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  1. Yes it would be illegal but as you stated that it would break your warranty which it would not
  2. @trylk255 I know for a fact that it would NOT break your warranty sending a person your simcity data folder! I do not understand why you would think this BUT it is definitely UNTRUE and will NOT affect your warranty please could you explain to me how you have come to this conclusion?
  3. Thanks for letting us know CapTon where do i find a list of changes and things as at first look it looks a lot different but would like to see the change log and it is still in dutch is there a way to change this or should i just keep using google translate? As always thanks Cap
  4. is in dutch but is in english BUT i find it easier using the newer 1 as there are more instance names even tho i have to use google translate to find out what they are it gets easier to do the more you use it
  5. @ Athorium i had the same problem when changing computer i found this worked for me! Think it was mayor magnus on simcitypak help post Well, I finally figured out why I could not run SimCityPak without getting the aforementioned error. Someone posted at CodePlex that you need to have http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=20914 installed. Apparently the XNA DLL that comes with the program is not the final solution. Now I can finally view property files. all credit goes to him for looking it up on codeplex.
  6. 3X Increase Of Megatower And 300% Crown Bonuses

    @ johnathan Sorry i am trying to at least try and edit files but i'm haveing a bit of a problem with my electric i live in the middle of nowhere and it keeps cutting out but i'll have a go as best i can when i can hopefully will be done in the next few hours if i manage to stay on my computer :)
  7. Yeah when you have 8 levels it asks you to pick a crown i haven't increase the amount of levels but i don't have brenflakes insane mod either i was just assuming that they work together but now that you've mentioned it i'll try an see if they work if not i'll have a mess and see if i can increase the levels on mine how many levels would you like it increasing to if i do end up making it happen?
  8. Is that not what brenflakes insane megatower mod does tho? I believe it should work with my mod but it doesn't work with his megatower increase mod but he said he is going to look into it but i believe if he does that the way he was talking that if you don't have my mod installed along with his then you might not be able to have any crowns bonus (if i understood him correctly that is) but we shall see i believe i have already located this file anyway but i'm gonna have a play about see if it is what i think it is. As and when i decide or find more mods would you be willing to do a test on them for me? would rather get them tested by a couple of people before uploading them to everyone!
  9. 3X Increase Of Megatower And 300% Crown Bonuses

    Ok I'll upload another version shortly also i believe there may be 1 or possibly more bugs that affect power and possibly water where it tells you that some tower levels do not have enough even tho there is an excess please post any bugs found so i can have a look as i already stated i am a complete noob so there may be many things i have done wrong or not
  10. Megatower Limit Increase

    @ brenflakes i do think there is a bug when altering amount of megatowers i kept having water and power problems ie had 18 megatowers and had an excess power supply of 1000mw and couldn't kick start the reactor thing in one of my towers kept saying not enough power which was ridiculous let me know if you have a look and figure it out and i'll do the same thanks Carl
  11. 3X Increase Of Megatower And 300% Crown Bonuses

    I don't think that's possible i could make a version with 100 megatowers if you want?
  12. Yeah he pm'd me to ask about it but then i saw he had uploaded it about 10 seconds before i did but ah well i did mod the same file to increase the amount of bonus you get from the crowns tho on mine i only set the megatowers to 24 and you can add upto 15 crowns for a 300% bonus as opposed to the 100% it was set to with 5 crowns i suppose you can change that to as many as you like i do think 100 megatowers is too many but that's just me
  13. Version 1.1


    This is my 1st and 2nd mod rolled into one my 1st mod tripled the megatowers you could build (upto 24) but that was released by another modder before i had chance. So with my second mod i also increased the maximum bonus you are able to get from the megatower crowns. I have changed it from 100% upto a maximum of 300% by building 15 crowns of the same type you will achieve this bonus. If there are any problems with this mod please feel free to comment or contact me, I am a complete beginner in the modding world but i will try and change anything people do not like if i can, just ask! In the screenshots it is very low quality as i had to turn my graphics right down but i forgot to take screenshots with the megatowers changed to 24 and it only says 16 but it definitely not 16 anymore How to install: 1. Unzip the file after downloading. 2. Place all files in zip file into your SimCityData folder. Special thanks to: I would like to thank CapTon for answering all of my questions that probably sounded stupid. Warning Compatibility Issues: For some reason this works fine on my computer but it might not on yours please let me know and it is definitely NOT compatible with brenflakes Megatower increase it will not work if you have that in your mods folders at the same time as these both alter the same file
  14. Insane Megatower Mod

    @ brenflakes I found how to edit the amount of megatowers if you still wanna go that route i wouldn't have the expertise to do anything amazing with it so you're more than welcome to give it a go so long as you don't mind throwing a few pointers my way? ;) need all the help i can get if i'm honest so pm me an i'll send the package file or tell you were it is
  15. There's always the option to turn them off in settings/gameplay just untick the box when you've had enough ain't really much use making a mod for something that you can do in like 5 seconds anyway or when just click no thanks instead of ask again later an it shouldn't even ask you again failing that accept the mission then instantly mouse over said mission and click the red ex then it definitely shouldn't come back if it ever did with the other options i suggested