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Attack at Sea




Lieutenant Johnson, my commanding officer, called me over to his side. He seemed to like me after frequent talks across the Vascan sea. He informed me of the mission we had. Detailing of the route and stops, ect; As well as our landing location in northern Trentannia. A newspaper lay on the table. Published a few weeks ago, probably obtained back in the country. It read:

--April 29th, 1948--

After years of controversial actions made by Trentannia, the people of Serendriea has been enraged by the most recent one. A major attack on a Naval fleet preforming tests and training in the Alcadean. 3 Cruisers, 4 destroyers and an aircraft carrier where all sunk in this single attack. The attack was unknown to the troops on those ships, and left over 2,000 dead. Serindriea immediately took this as an act of war, in a planet already in a state of extreme revolt and global unrest. Drafts are now in affect in Serindriea. 1.5 million citizens have already been shipped off.

"Is that where we're going Sir?," I asked.

"No," he replied. "We're going out to Trentannia itself. Takin' the war straight to their land."

He showed me a map of western Althena.

"Why is that area around Trentannia colored in grey?" I pondered.

"That is all Trentannian land. Conquered by them over the past few years."

"So, "I questioned again. "Why are we going straight for their homeland? Isn't that rather dangerous?"

"Attacking anything other than the Trenannian homeland would prove useless. They murdered twenty two hundred of our own men. We will murder the same. Any that die along the way. We will get that payback also." He continued, "an eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Our blood has been spilt. We will spill theirs."


---2 weeks later---

Sitting in my bunk in the berthing space quietly, I heard a loud noise. An, explosion of some sorts. I walked down the hallway and into the nearby cafeteria and looked out the porthole in there. I saw a battleship on the horizon. Firing, it seemed, directly at us. I hastily made my way up to the deck. As soon as I reached it I heard a voice say, "QUICK, Get down!"


A mortar shell immediately dug itself a large crater into the deck of the ship. Splintering the wood into millions of shards and igniting a small fire. The Mark-7's quickly begun firing. Piercing my ear drums. A large explosion then over-took this sound. I looked to the starboard and saw the enemy ship ablaze with a hole in it's hull the size of a large bus while sinking like a lead anchor. I saw many people. Rapidly swimming away from the sinking vessel. The Commander hurriedly handed me a gun. I... I recognized it. It was the very same type of gun which my father used to hunt with back when I was a child. As well as what I learned to hunt with. A nostalgic feeling came over me. I remembered better days when I was a child. A loud voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. "Let no one escape alive!" Gunfire then engulfed the airways. The men escaping where being killed like lambs to slaughter. I couldn't get the courage to shoot. I've never killed a man before. Let alone a utterly defenseless one.

"Shoot you bastard," The commander screamed at me. "Don't be a coward! There's no mercy in war, Only death to those who oppose us!"

I froze for a moment, as I felt the barrel of a gun jammed against my temple.

"Shoot or you will be killed with them," he snarled.

I shot. Out of fear of being killed mercilessly by my own men. I attempted as best as I could, to try and not shoot anyone. Bullets simply firing into empty black waters. Immediately, I saw a man die. I knew that it was a bullet from my own gun. I looked down, his body close enough to the ship to where I could see it, his hair wet from the salt water. His tan Trentannian uniform soaked. Then I looked into his cold eyes realizing. I just killed a fellow human being.



Recommended Comments

Quite a dark update, I suppose that war is a dark event.

On the brighter side, your CJ is number one again on this week's Ben's Top Ten. Congratulations!

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Whoa... for the first time I've enjoyed the story more than the pic... Don't know if this is good or not, but your writing skills are almost at the same level of your photoedition and gameplay skills.

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Wow what an intense story!! :O I love everything about this city journal; the photshopping, the storylines, and the "alternate universe" approach. Excellent work!! :thumb:

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escilnavia, DCmetro, Vlasky, usfighter, Samerton, mikeaut, skyscraper241, panthersimcity4, LastTrueChamp, penguin & blah12345: Thank you all. :)

Benedict: It's war. There is no reason for me to be light.

TekindusT: Thank you.

hamsterTK: Yup. ;)

woodnava: Of course they are. They're leading many human lives straight to their deaths because of 1 harsh event which killed innocent people. Whether you think that is a moral reason or not; I think you can catch the comparison here. ;)

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If you don't mind me asking, where did you get those warships? The one featured in this story is just awesome. Truly awesome.

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