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  1. You would probably want to save a local copy of the workshop asset as you assign the sub-building. The template is just a lot with a small cube as a mesh with transparency. It might be possible to remove the mesh via a mod tools script. You can assign the dummy AI via the AI changer mod, or via mod tools script. Use the in game sub-buildings stuff. You only need the SBE mod for old assets that use it.
  2. The way the game loads and manages the prefabs is an issue. Each building object in game references a prefab. The prefab referances the AI and itemclass, and contains lot info like job/worker counts and lot size. You can have multiple building objects reference the same prefab, but the prefab is just one instance and cannot reference multiple AI's and itemclasses. Mixes use assets currently use 2 building objects that reference two prefabs. One building object is the parent, and contains a reference to the second building object, called the sub-building. They are both the same size, and are stacked on top of each other. The main prefab contains the mesh, and the second prefab is just a blank dummy lot. On scene load, the RICO mod assigns the AI and itemclass to the prefabs. The vital thing is that both prefabs exist on scene load, before mods have a chance to do anything. This is why you need the blank dummy prefab. If its not present on scene load, it will delete the building object before the mods load. It would probably be best to make a tutorial to show players how to add a sub-building in the asset editor. Its not hard at all. We can provide a nice template they can use. All they would need to do it open the template, and resize it to their main lot, and save it with a new name. Open the main lot and assign the sub-building, and save again. When they load a game, they find the blank lot they saved and assign some RICO settings to it.
  3. https://github.com/AJ3D/Ploppable-RICO/tree/master/PloppableRCI This is the up to date git for the RICO mod. Its got the new changes, including integration with the larger growables experiments I was working on earlier this year. If your in the mood, feel free to add or change whatever you want. If all is well, I'm happy to upload your update to the main Steam listing and add you as a contributor.
  4. That part isn't too bad. You can just use the current lot size and position, and call CreateBuilding with all of the new building stats. There is some additional math with lot dividing and merging that will take a lot more time to work out.
  5. That's something I've had on my mind too. The algorithm will detect up to a 16x16 area, and can fill that area with any combination of lots. Different zone types, densities, and wealth levels can spawn different combinations of buildings, and it all needs to be deterministic. So for example, if we detect a 16x16 area zoned medium commercial, we can spawn a 14x11 box store on the back of the area shifted to the corner, a 5x16 parking lot in front, and perhaps a 5x2 concrete alley filler lot off to the side of the store. Maybe there is a chance we fill the area with 4 8x8 lots, or a single 8x16 box store and another 16x8 parking lot. Or if we use the planned tillable lot feature, we could spawn a strip mall of 4 4x6 strip mall store assets, and fill the rest of the area with parking lots or perhaps another row of small random single shops. If we detect that same 16x16 area only now zoned residential low, there's a chance we fill the area with 4 4x8 lots on each road, or perhaps we can do 2 6x8 lots and a 4x8 on each road. I think spawning entire blocks of buildings at once opens up a lot of options. Not only will individual buildings be randomized, but entire layout configurations can be as well. There is still lots of work to be done to get all the positions and lots calculated, but the foundations are there.
  6. https://github.com/boformer/GrowableOverhaul/tree/AJ3D/GrowableOverhaul I just had a look at things from a few months ago. Here are the key things that are currently working with the code posted in the AJ3D branch. -New Zone types and densities added. I've bypassed referances to the Itemclass enum, and directed them to a new enum. You can see the new zone types and wealth levels that I've added. With this, we've essentially separated wealth and density. Asset wealth is determined by building level, and density by either height or a player set value. https://github.com/boformer/GrowableOverhaul/blob/AJ3D/GrowableOverhaul/ExtendedItemClass.cs Low, Medium, and High density zoning, based on mesh height. We're capped at 6 colors for now. -Spawning of large assets. The cracked open spawning algorithm will read up to a 16x16 area, and will currently spawn a single large lot in the area of random size. There is potential for all kinds of neat features here. We could spawn multiple tillable buildings next to each other, single massive buildings, or evenly spaced small lots. Just need to get the design work going. This is were all the deterministic behaviors related to zone type, density, and wealth level will go. https://github.com/boformer/GrowableOverhaul/blob/AJ3D/GrowableOverhaul/Detours/ZoneBlockDetour.cs Everything in this screen grab was grown. -RICO mod compatibility. The current version gets its large assets from a modified version of the RICO mod. I've added some new settings to the RICO mod (like density) that are read by the growables overhaul mod. The modified version of the RICO mod applies the RICO Ai's to all growables, and tracks what buildings were plopped and which grew. Plopped RICO assets maintain their RICO invincibility, while grown versions behave just like growables with auto demolish and abandonment. When combined with Find It!, from the players perspective, there is no difference between large RICO assets and small growables. Everything will grow, and everything can be plopped via the Find It! panel. So with these three mods in a test environment, we've achieved singularity between RICO and growables. https://github.com/boformer/GrowableOverhaul/blob/AJ3D/GrowableOverhaul/Detours/BuildingManagerDetour.cs A nice grown industrial area with RICO assets. Some core mechanics features that are possible and need to be completed are: -Building Themes compatibility. Not a huge chore, but needs to be done. The Growable Overhaul mod uses an extended area index, and building themes will need to as well. -New Demand Manager. We need new demand calculations for the new zone densities and wealth levels. Something like a float value between 0 and 1 for each density (high, med, low), and each wealth level ($, $$, $$) for industrial, office, and commercial, and ($,$$,$$$,$$$$,$$$$$) for residential. The spawning algorithm and new building manager will read the new float values to determine what to do. For testing, I'm going to make a simple UI panel with sliders so the algorithm and manager can be manually fed demand values. -New Building Manager. Would handle dividing and merging of existing lots. If conditions trigger for lot merging, loop through all lots and find a small building. If it has a neighbor that's aligned and has similar depth, add the two lot widths together and generate a new lot size. Calculate a new lot center, and spawn a larger lot over the two smaller lots. If conditions trigger for lot dividing, loop through all lots, find a large lot, and cut its width in half. Calculate two new lot centers, and spawn a pair of smaller lots over the larger lot. This is a concept mod, and no where near anything playable. We still have lots of technical hurdles to work through. Between the new zone densities, wealth levels, and lot sizes, there are so many ways things can grow, and its going to be a lot of work. Is anyone with some video making skills/abilities interested in helping with some demo videos? My 8 year old PC with 1Gb video card just can't handle the video recording software. I tried OBS and windows 10 built in recording software, and its choppy as hell.
  7. Feel free to add me on Steam, and I can fill you in on what my plans where if your interested. I've got some basic ideas for lot merging, lot dividing, a spawning algorithm that spawns entire rows of buildings at once, and different behaviors for different zones at different wealth levels. Ive also got some ideas for district level controls. I did start with the intention of doing 6x6, but once you crack everything open, there is no reason not to go to 8x16 and 16x8. That allows full size RICO assets to grow. I've also worked on an updated RICO mod that feeds RICO assets to the new larger growables mod for growing.
  8. Thanks for looking that up. Planetside 2 has stolen my past month of gaming time, but I've had my fun with it and will probably get back into CSL stuff for a few weeks. Ill add this to the list of stuff that I need to look at.
  9. The RICO mod sets and removes various flags on each simulation step. There is possibly a flag set on the building that marks it as destroyed by a disaster. Can someone look this up in mod tools for me? I don't have the expansion installed.