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I have often wanted a Disaster mod (assuming that's possible) that took the Fighter jets from Area 51, the Helicopter from the army base, and the tanks from there and had them come out in a large number and wreak havoc in a battle type disaster that would essentially cause some severe damage to the city. Seeing as I don't possess any skills in this field nor know if this is a possible act, would anyone know if a mod close to this magnitude exists or would be able to exist, and if so, be posted? It would be much appreciated and undeniably useful for stories.

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Other than the built-in disasters such as truckosaurus, there really aren't any military type disasters in this game, nor should there be. This is a building game, not a knock-em-down game. If you want that kind of 'thrill' you need a different game.

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Disasters are hard-coded. We can't make any new ones....

AS this post state play with the base code is not going to happen unless you wish to pay all the legal cost

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  • Thank you very much. And I do understand the logic of yes this a build it up game, but its a plane of creativity. And that varies person to person. Thank you for the input.

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