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Hey folks,

Not sure were this should go so I apologize if it is posted in the wrong thread.

I use the damn, it's working ok I guess except that I have quite a few lots that when I attempt to plop them they cause a CTD. The lots aren't really anything to intense pretty ordinary. They are fine if I remove them from the Damn and plop them from the regular SC4 menu. Just the Damn is a problem. So far I have about 30 lots that cause the CTD's.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and may know a solution? I've looked at the lots in question in ILive Reader but not sure as what I'm looking for if it's the way they were modded.




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3 minutes ago, robdragon said:

Not sure were this should go so I apologize if it is posted in the wrong thread.

Here seems fine to me. It could go in the Techy Bugs Forum and if desired any of the staff can easily move it there. I did add a bit to your Topic Title as some peeps might know all about DAMN without realizing the D in it is Daeley's. *;)

(I've never used it, so I'm no help for your question.)

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I've found the same issues. They are caused by the menu hidding process when using the last version of the DAMN-manager. With the older versions and the SSP tool it doesn't happen, but you will have to rebuild your entire DAMN menus to make them work again.

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    • By rogerpowell
      does DAMN and DAMN Manager work with windows. I got my game from GOG
    • By matias93
      After a lengthy effort on creating DAMN menus on basically all of my ploppable lots, I tried to run the game and found several problems:
      some damn'ed lots cause a CTD when plopping them, regardless of doing it from the DAMN menu or the lotplop or buildingplop cheats. The same lots, if they were already plopped on the saved city, aren't functional at all, instead appearing completely empty and lacking all stats. It is possible to demolish them, though. As a derivate, functional lots affected by this stop working, so --for example-- my city ended completely littered when trying to use cheetah mode a couple of minutes. I used the DAMN manager (because for some reason I wasn't able to make the SSP tool to work, maybe some security block on java?), and some weird things happened with it too:
      some lots lacked a correctly formatted preview image and caused a CTD on the manager some others had corrupted images that hung the manager several times, when saving, directories moved one level up, getting their folder names mixed with the upper level. in an ocassion, for no apparent reason, an entire directory simply vanished while working on another one. Is this some kind of already known behaviour or bug? Is there a known cause and fix? I really don't want to fall back on scrolling eternal menus, but at least they work consistently...
    • By robdragon
      Hey all,
      Hope I have this question in the right place if not let me know.
      I'm trying to locate in put into Damn some of the SC4 lots like the ones in the rail menu and the Nam stuff. Also Damn was working fine until today it keeps greying out. I hit the menu button in the news ticker but that just gets Damn to work for about 3-4 seconds then greys out again. Tried restarting game no help there. Also trying to insert the SPAM stuff in Damn also and can't find it. If I go into File Explorer it's there but in Damn it's not.
      So if anyone can steer me in the right direction would be appreciated.
    • By kingofsimcity
      SP DAMN
      This is a collection of alternative menus using Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator (DAMN) for my Superparking Modular Parking Lot series. Version 1.2 includes support for the Base Set, Diagonal Expansion Set, Extension Set & Addon Pack 1. Future updates will roll out support for newer expansions when possible.
      Package Overview
      Update 1.2: The base and diagonal set individual menus have been depreciated in favor of the combined menu. For users that want the individual menus still, you may download them by viewing the previous versions below.
      There is one package included - this contains menus for every single set released up until this point. Inside you will find two folders, Superparking and zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden. Superparking contains all the menus, while the hidden folder hides the existing menu icons in the parks/misc trans menu.
      Install Instructions
      Drop the Superparking folder inside your DAMN/Root within the SimCity 4 install directory Plugins folder (not documents).
      For CD/DVD users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins/DAMN/Root
      For Steam users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Plugins/DAMN/Root
      Drop the zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden folder into your standard My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. If you still want access to the original menu icons, feel free to delete this folder entirely.
      You will need DAMN for these menus to show up/work.
      There are a couple of missing icons for a couple of the lots, though this doesn't affect the actual lots at all.
      Thanks to Daeley for creating this ingenious menu system, and yild for creating DAMN Manager.
    • By catty-cb
      As part of the work towards the new RTMT 4.0 we want to find out about DAMN usage and what does it work on and more importantly what doesn't it work on?

      We appreciate any comments you want to make on this, and also if anyone has any thoughts regarding the use of MML in the RTMT we are happy to get them as well.
      RTMT Team
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