/Creek Way NE in north-central Chemeketa. This project has been funded by two developers, one building new office space west of the extension, and another by the developers of the Starpoint subdivision to the east of the extension. In addition to the McCabe Street extension, a new local through-street, Starpoint Drive NE, will be constructed between Ashcroft St NE (at 30th Avenue), to the McCabe extension and continuing east into the subdivision.

Here's the existing curve, where 33rd Avenue NE turns into Creek Way NE (facing north). This is where the McCabe Street extension will connect in, and as you can see, work's already begun on it.


This is between 23rd and 33rd along the extension--grading and paving is underway (facing north).


Much as happened with the Dallas Drive/Rankine Lane intersection shown three updates ago, there's some unusual angles involved, and as such, engineers have chosen a roundabout intersection. (facing north) Because of the lower traffic volumes, this will only be a single-lane one. In order to facilitate construction, 33rd and Creek Way have been closed for about 6 weeks.


Work continues on the roundabout (facing north).


Construction is also underway on Starpoint Drive NE, another new connector road that will run through both the commercial and residential development. This is just to the south of the roundabout (facing north), which Starpoint will connect into as well.


Starpoint Drive NE will connect to Ashcroft Street NE, lining up at the existing 30th Avenue NE intersection (facing north).


The extended McCabe Street has been connected into the roundabout (facing north), which is now just about to open.


The western segment of Starpoint has now been connected into the roundabout (facing north).


As part of the traffic impact mitigation agreed upon by the developers, the intersection at Ashcroft with 30th/Starpoint has been signalized.


The roundabout now has the 5th connection in place--the eastern segment of Starpoint (facing north).


Finally, here are a couple images of McCabe Street all extended. Both the commercial and residential development is well underway. (both facing north)



That does it for this project--hope you enjoyed following it, and I'll be back next time with yet another construction project . . . we'll take a look at a couple more smaller ones, and then head back to 52nd Avenue.

-Alex (Tarkus)

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Yay! FIRST COMMENT! Haha I wonder how fed up your citizens are with all this realignment and detouring...

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@Nice work!, unlike here in Winnipeg where the streets are dilapidated and the infrastructures are out of date

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The roundabout looks great, another thing that real-life Oregon (besides Sunriver) is missing. To be honest, when I saw that first picture, I seriously thought you were going to have an intersection within a wide curve :P

Looking forward to the next project :)

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Cool update! Your street grid layout looks really realistic, judging by the map. Is that the Signage Piece Mod I see in some of those images? The last picture of the SPM I saw lacked sidewalks, so it's good to see that they have been added now.[img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif[/img]

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Looks awesome! I love your focus on transit networks. That is my favorite part of the game!

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[b]Exla357[/b]: They're generally good sports, and they were with this one. Mainly as they have decent detours that don't go too far out of the way. They won't be too pleased a couple updates from now, however.

[b]the00guvna[/b]: Thanks for the kind words! As far as the dirt and construction lots, some of the dirt is actually dragged out using the Dirt Streets (Set 3) in the Street Addon Mod. The rest of it is lots from the SFBT Construction Set by DeeJay, which was on the STEX but seems to have oddly (and unfortunately) gone MIA.

[b]111222333444[/b]: Thanks--glad you enjoyed the update, and my sympathy to you over the roadways up there. We have some pretty bad ones in places down here (Oregon), too--depends on the jurisdiction owning them, though.

[b]SmartbyLaw[/b] And you shall receive! :golly:

[b]UnderxHorror[/b] and [b]keder[/b]: Thanks--glad you enjoyed the networks! Definitely more of those to come!

[b]Zurk[/b]: Thanks for the kind words!

[b]mongsi[/b]: Yes, it's the One-Way Road Roundabout that's in the existing NAM release. Just draw a 3x3 circle with the One-Way Road network and it'll change over.

[b]k50dude[/b]: And Bend--that place is like the Milton Keynes of Oregon. :rofl: Glad you enjoyed the roundabout--and as far as your guess of an intersection within a wide curve, that'd be a nice feature to have. Maybe one day . . .

Hope you enjoy the next project!

[b]Moonraker0[/b]: Thanks for the very kind words on the update and the street grid in particular--I tried to make it somewhat utilitarian but with an element of randomness to keep it interesting. And that is indeed the SPM, or as it's now known, SCoPE (Signage/Cosmetic Piece Extension). It'll be getting revived after the upcoming NAM/NWM/RHW release cycle.

[b]Wraner, ALEKSANDAR579 and Gugu3[/b]: Why thank you!

[b]drjumbajookiba20[/b]: Thanks for the compliments, and I'm just as excited to finally release the new RHW!

[b]Texan[/b]: Thanks! It's always good to see another transit network enthusiast around here--I'm glad you found it to your liking!

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