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Update 2: Delamont/Connaught/West End/Auburn Central Park




Hello and welcome to the second update of this fine CJ! I am pleased to see all this excitment(so to speak for this CJ! Nearly 5,000 views!!!! WOOHOOO! Anyway, enough of my praise, thanks,and pride in viewership/ comments!

Today(well, tonight since its 10pm in San Diego) we will be looking at the four neighborhoods of Delmont,Connaught, West End, and Auburn Central Park. Delamont and Connaught are split right down the middle by the freeway, I-805. Lets look at the overview of this part of Auburn.


Delamont is on the left and Connaught is on the right.

Delamont is home to many beautiful single family homes!


Lets take a closer look at the homes right next to the pond. Some homes can go as high as $600,000!


With at the thousands of residents living in these neighborhoods, the idea of having big box retailers is essential to life in suburbia.


Moving on to Connaught, is the newest subdivision: Hope Creek Ranch.



Hope Creek Ranch has apartment complexes as well as single family homes. These homes can go for $800,000. Pretty pricey for homes that overlook a small creek and your neighbor!


The next stop is the world famous Auburn Island Market Place. Some locals refer to the market as A.I.M.P. The market place is home to thousands of vendors selling everything from flowers to lobster to pictures of the Auburn skyline. Hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists visit the market place every year. It is one of the top attractions for the city. Parking is a big problem with thousands coming in every day. Some residents have even parked on the highway emergency lanes just to buy some of the best fish around! The 5 bus lines do relieve some of the congestion in the area.


This smaller neighborhood is known as South Golf since it is next to the golf course.


Moving along is the small satellite downtown for the West End.


This 805-5 exchange is one busy area. Hundreds of thousands of cars pack these two freeways as residents leave downtown and head for the northern and southern suburbs. Its best advised that you aviod this area durning morning and evening rush hour. Residents around the freeways have asked the city for sound barriers but to no avail.


West End


Some of the million dollar homes which overlook the ocean. Kids living near the ocean will make forts and canoes out of the hundreds of logs that will wash ashore. Paintballing also quite common on the beach.


Finally is the Auburn Central Park.


Big Box once again!


The Auburn Tower was built in the 1880 as a look out point for the residents of Auburn. On any clear day one can see up to 50 milies in all directions. Auburn Tower provides panoramic views of the entire city! (As you can see I love taking shots of trafific filled freeway!)


Finally, is the Auburn Memorial Bridge


ALL comments are welcomed!!!!!


Recommended Comments

This is great! You've perfectly caputed the feel of American Suburbia, it's a joy to view!
I also like the creek running through the houses. It's almost like a canal :P

One point, why have you run the freeway through the hill as a tunnel, speaking from a realism point, it's be 20 times easier to go around.

Otherwise, you have a knack for this, keep up the fine work.

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This is simply STUNNING. You are doing such a great work with blending the Maxis content with the custom content. :thumb:

One thing though is that i think it would look much better if you installed some custom automata, replacing those ugly Maxis cars :idea:

Keep up the good work, this is probably my favourite CJ :)

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This has become one of my favorite CJ's and I love the way you capture traffic in the photographs. The suburbs are very realistic and interesting as well as the two downtowns.

One thing also, where the you get the backyard props for those 1X3 houses on the 7th picture? I already have the fences but I wounder about the propane tank, tub and all?

I like your building style too. :thumb: Oh and never mind about the backyard thing, I found them, but how can you deal with those plopable houses? Every time I plop them, they go into abandonment and everyone else is in short time commute, weird! :boggle:

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This is AMAzaing and I dont care if i misspellll anything on here thats how cool this CJ Is. Very beautiful work !

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Impressive return - the veiwers must think so, because your CJ is number one on Ben's Top Ten this week. Congratulations.

edit 10 June: And now you've been on top of BTT for two weeks ina row - well done!

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I really like what you've done here. It's very realistic and very American. The suburbs and everything are beautiful!

Question, in those couple of pictures below the one with Heblem's WalMart Supercenter, can you tell me the name of/where you got what look like suburban office parks (or multipurpose midrises)?

Keep it up, mate!

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This CJ is superb! I love the traffic, the liveliness, the suburbs, the realism, this is one of my favorite CJ's also. Oh and think you should get some of those Mikeseith cars though, they add a realistic diversity in cars and the traffic will look even more realistic. ;)

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Fantastic city images. By seeing your work is just inspiring me to build a very nicely organized city that spreads from the Downtown skyscrapers to the Suburbs.

Especially the traffic on the highway, the sims don't like it but I do. As far as I'm concerned this is the best city so far.

Keep up the good work. :thumb:

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Wow incredible work Greekman, this is some outstanding work! So realistic! :thumb: I love the traffic and the vastness of Auburn. Excellent!!!!!!!

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I've been waiting for some American suburbs and yours are so realistic! But for the traffic if you have space maybe you should use the RHW.

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Wow, GreekMan, This city is truly beautiful. I love how you isolated the interstate from the rest of the map. 5/5, great work.

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in the West End downtown shot, what's the building with the round bit on top (I presume a rotating restaurant)? It kind of reminds me of the Hyatt in downtown Milwaukee... anyway, if you can point me to where to find it, I'd love it to add some good 70's spinning-restaurant luxury to my cities. :)

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@ ROFLyoshi- Thanks for your kind words! You have a good point, but going a round it looked odd to me when I placed the freeway on either side of the freeway. Thanks for the comment!

@ MayorAwesome- Thank you! I will look into placing some custom automota as you suggested.

@ Zulu2065- Thanks! I have the same problem with those damn houses too. I don't know what to do about it. I quickly had to take the shot before the houses became abandoned.....

@ dabadon5-Thank you and i don't mind your spelling errers! :P

@ Benedict- Thanks! Ill try for three weeks in a row!

@ Wuste81- Thanks!

@ Yoshiisland- Thanksfor the comment! Those are maxis buildings

@ evanm1487- Thanks a lot!

@ Baliam12- Thanks and ill look into it! I like those cars!

@ nonano91- Thanks! Im glad that you are trying to build realisitc cities!

@ tonyr- thanks boss!

@ Jeroentje- Thanks I aim to please!

@ lesgaz- Thank you! I think this city is on the East Coast...

@ Mikeaut1-Thanks a lot for the great comment!

@ LordMayor- Very little of the map has been used. Thank you!

@ jack3oh3- Thanks! I don't think I have enough room for RHM...

@ colcholl- Thanks!

@ Panera- Thank you!

@ Gato Play- Thank you! I am rather confused about your comment... you mind explaining what you want. Thanks!

@ mertzigzag- Thanks for your comment! the building is Gongmao Building- Liuzhou Hotel. If you have a problem, PM me!

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This is just shock and awe. I have been trying so hard to make American suburbia but this, this is amazing!

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Wow....How do you do this kind of thing and it all works out? I can never get my cities to span out this way nor do I get the pleasure of getting all of these mods to work together :-\ Maybe there's something I'm missing but if I get too many mods in the game it crashes on me. Anyway, this is mind blowing. How do you get a city so large? I need help :-)

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@ Nuclear550- Keep trying! You will get it! Thanks!

@ unique.uk- Thanks for the comment!

@ SammyM00782-It has taken me years to build cities like this. yes i have the problem with modds too. sometimes the game will crash when i have too much. I just learn to live with it but it gets really annoying. I downloaded a larger Vancouver map if thats what your talking about. All this stuff takes time to build. Keep at it and one day you will find your choice of city style building! Thanks for the comment!

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