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  1. Just venting...

    Thanks for the replies... yes I did go to Best Buy. I'll have to see if there's another computer tech place that might be able to help me get my files back. Unfortunately I don't know anyone personally who can help me. Although, I'm sort of resigned to starting again, but still running into problems: I got a laptop to replace my old computer and I'm having problems with SC4 on it. The graphics don't work right. I tried to build a simple road bridge and it looks all messed up when it shows up at all. It's Windows 8, could that have anything to do with it? This laptop should be powerful enough to run the game. I do have an external hard drive, I wonder if I put all my Sim City files on that and ran it from there would that help?
  2. Just venting...

    Yep, backing up is what I should have done... oh well...
  3. Just venting...

    I was finally getting more confident in how to play this game, was working on a new region on a map I downloaded, and it was going great. Things were coming together and I was starting to create a really cool region. Then... my computer up and died. Totally dead, computer techs said they couldn't fix it or even access anything on it. Everything is just gone. So I'm starting all over from scratch... frustrating.
  4. Any good city names?

    I like to look at an area on Earth that resembles the kind of city I'm making. For example I was trying to do a Pacific Northwest theme in part of my region, so I opened Google Maps and found cool names from that area.
  5. I-HT Bug fix

    Thanks for the replies everyone... The instructions made it pretty clear to back up my original Sim City_1.dat in a separate location, I also backed up my plugins just in case, but I never got to the step where I tried to merge the dat files, I (tried to) install the dat packer and it said there was an error installing it. I wonder if I tried to install it into the wrong place? I put it under computer: win7: Program Files (x86): Maxis: Sim City 4 Deluxe. I installed the IRM mod a while ago, and started my region fresh after installing it, so no old industry existed when I started running it, no problems till I downloaded the I-HT fix, and only in the cities I played before deciding to delete the fix, which is why I was wondering... I'll try again although not right this second because I'm not feeling confident about it right now. It is a little scary to us computer unsavvy people. This game has made me learn more about how my computer does stuff than I ever had to know before... it's worth it though
  6. I-HT Bug fix

    I tried applying the I-HT bug fix after reading replies to my question about workers in factories. Unfortunately, it didn't work so well. wouanagaine's Dat Packer did not work on my computer, so I was left with the weird doubling effect. I thought about downloading the dat packer that "A Nonny Moose" suggested, but I was unsure because I really am not computer savvy and don't really know how these things work. So I thought, well, I'll just live with it... Then I realized that the bug fix messed with my "industrial revolution mod". My industrial areas looked all messed up and high tech was growing in the middle of dirty industry again. So I got rid of the I-HT bug fix. Any insights into this? Either how to fix the "doubling" that happens with this "fix" for the non-computer-savvy, or on the subject of it being possibly incompatible with the IRM? My cities are coming along great though, just if possible I'd like to have my high tech industry fully employ people who need jobs. Thanks
  7. I downloaded this: because I thought it would create a lot of high tech jobs for my sims (my high tech demand is always super high so I figured this might help fill it). Two of them grew in one of my cities, they look beautiful, the weird thing is when I route queried them it only showed freight traffic leaving the factories. It didn't show any of my Sims actually working there, despite the fact that it said I had at least 3000 out of 4100 jobs. My question is: ARE Sims actually working there, or is this just eye candy? Non-DLC factories show the same thing, now that I'm thinking about it. How do I know if my beautiful giant factory actually employs people? I'd still keep it there anyway just because it's pretty, but I'm curious about this.
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Try uploading the picture to imagesshack. That way you can get bigger (i.e visible) resolutions. Just click the image button (the one with a tree in it) and paste the web adress to the picture. I opened the left picture in a link of its own to get a bigger resolution, and I have to say it's not bad. But I have to ask -- have you got the NAM?? I will try that next time, thanks. I'm glad you think it's not bad. Yes I have NAM, haven't learned how to use all its functions yet. That road you see snaking up the north side of the river, that's a RHW. My imagination pictured it as being like driving along route 101 by Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula in WA. I have a big imagination, that's why I like this game
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    I hope you can see these... first time trying to upload to this site and it kept telling me my files were too big so I kept downsizing them. Nanaimo, my westernmost city, has a small thriving downtown but a good portion of the city is taken up by the Nanaimo Forest/Wildlife Preserve. The southwest portion of the forest was torn down for farms but is gradually building into a nice rural community.
  10. what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the replies. I have learned through a few false starts to play "slow and steady wins the race," so I am growing my region gradually rather than rushing. I'm trying to do that anyway I will keep at it! And yes it is very cool when something awesome grows on its own rather than having me plop it there.
  11. I've been playing this region for a few months now. (don't have tons of time each day to play though.) I'm not trying to get skyscrapers in all my cities, trying to make cities that are nice and liveable and pretty, but I'd like skyscrapers in some of them...). It seems like people make cities that are "specialized" : residential city next to commercial city, the residentials go to the commercial to work... that kind of thing hasn't worked for me. If a sim needs to leave the city to work he has a "long commute" and abandons because his commute is too long.So I've been building this region up city by city in hopes of increasing general demand, but each city needs to have enough jobs to fulfill the needs of its citizens. So every city has industrial, residential, commercial. And I'm having a hard time keeping commercial demand up across the region despite lots of Sims living in it. (About 700,000 sims in region at this point.) Placing landmarks, airports, tourst traps etc. My cities get to a certain level (60-70 k sims) and just plateau out. My biggest (large tile) city Cassadaga has about 75000 and is starting to show "no job" zots and since the commerical demand isn't there, how can I grow it?? Any advice?
  12. SimCity 4 Fully 3D (Drawings)

    That is awesome! I like to draw, but I'm nowhere near as good as you. I also often think how cool it would be if we could go "into" our cities similar to Google Street View. Your drawings make me smile a lot :) :) .... Very cool!
  13. Question on industrial demand...

    Interesting... I hadn't thought of that. I didn't delete most of my region initially because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to deal with the lack of demand that comes from an empty region. However a few minutes ago I deleted the rest of my "old" cities (pre-mod) because it was getting confusing. So now it's mostly empty again. I'm interested to see what happens now!
  14. Question on industrial demand...

    Ok, well I haven't used any demand mods, and it sounds like that's a good thing! It's not a problem, I was just curious... thanks for the replies.
  15. Hi, I recently installed the IRM mod (I love it, I love the different trees I can place too with the props for it) and it's working great, just a quick question: does it change industrial demand? I've deleted and remade most of my region since installing it, and only the one big city had dirty/manufacturing demand... all the others have negative demand in those areas even after lowering taxes dramatically. Simultaneously they have super high hi-tech demand. That's ok with me but it seems weird that all of a sudden there's no demand for the other types... is it due to the mod? or maybe something else is going on...