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  1. Two Valleys

    Excellent map, works very well with my playstyle and gives off that nice mountain-fresh-air kinda thing. 10/10
  2. Weasel Mega Blob Thing

    Looks like little Mr. T Posters on the edges of the lot.
  3. MainRegion

    Great for players like me who dont always like to deal with landmass-obstacles in each map; and that fact that the water isnt poorly integrated like many maps makes this map better than the average map. I have a region in play but i'll take this one for my next play. Great work, 9/10.
  4. Erewhon Isles by blade2k5

    Wow, great map! Lots of developing space and not toooo much moutains/water. Perfect combo from an excellent terraformer.
  5. Nexis GRV

    Woah! Excellent map! I absolutely love it. Great job on evening out the map so there is a perfect combonation of river, mountains and buildable space.
  6. NHP Riverdale by blade2k5

    Looks great, I like the flat land, (my preference though), and especially the fact that you dont make the rivers look gaulky. Too many people do that. 10/10
  7. Devs AWEsome Fire Station

    Lol, added to my city of crap.
  8. H E B Grocery Store

    Very nice lighting and functionality. Nice roof. YOu cant imagine how many terrible roofs there are! But this one is nice. 10/10
  9. PS2 museum

    It looks really nice in the picture.
  10. Trisla

    Well I think its good.
  11. my land

    If your new to making maps or bats its good. Its not like the donut gallery bat...Atleast you got hills leveling properly with the adjacent maps.
  12. Exotic Fruit HiTech

    It looks really nice. Somewhat transperant and such. Ill download it because of that.
  13. Miracle Plaza

    I like to hear the words 'No game crash'. For what it foes and how it looks ill give it a 10/10.