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  1. Fantasia Africa Grandeur !

    Interesting storyline. Sounds like Ghana?
  2. Region creation

    Can't post the link right now but I know that NHP has a map of Pittsburgh PA available here on the S.T.E.X. Go to Maps section and type NHP in the search section at the top right. There are 6 or seven pages of NHP maps available for download. Most are done by blade2k5, some by heblem and a few others. Most are high quality based on D.E.M. data.
  3. Can change custom content into static LM using PIMX and Reader. No problem finding the Maxis content I want to use in PIMX. Can't seem to find or match correct lot exemplars for Maxis content in the Reader. For example: I select R$$$54x24_EuroLuxCondos13_0211 [McCormick Place Luxury Condo's] from SimCity EP1 Dat using PIMX, drag to landmarks eye candy but can't find correct exemplar in SimCity 1 Dat to copy. What am I missing?
  4. My first BAT

    Am about to rebuild my favorite city as it recently suffered an apocalyptic case of prop pox. It is especially hilly so much terraforming takes place for the dense parts of the city leaving the surrounding hills the perfect place to showcase your wonderful houses, much like Seattle or San Francisco. Am anxiously anticipating there release.
  5. Slope Mod Tutorial.

    Thank you sir. As I mentioned in another thread my old slope mod [Ennedi MTN] seems to have stopped working? Everything checks out in the reader so???? Decided to experiment with my own version. Your help is much appreciated.
  6. Slope Mod Tutorial.

    Further mod it or create my own.
  7. Am looking for a tutorial on how to open and adjust parameters within a slope mod?
  8. Problem with slope mod

    Thank you Prophet42, tried what you suggested but no luck. Deleted all traces of Ennedi's slope mod from my hard drive, Downloaded new from SC4 and installed in zzzz_NHP slopemod folder in my plugins. Still not right. Removed aforementioned folder and placed ENN620mtn Dat in new folder titled Ennedi slope mod. My streets and avenue's are now working properly again but my roads now draw as if they are railroad?? Can't even connect a 5 meter difference in 8 tiles with no zones nearby??? I do regular disk maintenance. Have 6GB gb plugins, not Datpacked but don't have much trouble with CTD because I am anal about saving often. Have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling game???
  9. Have been using Ennedi's Slope Mod [mtn] for over two years with very good results. Past couple days it seems that it has become much more restrictive. RHW works the same as before but all other networks have become more restrictive than RHW??? I even tried bulldozing and redrawing an existing street [no zoning] in a hilly area without success? Checked my plugins, no other slope mods except for ENN620mtnDat which is what I have always used. Have no new recent plugins. Have not installed or reinstalled anything. Any ideas what could have gone wrong?
  10. More Images from Krokanien

    Once again I am at a loss for words.   I have added to my favorites the link to your C.J. at SC4 so that I can check daily for updates as it is truly second to none.
  11. Yoshi brings up an excellent point. Personally, I tend to side with Isreal for the most part, but it is important to remember that barely a generation ago there were a number of zionist organizations whose intents were the creation of a Jewish state in the middle east. Many of which were openly engaged in terrorist activities not unlike there alleged current enemies. I suspect that it will be quite some time until the worlds intelligence organizations cease to recognize Hamas as an, or connected to, some sort of terrorist activity regardless of any court decision or media spin. As Nonny so eloquently put it. "This land has been a bone of contention for more than five millennia, so it is business as usual."
  12. CAM or SPAM?

    I use SPAM in a huge region consisting of all large citytiles. No problems growing large cities at all. My largest city, Dalkieth consists of six large citytiles with a total population of 740000 of which only two contain farms. At this time the citytile actually named Dalkieth contains over 300000 Sims. There have never been any farms in this tile and I believe demand is normal for a primarily commercial area. In fact all of the Dalkieth citytiles except for the two that contain agriculture have never had any farms on them. There is no longer any agricultural demand on any city tiles that don't contain farms. My region also contains two other large cities containing roughly 350000 and 110000 Sims respectively, in addition to a large number of smaller cities and villages scattered along three separate transportation corridors. I have vast areas of farmland as well as entire large tiles consisting of nothing more than trees. The only thing I have noticed is that residential demand remains very high throughout my region but, high residential demand does not gaurantee residential growth.
  13. My first BAT

    Really looking forward to these!! Am about to undertake a major rebuilding of my main city which is quite hilly. Your Bats will fit perfectly into my plans to more or less model hillside neighborhoods consisting of turn of the century homes.
  14. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    I am at a loss for words. You have gone and out done yourself once again!!!!