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    I'm very much so into Halo and the entire Halo franchise. Aside from that genre I stick alot to the EA company. Playing all things EA for as long as I can recall.

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  1. So these are the maxis lights, although I tested it with the Dark ones as well. I have no known other modds or plugins that would mess with it. The main other modd I have is the network addon modd the rest are just vehicles. Nothing to do with lights. Nice evil gift boxes ^.^ Oh adding, I dont believe its throughout the entire city I've only found them in this area and a bit further north. There maybe more in other residential/commercial zones but this area I watch most and is where I noticed it. PS: LRM USA
  2. Cage for the damned...

    I want a dome haha
  3. Light Replacement Mod - USA Set

    [quote name='brando187' timestamp='1348704886'] got brown boxes [/quote] Same, not for all but a couple of street lights it seems.
  4. Hey guys, lately through the help of the chat and a few others I've managed to make my very own lot, which wont be submitted until I think its perfect. This lot however was made via Lot Editor by opening up the lot "Open Grass Area." I altered this lot significantly and saved as something else (example name will be "My Lot") I launched the game and noticed that the button for "My Lot" is titled "Open Grass Area." Even after changing the exemplar name in the reader to "My Lot" it still is titled "Open Grass Area" in game, any idea how to fix this?
  5. Halo props Vol. 2