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  1. Maxis/E.A. has been too quiet

    Recently a dev from Maxis said they were helping modders make content and that they hadn't abandoned Simcity2013 when asked if they were doing any more patches etc. If I had to guess what it is Capton knows, it's probably tools to help modders make 3rd party content.
  2. Citybound - an indie city simulation game.

    My one suggestion would be to make only a few generic buildings, cars, sims, etc. and don't waste your time on making content for the game. Instead make tools to make content and release those so you can focus on game mechanics. The community will happily (if the game mechanics are good) make content for the game for you. That way you can focus on the underlying quality of the game but still have a critical area of the game still advance (and advance in a way the customer wants as they are making the content). Then I would try to hook up with Simtropolis to get them to host the community generated content so you don't have to moderate that.
  3. Delete Expansion

    Doubt there is an easy way to do this. Maybe uninstall then reinstall just the base game would probably work the best.
  4. Discussion about City Tile Size

    This was suggested about 30seconds after everyone found out how they were handling regions way back in the wee days of development.
  5. All well and good but EA is the company that buys it's competitors and closes them just for their IP and then seek to force their milk you to death business model down the throats off all gamers. It will take years and years for EA to live down their current reputation. As is I don't see EA any different than they were a year, two years, or five years ago until they start acting differently. All I have seen so far is they are starting to see their actions are affecting their bottom line and what can they do to increase the bottom line. I don't see the recognition that repeatedly screwing the customer, even if it's just a little tiny bit, adds up each time it happens until... this happens.
  6. Concerning adjacent tiles... It could be something to do with regional connectivity/balance and distribution of agents. At worst I would imagine the map is laid out in such a way to give an illusion of size. The only limiting factor that I'm 100% aware of is a 7 connection (air, sea, road), etc, limit per city. It would be good to have this improved so that city tiles could sit next to each other connecting on all sides to produce a larger city, even if these do need to be micro-managed. However, I'm still trying to get to the bottom of where this 7 limit comes from, what technical decisions are surrounding it (if any) and whether improvements to it can be made or not. This is from the thread the above link points to in the Simcity forum.
  7. EA Forum to post comments The blog post itself
  8. Why True Modding will never come to SimCity 2013

    If Maxis continues to work on SC2013 I think they might eventually allow modding. But probably that modding will be things like new buildings or props but not things like NAM or game influencing or changing mods. Essentially just filler content. However look at what's going on now. I complaint I read about often is being unable to claim a city because of missing DLC even when all the available DLC is purchased. If there is syncing problems like that now, I really really really really really doubt Maxis is going to spend the time to work out how this is going to work on the backend when I already see signs the player base isn't as large as they would have hoped as well as I can't see how that would help Maxis make more money.
  9. If you've read this thread then you've read counter arguments to everyone one of your points. But in a nut shell I helped build that market share that EA/Maxis is using to sell their NEW GAME using my efforts to advance their business model. Had EA/Maxis been paying attention during SCSocieties and Cities XL they would have learned a lot about what was wanted. Which was a flexible tool to create cities. Instead they are trying to sell a walled garden that you RENT RENT RENT RENT RENT RENT access to for the privilege to buy overpriced DLC of stuff modders provided for free in the past. You're happy with online only? Well too bad. I'm not. That's the one thing I really didn't want because look at what it did. And regardless the game is still like only 70% there and I see signs EA/Maxis may fix a little more and may be moving on to DLC paid improvements only. The real question now is did Mac sales bolster SC2013's active player base enough? Or have most SC2013 players move on and the Mac #'s weren't as great as hoped for due to the incredibly bad PC launch and now crunching the #'s EA/Maxis is realizing they aren't going to be putting a lot of "free" work into this and instead will be satisfied selling all the improvements they think they can milk from you? As in (I really hope not but) I'm going to really laugh if they charge for larger maps. However I digress and I'm going to end with I know only one person out of all my gamer friends who owns this game. He stopped playing a couple of weeks after launch due to shallowness and bugs. He has since returned to play the Mac version he said it's less buggy but it's still just the same shallow game it was before. Online only seems to have had a detrimental affect for at least some of the potential customers that EA/Maxis is trying to reach such as me and him. That's on them to fix, not on us as in they need to figure out what the customer wants, and not try pulling some amateur business maneuver like "it's our vision" as an excuse. That's what you say after you're successful and not as an explanation when things are going wrong. FYI, "it's our vision" closes business when their vision isn't the customers vision.
  10. SimCity Raise/Lower Tool Preview

    The problem is after Rush Hour (that's nine months later) EA/Maxis all but abandoned Simcity 4. The following ten years of growth was the result of the community. Now EA/Maxis has it that all new development on the game depends on them.
  11. Is this game worth buying?

    SC4 didn't sell as well because Maxis did with SC4 as they did with SC2013 and released it prematurely as an unfinished product. It took until Rush Hour, which was NINE MONTHS later, that SC4 became a half way decent city builder. In that NINE MONTHS the damage was done and SC4's reputation suffered and sold poorly. It seems the same is happening now and the longer it takes to fix SC2013 the worse the damage is. And the game wasn't too complicated. The problem is Maxis didn't ship any working cities or make it easy to share cities. Because if either had happened then beginners and those that don't want to either climb the curve or take the real time investment that it takes to make a good looking city could play with big cities without having to master the mechanics to get there as well as giving incentive to make cities worthy to share.
  12. Zimmerman acquited.

    First thing I'd want to say is I would prefer living in a place where I could defend myself, my family, my home, and my neighborhood. So much so if Trayvon and George were switched and hoody wearing black Trayvon was protecting his neighborhood by following George and George decided he was going to jump Trayvon because he was offended by being perceived poorly of I would still consider it justified if Trayvon killed George if George attacked Trayvon on the way back to Trayvon's truck. People who don't like to have that right have the right to not fight to have that right if they don't want.
  13. Sales is one thing but another important and related aspect to consider is how many people are still playing? The last report was 1.6million in sales with ~750,000 active cities with 2-3 cities per player. That's means there is about 250-400,000 active players at that time. Why this is important is they need a certain sized player base to justify working on the game, either patches or content. Future support has less to do with sales as it has to do with how many active players they still have.
  14. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9512405.page
  15. SimCity Update 5 + Mac Delay

    From what I understand if you buy the PC version you will have access to download the Mac version for free.