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  1. ONLINE - Functional Guides

    You can generate guides with two small pieces of medium density street and then continue them with dirt roads.
  2. Keep only one version. Don't remove the old versions, move them somewhere so that you can revert to a previous version if you have trouble. Well, you don't even need to do that if you use Time Machine.
  3. If you have the offline bridge and tunnel mod, remove it and remove my fix as well, then test the game again. It's important because if that mod is the reason of you problem, I need to tell the creator how to fix it.
  4. Try if this solves your problem:
  5. What are all your mods, charlesnew?
  6. ONLINE - Functional Guides

    Ask for compatibility with mods that create new streets you can zone on, and link to those mods! I'll edit functional guides asap!
  7. ONLINE - Functional Guides

    I can do that, I just need to do a new expansion for max' mod. I noticed that in the first screenshot, you didn't build between 1 and 3. You have space for a low density building on 1 and a med/high density building on 3.
  8. ONLINE - Functional Guides

    Tip: if you want very near elevated udon freeways/ramps, first draw them with the ground path of the same type, then bulldoze all but the ends and connect them with elevated path (use transitions if needed), then bulldoze those ends as well (and transitions if you used them).
  9. This is how the mod description starts, and not by chance: "One Way Roads and Freeways Elevated and Ground Level Will add more detail Later on.. but welcome. Mod was Created so with new data and the use of foundation improvements built into 10.1 (YOU MUST HAVE 10.1 but in offline mode)"
  10. ONLINE - Functional Guides

    Tip: if you want a street without buildings, use rails for the right guides, draw a little section of rails and then extend the section with the street and remove it afterwards.
  11. You should lower the freeway when you need a ramp. As an alternative, you can try this, but I don't know if it works: Add a short elevated ramp to the freeway, then an other little ramp at the default height, and finally connect the ramps together and to the ground with transition ramps. Tell us if you used the last suggestion successfully.
  12. Reduced Snap Distance

    If you remove this mod, the other streets appear?