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  1. Please help, do someone here may give me am explaination about how to purchase Cities: Skyline in the steam? Also about the payment, pweaasee!
  2. Long Time no see my fellow peasants..

  3. Asian without rice, are like a fish without it's fin

    1. Mister Giggles

      Mister Giggles

      Good old stereotyping. Does a heart good.

    2. TowerDude


      U wot m8 ?

    3. __A


      I'm Asian and don't eat rice everyday :P

  4. Thanks God, the Mid-term Test has been done!!! Yeah!!!

  5. 2. A Hamlet is Born.

    It's so cool, the feel of this chapter, surely brought me back to my hometown...
  6. Economic ASEAN Community, they say?? What a lie

  7. Entry 2: A Stroll Along The Point

  8. While the people all fusing about Cities:Skyline, and here I am still stuck with SC4. It sounds like I'm still in stone age... poor you kagamiya

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    2. Tonraq


      You're not alone, believe me :P

    3. NielsC007


      SC4 is still great!

    4. packersfan


      Well that doesn't explain why you can get unstuck and get C:S. As for CTD, I've had my fair share...but they seem a thing of the past to me with SC4.

  9. Indeed she has good voice to begin with