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Update 3: Glenn Harbor

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Today we will be looking at the neighborhod of Glenn Harbor. Glen Harbor was founded in the same year as Auburn. In reality Glenn Harbor is a part of the city of Auburn although citizens in the Emerald City(Glenn Harbor)would like to blreak away from Auburn. Historically, Glenn Harbour was more of a port city than a fishing town like Auburn was way back in the day. Lets head to the update for today! Welcome to Glenn Harbor~The Emerald City!


An overview of the city! Stunning eh?


Another overview of Glenn Harbor from another direction.


Le Promenade is a popular desination for walking. On any given day, you can see people riding bikes or walking along the waterfront. Le Promenade runs from the Cyclone to the Harbourside neighborhood.


The building on the bottom is the central bus terminal for Glenn Harbor. Victorian Apartments, right across the street, is home to highest apartments in the whole county!


Glenn Harbor is connected by train unlike Auburn. Central Station is a hub of transportation in the district of Glenn Harbor.


Memorial Hospital is the second largest hospital within the city. This area of often congested with people heading to church or to the hospital. Sunday services are often interrupted by screaming ambulances driving madly down the street to help people in need.


Memorial Square is the home to the Unknown Soldier Tomb. The square serves as a tribute to fallen American soldiers from past conflicts.


Down the street is the neighborhood of Harborside. This part is home to more than 5,000 residents!


A crowded freeway as residents head into and out of downtown in the morning traffic rush hour.


The district is home to a small market place known as the RiverCreek Market. The street can get quite busy in the afternoon on most days. Next to the market is District Hall which serves the District of Glenn Harbor. The DH as locals prefer to call it is home to a few courtrooms as residentrs arrive early Monday-Friday for jury duty. Good thing there are plenty of places to eat around the DH! A BigMac sound good right now!


The Cyclone is every kid's dream come true! The rollorcoaster provides beautiful views of the city except when you drop and everything becomes a blur.



Anthony's Fish Restaurant is a popular eatery in the district. The restarant provides excellent views of the city and bay! Owner Anthony Bortochelli would like to open a few more restaurants within the county over the next few years.

Just your average suburban homes in Glen Harbor except they are million dollar homes!


Sprawl heads in every direction!



Glenn Harbor is home to the US Navy as thousands of saliors pass through the city of Glenn Harbor every year. Below are some pictures of the submarines, battleships, and a destroyer that make Glenn Haror home.






Glenn Harbor @ dusk.


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Recommended Comments

Wow. this was a stunning update. I love how much green you have everywhere! to me that is what makes a city beautiful. Love ur cj, but have you considered using peg's marina mod for the boardwalk? I like what u have, its just a suggestion. Im looking forward to more from u!

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Your city is beautiful as always. When did you start this cj? How did I miss it? Well, I'll keep my eyes open for it from now on:)

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What an overall amazing update!! I really love your transition from high rise to midrise, it's completely realistic!! Nice effects with the congestion on the highways and avenues. Impressive last picture as well! :)

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you city looks so realistic I hope I can make cities like that. How long did it take you to make the city ?

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nice,good job[img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif[/img]

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It looks great, but just to give you feedback, although you don't have a large amount of highrises I think you could add a slightly more realistic look if you put a bit more mid-sized buildings just so it won't be such a sudden transition from high density to low density.

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i built myself an aburn years ago, but its spelled auborn. 4 million metro, 1.7 million city, huge skyline. not nearly as realistic though. i would really appreciate a folder that has the map, cities, eveything in th simcity 4 file to download because im tired of my region, ive really exhausted it and its at 14.7 million people. please mesage me back.

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[quote name='edman2012' timestamp='1307995040']
It looks great, but just to give you feedback, although you don't have a large amount of highrises I think you could add a slightly more realistic look if you put a bit more mid-sized buildings just so it won't be such a sudden transition from high density to low density.

i like this idea as well, and maybe you should add some suburbs to the east of downtown because theres not a whole bunch of suburbs and it looks very odd for the downtown to be so close to a forest. :thumb:

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This is truly an awesome city. I though I was a decent player until I found this website! I have been humbled to say the least. How did you get the black topped highway instead of the grey? Also, you have a long drawn out exit ramp on a curve. I have long complained that while the exit ramps and clover leave of simcity 4 are better than past versions, they could still do better. How did you get that? I also love the warships. I assume its something you designed yourself? I haven't learned to do that yet. :( I hope to hear back from you on the Highway and exit ramps. Your City is gorgeous. I would live there. :P~ take care. oh and Please bare with me as I learn my way around the site. Peace!

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Very nice!!The neighborhoods look like some youd ride your bike through when your 8 or 10 or something!!!!

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Beautiful!!! Amazing!!! WOWOWOWOW!!!

oh, and TommyHawk, he didn't design the warships himself :P
they can be found on the STEX:



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@ Zulu2065- Thanks for being such a loyal follower!

@ Exla357- Problem has been fixed! thanks!

@ joinapple- Thanks!

@ kronyk69- Thanks a lot!

@ TheSimCityGuy994- Thanks! traffic pics are my favorites!

@ Stavis- Yeah I have. I may use it in a harbor town one day on the outskirts of the town. Thanks and I will look into it further!

@ NMUSpidey- Thank you! its been on here for about a month

@ Mikeaut1- Thank a lot for your great comments! they mean a lot coming from a great Cjer like yourself!

@ keder- Takes a bout several hours to build it but I did it in small pieces at a time. Thanks!

@ dabadon5 - Thanks and the Metro Area love you back!

@ vance- Thanks!

@ Joe323, - Thank you!

@ shenandoah- Thanks! I downloaded a larger Vancouver map from the STEX

@ ccecill- Thank you as always! Means a lot! Looking forward to an update from you!

@ shoko- Thanks!

@ edman2012- Thanks for the comment! I tried to but the area is in the mist of a large transformation in which I will make a better transition!

@ arkansasandz- i sent you a PM regarding this! Thanks for the comment!

@ TommyHawk- Thanks for the comment! I would live in Auburn too if it was real...... I downloaded a black highway texture from the STEX as for the highways/onramps its from the NAM modd which can also be found in the STEX. Emperor daniel answered your navy question. if you have any other question don't hesitate to PM me!

@ etorsen- Thanks and yes it would be a perfect neighborhood to raise kids!

@ emperordaniel- Thanks for answering his question! Thanks for the comment too!

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Looks great! Has a very strong Pacific Northwest feel and great job on the highways!

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