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Would I be correct in assuming you are using NAM? (If so, I can move this topic to the NAM forum where more of the gurus reside.)

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With the arrow at the top of your screen, the issue there is that the HSR networks do not support being crossed over by the base Elevated (Light) Rail network.  Maxis unfortunately implemented the original Monorail x Elevated (Light) Rail crossing as an "auto place" static puzzle piece, rather than as a base network tile.  As a result, it's impossible to carry the overrides to continue the HSR network (which piggybacks on the base Monorail) through the crossing.  We'd have to alter the way the base Monorail network operates, in order to change that, by disabling the "auto place" and writing override code for the base Monorail network.  It's not impossible, but it's not been on our radar, particularly as the HSR plugin has seen little development since 2009, and its future has been in limbo for some time now.  (The most popular proposal involves a complete re-design of the plugin, called "Real High Speed Rail", or "RHSR".)

As far as the brown boxes, that would either point to some sort of error when you installed the NAM, or it's also possible you may have improperly installed some sort of third-party cosmetic mod for the HSR.


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  • Original Poster
  • Hello all, i cannot see any rail traffic in my HSR rail, maybe for the brown boxes... you think I must bulldoze the line and the stations... thanks for any help...


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    The brown boxes are almost certainly from a mod you've installed that adds Overhead Catenaries (electric pylons) to the HSR network. The boxes are there because the files needed to show the props are missing. You could try clicking around near the boxes, this sometimes refreshes the props on networks, which may solve the issue.

    As for network usage, Monorails (which HSR is based upon), can be finicky in terms of Sims wanting to use them. They are far better utilised for longer journeys (i.e. where the stops are placed far apart), than if you have many stations in each city tile. It's to do with how the simulator works and in short tries to replicate the long-distance nature of such high-speed services.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks, I have resolved some of this issues, but see no traffic, maybe I muste bulkdoze the line and the station...


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