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Bad Peanut

Random Mod Idea: Rising Sea Levels

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So what with the Environmental DLC coming up I thought I'd voice a mod Idea that I've had for a while - unfortunately I don't have any time to test its feasibility or its success but if anyone thinks they could do it, I think it would be quite interesting!

A percentage of people make it known that the end game for CS gets a little quiet once you reach a certain point of development, and their lack of wanting to make changes to their city without being forced to is probably a part of that. 
ND addressed this by giving people the ability to lay waste to their cities and need to rebuild. My idea falls in the same line but a bit more gradual and not necessarily as dramatic.

The Idea: Rising Sea Levels. 

In the game we have 2 types of water controls, we have sea level and we have water spawners.

  • The sea level has a set value that it fills to. This would be the value that the mod would control.
  • this wouldn't affect spawners so rivers and waterfalls would still act as normal.

How it would work:

  • after a set number of years the city i played, for instance 50 years. The mod starts slowly adding a configurable integer to the sea levels value. 
  • this integer could be controlled by
    • either player controlled options panel - the player would set how much high the level rises per period of water rising
    • a formula based on the amount of non renewable resources are mined/used in power stations. (more CPU heavy I suppose)
  • Then another set number of years could mark a periodic rise in the sea levels. So every 5 years after the first 50 years the sea level could rise by 0.2m(example).
  • the mod could even add a hard limit so the water wouldn't raise above a certain point (maybe randomly generated so the player can't plan ahead and just build above the final sea level)

The desired effect of the mod would be to slowly increase the sea level of the map over a long stretch of time, enough time for the player to build up a vast city and then need to change the planning as the lower levels get flooded permanently as the sea levels rise. The player would hardly notice it as it slowly rose, but the gradual effect would become more and more pronounced as the levels rose and more buildings became flooded.

various remedies the player could do to counteract these rising tides:

  • demolish and rebuild on higher ground
  • use dams/quays/seawalls to hold back the tide
  • raise the terrain
  • move water around using the water pumps and water outlets.
  • probably a combination of the above
  • or something i can't even think of

Just thought it would be cool!

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Interesting. Maybe, someone can make the seawalls we have in the game useful. I never use them because you can't connect the ends properly to anything.

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  • Original Poster
  • 12 minutes ago, Turjan said:

    Interesting. Maybe, someone can make the seawalls we have in the game useful. I never use them because you can't connect the ends properly to anything.

    What do you mean? they're only supposed to connect to themselves - which they do very well?

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  • Original Poster
  • 3 minutes ago, Miccrosshill said:

    i love the idea of having 2 tides a day .. like in RL. maybe 1-2m diffrence - would add a lot of realism to the game ..

    that's not really what I was talking about... maybe make your own post suggesting it?


    Also, as it happens the game doesn't actually have days (not really) so the water moves too slow to even consider that. you might be able to time it to a week but I don't really see any benefit of adding that - it's not like it would affect anything. At least with rising sea levels it adds extra challenge to the game eventually

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    This is really interesting. Maybe there can be an option for the sea level to rise forever. It would obviously eventually end the game, and you won't be able to build anymore, but that can make things fun (and depressing) so you would try to find ways to last as long as possible.

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    1 hour ago, Bad Peanut said:

    What do you mean? they're only supposed to connect to themselves - which they do very well?

    It would be nice to be able to sink them seamlessly into the ground where the ground gets higher. Now you either have to make full circles or have them go up the hill (which looks silly) to be useful. You can also abuse the weird water physics that prevents water from going through small gaps, but that looks even sillier. I can't remember anyone using them in a video. On the other hand, the quays are used all the time.

    Anyway, that's what I have to think of when I think of rising water.

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        I would like to hear what you would like to see in the next paid expansion and in the next free update. Note that the paid expansion should only contain completely new mechanics, services and buildings, while the free update can also contain improvements for existing features (e.g. seasons, better simulation).
        Keep in mind that every paid expansion needs a main topic (like "After Dark" and "Snowfall"), but can also contain separated features like trams, bus roads etc.
        Pinging @Azurespecter to watch this
        So, here are my ideas:
        Paid "Water" Expansion (Price 6€)
        Draggable sea-walls and promenades: These networks would be created like roads, but could only be placed at coastlines. The walls alter the terrain and make the coastline look a lot nicer Draggable canals: These networks would work similar to sea-walls (and can be connected with them), and would be placed on flat terrain. There could be different types of canals, like larger ones for cargo ships and smaller ones for private boats, and more expensive canals for inner-city areas which raise the land value. The canals would be filled with "real" water that is simulated correctly. Roads can cross canals just like train tracks. Locks for canals: Would be used to connect canals with different water levels. In a way, these would work like dams. Different types of smaller harbours/moorings for canals and coastlines: These would be placed along canals and sea-walls just like you would attach a tram depot to a road. Each one would come with its own harbour basin. I can imagine different types: Marina (something better than the After Dark marina) and small private boats using the waterways Cargo Harbor for small cargo ships (for regional cargo distribution) Ferry Terminals (small pedestrian ferries and large car ferries) Shipbuilding Yards: A new industry type that can grow along canals and sea-walls Selectable Bridges: Like the bridge selection window of SC4, with support for modded bridges Tsunami Natural Disaster: This would be a bit more advanced than what you can currently do with mods. When the wave hits the land, it would destroy buildings and trees instead of just flooding them Paid "Industrial" Expansion (Price 6€)
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        Free Patch
        Improved Zoning system: Maximum growable size increased to 8x8, zone depth increased to 8. Also add buttons to influence the zone depth of new roads. I demonstrated that deeper zones are possible. It would be easy for CO to add them in a way that does not break existing saves. I would also add a mechanic that accumulates similar buildings (right now cities look like a mess), and a mechanic that merges or splits lots on upgrade. Parallel Network Tool More Statistics and Data Maps Better support for maps consisting of multiple smaller towns (Service AI) Improved Asset Editor & Modding API Optimized asset loading & memory usage Better control which workshop assets, styles and vanilla buildings are loaded (per savegame) I would like to see the following mods integrated into the game:
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        Far Cry 4
        A Game where you play Ajay Ghale who is son of the Ishwara Ghale that wanted her ashes to be scarred to the her own country
        A Place in Himalayas
        Natural Resources Depleted
        A Place where ONLY opium can be harvested  (Can someone find me an biologian or an scientist farmer that can tell me about this ? Is it possible to grow vegetables in places that can support opium production ?)
        OK Lets start (I Am "Born In 14/12/2002 and that's my view on Kyrat politics)
        Dictators (And wannabe dictators) Of Kyrat
        A Psycopath that kills golden path people because their leader killed his daughter
        A Revolutionist that wants to save the future of Kyrat by making children work in opium fields
        A Traditionalist that believes Kyrat mythology (Religion of Kyrat people totally made up) and Mohan Ghale's (That child killer)  ideas about not selling drugs and doing sex with Tarun Matara (Worst of all, The current Tarun Matara is a 14 year old girl)
        Their Objectives
        Pagan wants to rule Kyrat like a Tropico or a SimCity player and killing soldiers of the rebel organization which their ex-leader killed his daughter named Lakshmana 
        Amita wants to save people from starving by making childs work in drug fields so they can get cash to fill their mouths while their fathers and mothers are killing remaining "Royal Army Holdouts" that wants to kill the Kyrat people ("I am sacrificing our liberties for peace later") 
        Sabal wants to rule the country in that "religion" and letting people starve because selling drugs are a bad thing ALSO he wants to have sex with Tarun Matara
        After Credits Scenes
        These Happen If you didn't enjoyed crab rangoon in the beginning and escaped
        In the beginning, If you wait 15 Mins you get accompanied by Pagan and he tells us how "Mohan Ghale" killed his own daughter and step sister of Ajay Ghale
        404 Not Found, If you let him get away and tells you the truth in exact same "crab rangoon" aftermath and gives you his crown and flees the country with his Blackhawk (Does anybody know how to find these on black market ?) yelling "I gave you the Kyrat but Heli is mine !"
        Forced labour scene where children are forced to get employed in drug fields and she tells us "Bhadra Is not coming back" (After that, a location in the river titled "Tarun Matara's sleep" appears in the map
        He cuts throats of the "people sided with Amita and butchered their brothers and sisters" front of the Tarun Matara. Also he tells us Bhadra is Tarun Matara now
        After After credits sequences I made up
        He simply calls us about how he runs this country and does some "Step father and step son" talking (A step father that loves his adopted son ?)
        Country isn't an Utopia but nobody is starving thanks to the Opium exports
        He fails
        Since Opium isn't harvested, People are very poor
        Pagan wants to get revenge on Golden Path people
        Amita wants to improve her country at all costs
        Sabal just wants to sex with the Tarun Matara and "that made up religion" alive
        The problem is
        No matter what, Bhadra will have bad time
        So my idea
        Side with Pagan and teach him Islam so he can be an better person and save Kyrat with him
        Boring huh ?
        Lets say I was an moron atheist and didn't know anything about REAL religions also I didn't experienced "Crab Rangoon" ending
        At the end, I would
        Make sure Bhadra survives
        Side with Amita and save the country from starving by making children grow opium and feed their mouths when their parents work as soldiers that kills the "Royal Army Holdouts"
        Spare Sabal He didn't do anything wrong
        Spare Pagan Yes he killed people but I somehow want to save him (I Choose who to survive and who to kill)
        I Dont know why I wrote this note but this was playing (I Want mature games with mature stories like Fallout 1/2/3 and GTA 4. but sadly ALL of the modern game industry (With some exceptions like Far Cry) are made for 9 year olds that doesn't care about story
        These are my ideas
      • By boformer
        When I made the Random Tree Rotation mod, I also investigated if there was a way to rotate the LODs.
        Trees have no real LOD. Instead the game renders a tree once per frame on a separate canvas (which can be seen in Modtools), then cardboards with this canvas are drawn on the terrain. That's the reason why LODs can not be rotated.
        After thinking about it, I think I found a way to add rotated tree LODs. Instead of having one canvas, a mod could add 16/8/4/2 canvases to render the tree with different rotation parameters. Then the mod selects one of the canvases depending on the position of the tree on the map.
        In the same go, the mod could enhance the LOD quality by increasing the size of the canvases, enabling AA etc.
      • By rsc204
        The SAM (Street Addon Mod - NAM) is one of those indispensable mods, adding a wealth of variety to street networks. But SAM 6 however was a little too bright for my tastes, so I've darkened it to reduce it's visual impact. This is one of those little things I often tinker with, I figured some others may find a use for it too.

        On the way I've added optional support for the following:
        Full EU Textures. Additional crossing support for both PEG205 and RealRailway (RRW) crossings. Modified many avenue and rail pieces to add grass to better blend in with your game. v2.36 (Sep 17) - Added support for new NAM 36 content (WRCs & Elevated RRW). Install
        First, note if you are updating from v1 of this mod, you need to remove that manually. Find the folder z____MGB Darkened SAM-6 Mod (assuming you used the default setup) and simply remove it.
        Run the included .exe Installer, built with NSIS. It will allow you to choose from a number of options and then install the files you need, simples!
        If you don't like installers or are a Mac/Linux user, the option is there to open the archive with 7zip or similar. However it may be tricky to find the right options, not a lot I can do about that sorry.

        By default this mod will install to the directory z____MGB Mods/Q - SAM6 Darkened. I highly recommend you DO NOT change this. It's been smartly designed to integrate with many other mods if left alone.
        Users of the RRW Reskin will want to manually delete the rail textures after install file (SAM 6 Darkened Rail - RRW.dat) or overwrite it with the equivalent from RUM for RRW. (note this is not yet in place at the time of writing).
        Please read the included readme, as always it contains important information. As for all my mods, after installation, you can find it in:
        My Documents\SimCity 4\LEX_Downloads\MGB Mods
        This is to avoid clutter in your plugins folder
        Network Addon Mod (NAM) with the Street Addon Mod (SAM), specifically SAM 6 selected.
        Having problems or Got comments? Then please visit my support/development thread on Simtropolis:
      • By Yellowfin
        At the moment I'm currently working on map theme based on Hokkaido (along with a fictional map to go with it), and I'm hoping I can get some feedback and assistance with finishing this.  I'm also wanting to create a Japan-style network skin (mostly because not only is manually detailing countless roads tedious, but decals count toward the prop limit).
        I have some additional screenshots (from an older, now-broken save) that show off a few other things (like the concrete texture), although I had a different LUT active (rather than with the default temperate LUT seen below): http://imgur.com/a/cb2CK
        Would anyone be interested in kicking me in towards the right direction?  Voice chat and screensharing over Discord is an option for whatever it's worth...

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