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    These are my mods(I'm very picky while selecting mods, same with the sims2. I don't put mods that I don't really need because I prefer performance and no loading times ). Fixes Spaceport Fix Alt Mod OperaHouse fix Crime doesnt pay area51noexclusion Bigger Private Schools Less Abandonment 3 CityHall fix Iht jobs fix(correctly applied) Mods Functional landmarks Puase Thingy Remover BSC save alarm ENN SlopeMod Medium315 THL DataViewMod MoreDetail GraphModd V21(not V2)+ IncineratorRHV2 God Terraforming in Mayor Mode RHW SlopeMod SPAM Coastal mod(InshoreTropic, RippledSeaDkCyan, WhiteSandBeach, WhiteSandForeshore) NAM(Custom installation: Complete installation+ Cur-de-sac + bullet train + maxis highway override) Simfox Day n Nite Modd Hope this help..