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  1. Show us Your Oddities!

    SimCity4 + Sleep Mode on Windows 10 =
  2. Berate one image

    The City looks like a big square with some triangles attached to it.Just unrealistic.You could smooth curves,and add curves at the border of the town.A straight road at the border just does not look good.And do not use so many Maxis buildings.There are good mods with new power plants,bus stops,,train stations,etc out there.And I would recommend you to use mods that changes the look of your stoplights and streetlights. BTW,there is a brown box in the upper right. Conclusion -100/10 Dreadful
  3. Show us Your Oddities!

    That SC4 does not like to save photos,is a fact that everybody that plays SC4 probably knows. But this error message that says that the picture can not be deleted is new to me.After taking another photo i was able to delete it.Strange
  4. Will the SRM be compatible with the new OWR intersections someday? For me they are pretty useless with the ugly maxis stoplights
  5. Show us Your Oddities!

    So the train just decided to be a Tram Great job Train
  6. Show us your NWM

    Here are some shots of my NWMs all around the region I just love to use them for Rural Areas,Small Towns and Suburbs
  7. Show us your Roundabouts & Intersections

    Well,its a self made Motorway roundabout,with a direct exit to the town