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  1. Show us your airport!

    spa, you need Thalassicus' Airport Pack 2, which was never posted on the STEX for some reason. Paste this URL in your browser: http://www.freewebs.com/thalassicus/Airport%20Pack%202.1%20BETA.zip For anyone trying to get this file, I can sympathize! It's a little hard to find. The version 2.3 listed on the STEX is a typo, it's the older 1.3 pack by Joerg. Clicking on hyperlinks to v2.0 never works (reloads the page), and even right-click-Save-As doesn't do it (you'll get a file, but it's just the webpage where the link was, renamed to .zip). Also, the filename says v2.1, but the readme says v2.0, I'm not sure which is right but it works fine.
  2. MICWeatherStation

    Very nice design, I like the colorful nightlights. I will definitely use this in my airports.
  3. Show us your airport!

    Here's my little project, it's not finished yet but I'm close: James A. Preston Columbia County International (PCX) PCX is a real-scale 16m-per-tile 'small international airport' I constructed for my region, Columbia County. The airport grounds extend across portions of 5 cities. I took inspiration for the runway & taxiway layout from New York La Guardia. The main runway is 2.64 km, which could accomodate real-scale takeoff runs by the 767 automata if they were modded to do so. I'm not done with the road & rail networks outside the terminal yet, but the stubs are in place. This is a 7-image composite overview. Bigger image here (836K). All 7 pics were taken at zoom level 2, but I had to cut file size so they look like level 1. One thing I've seen most people forget when it comes to making airports is general aviation. You'll find GA facilities at almost every commercial airport in North America, even the biggest. I put a small terminal and parking space for private planes on the east end of the airport. It can be accessed via the perimeter road. I used davidlinyj's weather station for the ATCT and Nat'l Weather Service. I love the smell of avgas in the morning... The terminal transit system features a mini can-o-worms. Elevated avenues and monorail stations provide two-level direct access to the parking garages from 3 of the terminal concourses. I used some extra real estate to put in ALS and PASI lights with molibdo's extras pack. My runways do not have the flashing centerlines on purpose - I save the flashers for approach strobes. I intend to renovate and expand PCX to state-of-the-art runways and terminals when SimWings releases the next airport pack.
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello everybody! Been lurking for months, so I guess it's time to post. I'm a 24 year old engineering grad student in Rochester NY. I love this site - SC4's gameplay and visual appearance are much more realistic with the mods and BATs I've downloaded. After I get a better computer I want to learn gmax, so I can contribute something nice to the STEX. [first post]