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  1. what to do when bus stops are congested

    Not for commerical or industry, they still will develope. Residential will not develope just in front of bus stop. However, I have had RES grow if they grow wider than the bus stop. Hope this helps!
  2. Just ran across these buildings today. They are great a BIG THANK YOU T Wrecks! I am having an issue in the Scholars Square complex, in my driveways/parking lots. I have brown boxes (really they are green, red and blue splashes from peg), less invasive in my city than the big brown box. I have downloaded the garage block that is a required dependency, thank you, Andreas Roth for this file. I have taken a screenshot but don't know how to put it in this forum. If it will be easier to trouble shoot, would someone walk me through this process? Thank you in advance to any and all the help me with this issue. Tidalpool Note: I fixed my problem by moving the garage block file from a folder to just putting the garage block dat file in my plugin folder . (hope this makes sense).
  3. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Looking for Xannepan Volume 01., thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Prison Power

    Eddy what is the brown box?
  5. XDesign 3 World Financial Center

    Looks great will rate once I see it in the game.
  6. BLaM Dry Dock

    Ok I just went back into SimCity and the first time I looked for this I found it in the Landmark menu! So ignore my previous post. Thanks anyway.
  7. BLaM Dry Dock

    A ? I have downloaded this lot and I think it will be very useful in my cities. I am having a diffuclt time finding this in my menu. I have looked under water transportation, landmarks and parks (in this oreder and more than once). I know that I have many plugins so could easily have missed seeing it. My ? is: Under which menu will I find this plopable lot. Thanks. I will rate once I have a look at it in my game.
  8. Torrazzo

    I like! I like!
  9. MMl for Daddyo117272s Custom beach Set

    Great and thanks for doing this. I wish more baters would do this for their sets. A question.... Instead of having several folders for mml can I put the ones you are making into the original folder "zz BSC MML Mod"? Then I will just have to toggle one folder in SimCity4 startup manager. Thanks again for sharing your work.
  10. Chateau Beynac

    Looks good in the picture. Is growable or is it plopped?
  11. Tower Life Building

    One word. WOW.
  12. Aothe Massiv Hydroponic Farm

    Just downloaded this and can't find it in any menu. I have looked in Landmarks, parks and rewards. I beleieve it is a workable Landmark, is that correct? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Medium Police Station

    Came back to rate. Great job
  14. NDEX Zeus Corporation by Tragicomicus

    Great job! Unique.
  15. Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower

    ZIP is working now. Thanks!