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A travel question  

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  1. 1. Would you rather travel with your parents,friends or alone

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Would any of you rather go on a trip with your parents,friends,alone?

I would go with my friends because even though I love my parents very much they argue too much on every trip we go on which ruins it for me.If I go alone I would get pretty bored quickly because there's no one with you to have fun with.With friends you could all have a pretty good time without getting into a fight or argument.

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Once a friend came to Japan to stay and travel with me. I mostly poke around buildings and study architecture, while my friend is a anime lover. There is no way to plan a route to fully satisfy both our travel goals. One week later we end up going our separate ways on day time and only come together at night at the hotel. It was still a good experience, we would talk about where we traveled during the day and we get to share our hotel bills. 

That changed briefly when we climbed Fuji - we stick together for safety measure. But once we were done we go separate again.  

So for your question, I think it really depends on whether you and your friend have the same interest or not, and/ or where you are going. 

For parents, I think I would still travel with them if they wanted to, and try to tolerate them as long as things aren't really too bad. They are my family, after all. 

Of course, If I am going to someplace that is absolutely safe and without language barrier, I definitely prefer going alone. I just love to be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with absolutely no arguments. 

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It depends on the circumstance. If there is a lot to do like a resort type of excursion I would want to bring someone. One time I floated the idea of travelling with a former girlfriend to Squaw Valley.

If it's a cross-country there-and-back I would prefer to do it solo. This way I could go at my own pace and wander as much as I want.

Coming up in August I will be making a trip to San Diego for the annual Tiki Oasis with my dad. And then in October I will be with mom on a cruise which will have stops in Santa Barbra, San Francisco, and Ensenada. Technically I don't need a passport but I applied for one and am expecting it to be mailed in 'just in case' something happens. They're good for about 10 years so whose to say I won't consider another international travel in that time!

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After a month of travelling to Japan (just came back 3 days ago!), I can tell you the verdict on it: It is best to travel alone with a few friends along the way. 

I found out that during solo trips you will have the independence to do things by yourself. However, this can get a little boring if you do not entertain yourself properly. A few interactions with locals can change it and they'll show you the best spots. Travelling with friends can be a little difficult if you guys do not have matching interests, but at least there will be someone to take a photo of you when that time comes. It takes a little bit of give and take but I'm pretty sure it will work out in the end and you two will be happy. The same case with travelling with family although that'll be harder than travelling with friends.


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Got mixed feelings on this... I haven't traveled with my parents since I was 18 and the experience was good depending on the case. Road trips and city trips on our own were always fun, our best trip was to New York without a doubt, in 2008. Except in the New York case, I was never 100% sold on the laid back idea of travel they have. It's great for them, and learnt a lot from my parents, but more often than not, the experience could be a bit boring. I was also in these teenage years though.

Since then, I started doing my own thing, and traveling mostly with friends. It's taken some years to start learning how to travel and, especially, whom to travel with. I have to admit my interests tend to differ of those of normal people, or my parents themselves, and this tends to be a reminder of thinking twice before traveling with someone. See, I did a mini-tour at the end of my Erasmus semester, Berlin-Prague-Munich-Frankfurt am Main(*)-Berlin; and it was quite the least funny trip I ever had. I don't keep too good memories of it. I wasn't really in sync with the people I went with and each of us wanted to see and do different stuff. We were bored all day despite being surrounded of interesting things; is that even possible? I wanted to sightsee, they wanted just to sit and do nothing all day. I haven't paid my bus ticket just to lay on the grass, you stupid! If you're going to travel with friends, choose wisely; go with like-minded people. The effort can be very rewarding.

I find traveling great as I also find living alone great. Some people can't stand it. When living alone, you go in and out as you please, being the lord of your own decisions, without having to give any explanations about what you want to do. The best travel hack is however, traveling alone but meeting some local you know at the place for some time. I try to do this when possible, and the experience is always rewarding as you venture a bit off the beaten path, go to cool places, try food, try that beer place no tourist would ever go to, and so on. And in some countries (Russia, Poland...) they can do the talking for you, which comes in quite handy to be well treated at places.

(*) Yeah, we went to one of the least touristic cities in Germany. Wanted to see the skyscrapers.

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I'm not sure I'd do much travel with my parents anymore, but that's mostly because I'm old and have kids of my own to drag around.  They're still small so we haven't done much serious travel.  Lots and lots of short day trips when we lived in Japan, and these days we're exploring Upper Michigan.  I can't imagine traveling without them.

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I would say it's a mixture of friends, family and solo trips.  That option though really depends on the circumstances.  This past week I was on a trip with family to attend my brothers wedding this past Friday Sept 1st.  I flew out with my family, but opted for a solo rail journey back.  I like to see areas off the beaten path and like the laid back atmosphere of the train.  In addition taking a week- or two week vacation solo can have it's benefits in that you aren't tethered to what the other wants to do.  Granted even with one of my friends it's similar to solo as he prefers staying in the hotel, so best of both worlds maybe.  Traveling to anime conventions often means going with friends or at least meeting up and traveling with them along the way. 

Some of my best trips though have been solo treks, like catching the last run of the circus train in VA, and the Cherry Blossoms in DC this year.  Met up with area friends and drove up to Boston later that week for AB, but the solo parts probably got a ton more photos easily.  Same for a solo trip to Chicago a few years back, I have to do that again.  Hashing out plans for a western trek.   

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Being the introvert that I am I don’t like large groups of people and/or being with one or two people for a long amount of time. I also don’t like the idea of not having a vehicle at my behest if I’m not the one driving. I much prefer to drive alone so I can stop when I want, do what I want etc. 

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