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  1. Industrial Revolution Mod - Big Logistic Filler Set

    I was wondering when the big boy logistic lots would get here..... Great addition, thanks KOSC.
  2. SunTrust Bank

    What nightbird said. Definitely need more of the suburban banks with drive-thrus. Thanks!
  3. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Just downloaded and remembered I had CP's Palm To Lodgepole already installed.... for simplicity I could just delete that one and use this exclusively, but out of curiosity would it work with this?
  4. RRetail Commercial Relots - Version 2.0

    Great job! Will these work well with your old versions too? I like variety.
  5. RRetail Commercial Relots - Version 2.0

    I'm digging these relots, especially because this makes them more realistic in parking lot size and landscaping. Thanks RRetail.
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Oh wow, thanks @Yarahi.... I guess the search box on ST doesn't work as thoroughly as I thought.
  7. NAM General Support Topic

    Thanks @Tarkus, I definitely could use the help with that. I wasn't sure about the stability of using a datpacker, but more people seem to be using it now, so I can give that a try. I was not familiar with the ilive Reader until you mentioned it, and it sounds somewhat easy to use. In fact, that could help me more now since I seem to have a few issues with getting some plugins to stay deleted because of a copy located somewhere else. Is the Reader available on ST?
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey all. Did the file "PEG_security-props.dat" happen to get salvaged from SimPeg? Didn't see it on here and any reference to it just points back to the old site. Noticed I was missing the fences in Paeng's industrial lots and it calls for this file specifically.
  9. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Good day Simtropians! Anybody else experience a Cloudflare Host Error 524 yesterday?
  10. NAM General Support Topic

    Hi all, perhaps this was answered earlier but how do you correct duplicate icons in the transportation menu? I get the TuLeps twice, the FAR twice, pretty much anything that was introduced new to NAM since v32, if I remember correctly, becomes a duplicate icon. I can't figure it out.... I would suppose that just deleting (not uninstalling) and then reinstalling NAM 36 is what I would have to do, and naturally I would check the folder to be certain there are no other files that happened to fall in there, as noted above. But I want to be sure that's even the right course? I have a store bought copy of Deluxe on Win7.
  11. Speeding up the menu

    Hey all, I seem to have have a few questions concerning some things I've run across recently: First off, I'm on a custom built desktop, running Windows 7 Home on a 64-bit, with an Intel Celeron G540 @2.50GHz, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS. I've done all I can do with getting (forcefully) the game to load and run with changing the Target line, running as an admin, and compatibility under XP SP3, disabling the visual themes, and somehow managing to keep it at 1600x900 so the window doesn't display the game all weird, like the buildings lying flat. 1. NAM-related, I have v36. Asking more out of curiosity. Unless I've just been installing it wrong since v32, I've noticed some of the other features copy themselves in the menu: i.e.: diagonal rail, I get two duplicates in the menu.... I know that uninstalling the NAM is technically not welcomed but if I did uninstall it and reinstall just the v36, theoretically, could this fix the problem? Otherwise v36 works fine for me and this doesn't bug me too much. 2. PEG's Scenic Drive Kit: has anyone else had an issue with the 4-way intersection piece? EVERY time I plop it, it refuses to bulldoze unless I demolish the city. Satan's intersection.... Reinstalling or re-downloading the kit didn't fix it. 3. I just read above about setting a Plugins size limit........ I have over 7GB and I'm sorry that I never read this thread before now. Explains a lot. Prior to this, I have undergone (and still undergoing) the tedious work of removing copies of readmes, .jpg, and any other files I don't want/need in there to free up space. Stuck with an HDD for now, never heard of that 4GB patch until now if someone could explain it a little, and where can I find that DAT packer? Any risk(s) with the patch and packer? My game is getting over some CTD ailments. 4. Just lately noticed in the landmarks menu that there are buildings I've deleted completely from Plugins and yet they still show up in the menu. Campbell Mithun tower is one example. Unless it could be something else I will keep searching for a file I may have missed. I have also tried to organize the Plugins folder better so the game and menus will load more smoothly but that seems to just irritate the landmarks menu in the sense of skipping a few icon places, or rather, blank spots where the icons should be. Any other suggestions on how to better organize the Plugins? 5. I've had it happen before, and last time we solved it I thought, but today the game was minimized and I brought it back up and the screen was black with just the SC4 pointer arrow and the pointer was flickering... Had to end the game in TM and it reloaded fine. Don't know what is causing this.
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @nos.17 Oh okay! That very much looks like what Simmer2 has.... Thanks for that. I could almost swear there was one other on here that also had the traditional wood poles too, but this is still a decent option. Two questions though: does it work well with NAM 36 in terms of the TULEPs and road/avenue curves? And is there a risk with other sidewalk mods?
  13. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hello Simtropians and Mayors! May the 4th be with you all and Happy Friday to the rest! I’ve got a file I can’t find. I don’t think it’s a lot.... Not sure if they are telephone poles or power poles but the lines follow down your sidewalks without impeding your commercial or residential zoning. I have seen the lot versions but that’s as close as I can find. A good example is what Simmer2 has in his construction lot showcase photo on the home page. You can see the poles/lines going down the street, right side of the construction lot. I used to see something like that on here and it had the suburban wooden poles as an option. I hope that’s enough info. Thanks.
  14. Western Dental

    Thanks for this! My wife is a hygienist and was sad that there weren't many dental clinics to put in the game.... And now there is!
  15. PEG Scenic Drive Kit

    Anyone figured out how to correct the glitch in the four-way piece where it won't bulldoze?