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  1. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    Yayie Hi, Congratulations on your work.   When I make the process of saving and exiting Simcity and enter and resume, the expansion of map is correct but I have a problem with the mod Perfect realistic Bridges, is that when you get off the ground it does but more wide, margins with grass.   You know of any solution?   PD: I have tried other similar mods to lower land and the same result.   Thank's and regards.
  2. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    This Mod gives problems with Mcdonald's and Burger King Mods ? Someone has installed Akar Project+Avalon+Orion ? is compatible ?     Thank's
  3. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    Yayie Hello, Congratulations on your Mod.   I have a question: The RCIHCPlopALL 2.1 allows buildings evolve in density and richness automatically according to the surrounding conditions ? Parks adding richness to area high average wealth or low ? Or just once placed these buildings do not evolve ?   Thank's