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    SimCity (2013)
    I'm finally back in the SimCity thick of things after going from PC to Mac. Shame I'm unable to play SimCity 4 with all the awesome content. Love this mod but unfortunately I can't use anymore. After a few hours of investigation of my mods, this one causes roads from bulldozed mega towers to remain with no way to get rid of them but to start over. Bummer since I've been working on my region for an entire week now. :-(
  1. I bulldozed a mega tower (I have the mod Mega Tower with Realistic Population (MTRP)) and the roads coming out of the 3 sides of the tower won't bulldoze. I deleted the mod and the roads still won't bulldoze. Any advice as to how to bulldoze the roads? I tried plopping something over the roads to then bulldoze but that didn't work. I'm unable to draw roads over top of them. Also, I'm on a Mac if that matters.
  2. SC4 .Icons for Windows

    For someone like myself who is so organized it borders on crazy, these are GREAT! Thanks. I can't wait to organize my plugins folder....again. 5/5
  3. Voltaire's Airport Packs

    Thank you so much. That helps a ton. I should call off work today to build my airport.
  4. Voltaire's Airport Packs

    I think I've got the runways and taxiways down. I'm having trouble with the transitions from the taxiways to the aprons. Heck, I don't even know what an apron is aside from the ugly thing my grandmother wears when she's cooking. It looks to me like Aprons and essentially taxiways but without the lights and it looks like they have some sort of stone on the outsides. So the planes leave the gates and get to the taxiways via the Apron. I get the feeling I've rambled. Your help is much appreciated. Ever since I started playing Sim City 2000 many moons ago I've longed for a realistic airport. I've had your lots downloaded for quite some time and I've just recently gotten up enough nerve to get to work on my airport. Thanks to your lots I feel like my dream is within reach. I anxiously await your next project.
  5. I hope I'm posting this in the correct area. I've finally decided to build a real-world airport for my cities. I've download all of Voltaire's airport packs and I have to say that they are spectacular. I majored in Communications so Aviation is not my forte. I want to build my airports EXACTLY how they should be. I've even pasted together satelite images of the LAX, San Francisco, Boston, and Orlando airport runways. (the FBI has probably hacked into my computer by now) I think I have the runways put down correctly but as for the rest, I have no idea. Is there a manual out there somewhere? I don't want Aunt Bessie to hop on plane to go see little Susie and die in a firery plane crash.
  6. Highway under bridge

    I like it sooooo much I'm going to learn French! :-)