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  1. Funny Screenshots

    So...Funny thing... I wonder what the judges have to base this award upon, maybe we have the best Shitte Creek in the whole northern continent. "Congratulations to us, Mayor just announced that our beautiful city won the 'Most Attractive City" award!"
  2. City Of Palu

    Because these are HD photos, they just need to be in a better spot. City of Palu
  3. City of Palu - Uni Way

    The City of Palu is home to 30, 000 Residents, most of whom are well educated and well off. A coastal city, Palu is surrounded by water and highways act as the main transport for all of city goods. Without University Way, Palu would lose most of its workforce, which is why its so important for the city that this corner of the island thrives in business and education. If University way lost their tourism business, or parks, this district would plummet and dirty industry would need to take over. Madam Mayor Bleu would like to extend a welcome to the second most important part of her city. Showcased photos are from my tour of University way, and Id like to say this is a beautiful part of the city. I will have more pictures in my next article, diving into the detailing of Bleu's thought process. I arrived right before a major update to the district, so the change in scenery was a wonderful treat for my reports. Below you can see a night shot of our destination, a courtesy helicopter ride gave us great opportunity. Madam Mayor explains that our trip is a gift because her city is in trouble, which I'll explain in the next article. Before the roadwork, University way encourages walking, paths from the apartments to the coast where several beach getaways lie. Many covered car parks line the roads for pedestrians, free parking for everyone that goes to college. If I were to say one thing drew me into wanting to live here, those covered car parks. She took me across the pond to her industry, a poor district but shes desperately trying to liven it up. A Cherry blossom park resides near the docks in hopes her office workers will stretch their legs. She is urging me to finish my University way article, before she trusts me with her 'Dirty' Industry secrets.
  4. Show us your Detail Shots

    After adding the cherry blossom trees to a path, it became somewhat nicer to walk to University in those chill mornings.
  5. Show us your night shots

    Here is Anchor District next to its lower residential sprawl of farmers and city dwellers. Added more commercial to balance out the lower sector (not pictured), this is 1 district out of three in this map. This is the Dawin Map without its Theme, so the lack of trees make a boring skyline. The southernmost spot of our map, you can see the road curving up to meet the Passenger trains and Cruise ships. The road continues north to University Way, where beachgoers and office workers live/play. Too focused on the bustle of the main city to fix the on ramp situations. There is going to be a major upgrade to the roads soon, once this death wave is over. The other side of the map is just nuts right now, where my industry and downtown residential live.