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  1. Miss something

    Thanks Nonny Moose I found the problem in a few minutes it was this mod (Maxis tree replacement mod) which replace every tree in the game I replace all the computer in the house as they get levery old Every computer is backup off site daily now
  2. Miss something

    I have just had to reinstall my pluggin, which was not fun some 7.5Gb the only new pluggin that I had to find was SimFoxProps_8Chestnuts. Now when I go into the God Mod to place trees I have the lovely brown box, If I strip down the plugging folder to nothing and place the tree in god mod, then replace the plugging folder. everything is normal Everything work gang buster before I have use SimFoxProps_8Chestnuts. if I remove this pluggin I have brown box everywhere Any one know what I am missing
  3. SimCity4 Deluxe and Windows 8

    Yes the SC4Deluxe work out a problem, just be sure to save the game on regular base, after a few hours and windows want to do something it will shut the game. The reason I know this is because I am run windows 8 in 64 bit
  4. Game not loading after install

    Do not use the app to run the game Run the game of the icon on the desktop Most of the 32 bit software require to be launch from a icon As you have run the compatibility mode over the software you may of made a few more problem for yourself
  5. Please Lighten

    What give I lay our the a new state, only this time I used a couple of landmarks that are found in Melbourne, within months of the building be complete they were both empty. Ok let try again brought they both down waited a year of the games time and replaced them both, the same thing happenagain ,did this a couple of times What to do with these two empty space, them both into the game zones, the game builds two building twice as tall as the two builds I was useing
  6. Does Sim City 4 work on Windows 8?

    Yes simcity work find if you run the game of a desktop icon, if you run the game of the app the windows 8 make for simcity after a few hours it will crash to desktop Vista and windows were both upgrades of windows xp, but were down grades of windows 8 as the both had small part of windows 8, microsoft do sometimes to test their new os. Windows 95 was down grade of windows 98
  7. Missing something

    I have just spend a couple of hours reinstalling all the dependency , I have some how managed to pick-up a few nut case in the regions thrown a few in the lock up, but the real nut jobs need long term care. After looking long and hard I found the best place for their care Regional Mental Health Center home for the criminally insane. I have check out the lot with LotEditor and I could see any item in the middle of the lot. When you bring the lot in to game there the lovely brown box in the middle. Does any one know how I can fix this problem. The following in is the file Thanks
  8. Water & More Water

    This what I was give to play with, I don't what to hours looking all over the internet or years making the transport system work, I am looking for any thing the makes building bridge a great deal easier for all forms of trandports (Eg: roads, street. highways, avenues, railway) The body of water does not always run in a straight line to the land mass With what I have complete to this stage I don't think one highway runs in a straight state to state
  9. A Week from hell

    What we are looking at is program that run on all windows os 32-bit and 64-bit does not need any other item to run than itself I have all the information I could find about these two programs off to the copyright area in a Australia
  10. Water & More Water

    You can go to the top of the class Yes this about bridges I did put in my native Australia I don't want to spend hours looking a bat or mod the can make bridge for all form of transport (Eg: rooads, street. highways, avenues, railway) When one was not written Let draw some pictures This has freeway in the bottom left corner that should be link in to the one in top left corner with all the items I have there is no way you can make the bridge to cross the body of water
  11. Ok I can give this map the the preson you thinks their the boss (wife) as she is a graphic artist, how the problem is that every state has water. Now this body of water start at the coast on side and finish on the side some 90 state. Now are you still with me or have you fallen asleep!!!!!! Before I spend weeks looking for a file that can build bridges with any form of transport over any body of water
  12. Replacing default buildings

    If you download 8 house package this will over write the hard code 8 house pack because the date & time stamp is new than the games hard code 8 house package, that is the same for all area and all stages
  13. A Week from hell

    Thank that was something that I never thought of doing , but sim city 4 wae released in 2003 ( just checked ) so these two programs were released early 2004
  14. Creative Destruction

    AS this post state play with the base code is not going to happen unless you wish to pay all the legal cost
  15. A Week from hell

    The problem is windows 8 has drop a great of the items that run up to windows 7. or put it this way all versions of windows up to windows 8 where eyecandy for windows xp. windows 7 is close to how windows 8 looks, under the surface windows 7 has agreat deal of the code from windows xp We done the the code for these two programs we just need permisson or a release date.