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About this City Journal

A Collection of Images from Cities: Skylines

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Ln  X: Yeah, there's been an explosion of useful and creative things on the workshop. Really happy with how things are going.

Schulmanator: Thanks a bunch!




Today, we have part 3 of my Let's Play series. The video is at the bottom of this entry (to be fair, it's been online for a while now, but I'm just now getting around to updating). Hope you enjoy!





Palace Park



More of Palace Park



More park...



A small park in the residential core.


And the new video:


Entry 14 - More Old Town!

Hi, everyone! My video series continues below with part two. In addition, as promised, I've provided some pictures from this build session. Hope you enjoy!


I really tried to work on making some pedestrian plazas around the church and city buildings. I think it looks pretty okay. Using the zoneable pedestrian paths of Traffic++ has certainly helped!


From the Cathedral Plaza, you can see the city's old government building, now a museum. There is a plaza over there, too.


The government plaza.

And finally, the Let's Play video.

So there you have it. This European style is still tricky for me to get down, but I think I'm getting a feel for it with each video. Hopefully you agree. Thanks so much for any feedback you can provide, it's really appreciated. Have a great night.


Entry 13: A Shift in Medium

Hi, everyone. This is my first entry since the site updated. Looks really nice. Appreciate the effort and the dedication to Simtropolis. Anyway, the last few days, I've decided to take the leap into Youtube Let's Play's. Yes, I know there are a ton out there. Yes, I know they can be tedious to watch. But hopefully you check out at least a little bit and can give me some suggestions/ideas. I've got 2 posted and one on the way, but I will be updating this CJ for each entry. After this initial video, I will also have pictures to accompany the video for those of you who prefer pictures to videos.


*one more thing: this first video is blocked in Germany. The copyright status of the music I chose (Steve Reich (minimalist composer)) apparently blocks the music in specific countries. If you're in Germany, my apologies. The next videos will NOT have that issue.

If you made it through the whole video, my thanks. Please take a minute to subscribe and/or comment if you liked this video. Hell, go ahead and comment if you hated it, too, haha. Always looking for ways to improve. Thanks so much, everyone! :) 



Great stuff, that airport of yours was really beautiful.

Thanks a lot! It turned out pretty well, I think.

Great pictures.

Thank you.

The third image and the airports shots are truly amazing.

Thanks a lot.

All pictures are amazing! Great job!


That airport... is awesome.

Thank you.

Beautiful work man ! I feel compelled to buy the game ! :)

Ha, I hope you did. It's a great game.

Entry 12: European Struggles

It's been a while. I've been heavily involved in RCT3 lately, which is the game I tend to play more than any others, and as such, my Skylines (and therefore Simtropolis) time has waned as of late. Anyways, I got inspired by some images I saw to jump in and take my first real stab at the European update and let me tell you: it's hard. As an American, I'm finding it really difficult to build any sort of realistic European city. I get that there's a "ring" that circles the city, but after that...I'm kind of at a loss. Any help any of you could provide would be much appreciated. With that, here's a few images:


The church is still the tallest structure in the city, which seems to make sense. From my (limited) travels to Europe, the cathedrals/churches tend to be pretty prominent.


I'm really digging the corner buildings in the Euro set. However, I wish they worked at angles other than 90-degrees.


Even though there's the European buildings, I still think it feels too "American." Help, please!

Thanks for looking and thanks for any suggestions you can provide. Have a great day. :)



Wonderful! Where can I find that stadium?

See Ultimate's post below. Thanks for the complement.

Syrenity is always so cool to look at it. It fits into that coastline almost perfectly.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, it really limits the build space.

Amazing update! Great job!

Wonderful! Where can I find that stadium?

It's a modular football stadium, made by Drosvilla: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=417689782

Indeed it is.

アップデートは凄い!(The update is amazing!)頑張れよ!(Keep up 

the good work!)

Thanks a bunch!

Entry 11: Bandiburg is Born


On a hazy, yet cool Spring day, the city of Bandiburg lies in the distance.


Some of the city proper. Bandiburg is (eventually going to be) a major metropolitan area. Everything on the main island is actually Bandiburg city.


The capital building from atop the Courthouse. A grand boulevard connects the two, with Government Park behind the capital building.


Several monuments adorn Government Park. This one celebrates the first settlers to the area.


Near the CBD core, this beautiful sculpture is a draw for tourists from all around. The massive skyscrapers bounce off the giant bean.


The church of St. Patrick's is the oldest church in Bandiburg. It is the only cathedral located within city limits.


Recently opened, Bandiburg International Airport (BIA) has been an economic boom for the area.


In addition to passengers, BIA can transport huge amounts of cargo.


Great views of downtown are available even while working on the tarmac.


An overview of the airport area. Lots of room for growth (and improvement (it's my first real airport ever created---ever)).


Finally, a view of (current) Bandiburg from the air.

Hope you've enjoyed! Sorry for my hiatus. Real life and work are real busy right now. Didn't mean to totally drop off the face of the earth like that!



Nice work! Great shots on display here!

Thanks so much.

Wonderful pictures here. I would have liked to see even more images!

Hopefully this update makes up for the small sample size of last update. ;)

That last picture was really amazing.


I can't decide between the second and third images. Great photographic skills ;-)

Thank you. I try to get the best angles to really make it feel like the city is alive. Hopefully that's coming through...

Entry 10: Entering a New League

In this update, we take a look at the newest addition to Syrenity: the stadium for the Syrenity Typhoon, the soccer team here in town. It is the premiere attraction in Syrenity and as such, it is massive. Before that, though, some more of the CBD!


Early in the morning, the buildings form a canyon from the sun. Way in the distance, you can see Thump Tower, a hotel and office building by one of the wealthiest men on the planet: Dennis Thump.


As the sun rises, beams of sunlight penetrate the dense development and shine on the busy workers below. Good morning, Syrenity!


The light dances from the water, to the buildings, and back again along the coast.


Across the bridge, from the University, you get a slightly different angle.


And there she is...Typhoon Stadium. It dwarfs everything around it.


Parking isn't an issue. There are several (pay) lots as well as a massive (pay) garage. When games are not happening, the parking sits relatively abandoned.


A view towards the CBD from the roof. Set back away from the CBD, the planners are hoping to give this area of town a nice economic jolt.


Told you it was huge.


From far offshore, the entirety of the Syrenity Skyline. From left to right: Old Downtown, Spyre Park, Midtown, CBD


An overview.

Thanks for looking and thanks for commenting!


Entry 9: CBD Closeups


Some of these pictures have great angles, like that last one looking down at Syrenity from the forested hills. The custom skyscrapers are great to, they seem to look more textured and detailed.

Thanks! Yeah, I've noticed a lot of the newer assets have been optimized a bit better than the earlier models. Of course, there's a few of the earlier models that are still pretty nice. :)

Looks lovely masked and I'm glad you've sorted out your RAM problems. I've been looking at a new laptop too. Got to do some saving though!



Thanks, James. I'm a big fan of your CJ. Glad you enjoy mine!

Beautiful. Simply wonderful.

Thanks a lot!

*clapping hands enthusiastically*

This is so awesome!!!!!! Love how the colors pop up, how details the pictures are, everything.

Excellent job on this entry! Will definitely catch up with your future entries upon my return!

Ha, thanks for the wonderful comment. Have fun wherever you're at!

Cool pics!

Thank you.

Really great update. That last view of the huge cityscape is the kicker.

Thanks. I, too, enjoy that last image. :)

out standing

Thank, you!

Entry 9: CBD Closeups

Thanks again for the wonderful comments. You guys are a big reason why I play. Thanks for supporting me and my Skylines adventures!


The CBD looks beautiful as the sun sets. The light bounces off the glass and metal to create a stunning atmosphere.


St. Rita's Catholic Church has been in Syrenity for over 100 years. The skyscrapers, on the other hand, have not. St. Rita stands the test of time.


In the center of the CBD is Infinity Park, a monument and reminder that anything is possible and there are absolutely no limits.

A smaller update today, but hopefully you've enjoyed the pics. Thanks again for your continued support. :)



OMG, this game is a real RAM-thief. Enjoy your new computer, and let us enjoy as well with new updates ;)

Ha, hope this update suffices! The new upgrades to my computer are A-MA-ZING!

Good to hear that you resolved your computer problems. I really look forward to more

Thanks. Yeah, it was a hit to the ol' pocketbook, but completely worth it.

You are absolutely right...This game is heavy on RAM.

Happy to hear we will see more entries in the future! Your cj is very nice so far!

Thanks a lot! I appreciate the kind words.

Update 8: Syrenity's Return

My computer is alive and Skylines is back! I've been enjoying my new rig. The game runs flawlessly, although I still don't have the population to necessarily test it all that well. I've gone ahead and, essentially, replenished my asset and mod library, this time with a bit more cautious eye. I'm trying to pick things that have smaller file sizes. But enough talking...here's a crap-ton of pictures!


The Quinto Tower finds its way back in, essentially, its original spot, in the old downtown of Syrenity. This is where it started.


A luxury hotel & spa sits in old downtown, as there are a few nice things to see here.


The Cathedral has a certain look to it that, in my eyes, helps it fit into this tropical paradise. Its massive tower chimes the time on the hour.


One of the old government buildings near City Hall. Again, the old vs. new juxtaposition.


Costal Boulevard huge the coast along downtown.


As we leave downtown, we enter the Midtown district. Here, you can find some businesses and more things for tourists, including Syrenity's largest park.


Some more of midtown, complete with the Arts Center (foreground), Sky Spyre (mid ground), and another elite hotel (background)


And finally, we come to the modern-day CBD of Syrenity. It's massive.


The local baseball team, the Syrenity Sounders, has a enviable spot for its home games. What a view.


It's not all steel and glass in Syrenity, though. Tucked snugly between the coast and the mountains, you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city for some gorgeous views.

So I hope you've enjoyed! Development is ongoing and we'll see just how far I can push this. Have a great day!


Entry 7: A Reboot


That combination of old and new can be seen almost everywhere in the city centre of Warsaw. If I remember correctly, there's an skyscrapper W2W with quite an old building that probably even survived world war 2. I like that. Good entry again!

Thanks so much. I love the mix of old and new that is so prevalent in so many European cities.

That forestry industrial area on the sloped road looks so cool, the street level shots are good and your city hugs the coast plus those two islands so well.

Thanks! I really enjoyed the way things were turning out with this.

Excellent use of your space...Syrenity looks "serene"..Great job so far!

Thank you!

This game is so beautiful! But it doesn't work in my computer :-(

That's a shame. I actually just had to upgrade my machine to get it to play the way I wanted.

Really awesome, and shows just how CSL can /really/ be the next CS4 too. Unfeterred creativity at work here :D

I feel that this game is the sequel city builders have been hoping for. The modding community is only going to get better and make better stuff, so I see a long life for Skylines.

I like the way this town has grown. I wonder where growth will occur next

Thanks so much. Unfortunately, no more growth...see below.

Update 7: An Unexpected Reboot

It's been an interesting week+ for Skylines and me. Initially, I noticed when I was in the map or asset editor for prolonged periods, I'd get a Low on Memory notification on my machine. I have 8GB of RAM, so I was flabbergasted as to how this could be the case. Nonetheless, it didn't affect my actual city building. As my mod/asset library increased, I started getting more and more frequent crashes while simply building cities--it eventually reached a point where I couldn't even build on a new map without a crash after about 20 minutes. I scanned the error logs and found a lot of mods that were having issues/were broken. After removing them, I was still running into the crashes, but it would take slightly longer. After posting my issue to the Paradox forums, I started to look around the web to see if I could solve my problem with my machines current specs. Long story short: deleted all assets & mods. Game ran fine, but now all my cities weren't going to work. Turns out, I needed a computer upgrade.

Luckily, I had just done our family taxes, and because of my child, we'll be getting a nice refund this year. I was able to upgrade my video card (to respectability), RAM, and power supply. That all came in on Tuesday. After installing everything and booting up the game, it ran like butter. I've installed a large collection of mods/assets again, kind of as a stress test, and again, smooth sailing with all settings maxed out. The RAM usage for this game is OUTRAGEOUS. I've gone ahead and bumped up the amount of vRAM my machine will allow, so hopefully that will help, too. Not sure if any of you are experts in computers, but I certainly am not, so if you have any other suggestions to optimize, I'm all ears.

A thing I started noticing was the size of some of the assets. One building could be as much as 24MB. Most assets are around 2-3MB/asset. If you have hundreds of assets, that's GIGS worth of information your machine needs to process...and it appears as if RAM is the thing that does all the heavy lifting. I'm hopeful my extra 4GB of RAM will keep me playing smoothly from here on out...regardless of how much stuff I download (within reason, of course). I've taken it upon my self to avoid super large assets, save a few. Some are just too wonderful to pass up. Anything that's growable, for me, must have a small file size. Hopefully, this will also help manage my RAM usage.

tl/dr: I upgraded my computer because it was pooping out on me, and now the game runs fine. That's why I've more or less disappeared over the last week.

And now, as a reward if you read all that above:


New Syrenity awaits...

I love this map too much and was way too into the city to let it be simply another casualty of my tinkering.



What a great tropical island! That second to last picture was really great, the one with the elevated rail and those rolling steep slopes.

Thanks! To be fair, I hadn't done much to the map before snapping these pics; it's just so gorgeous all on its own!

That is a beautiful island!

Isn't it though? It's a great map to work with.

Looking good! I like it!

Thanks so much!

I can feel the warmth!!! Very beautifully rendered!

Thanks. Sun Flares and the Photo realistic filter really help.

That picture with the train looks absolutely beautiful! Great work!

Thanks a lot.

Very beautiful place!!

Thank you!

Really loving that island!


On the steam workshop there's an awesome mod that changes the purple pollution colors to brown, which looks SO much better.

Yeah, that was one of the first mods I installed. I turned all of the mods off when I first started the map as I was trying to get a few achievements, but then added the cosmetic mods back in after these pics. Thanks, though.

Wow! That's a really paradisiac place!

I love the picture of the train.

Thanks a lot!

Entry 6: Development is Grand

So I've been playing around with this gorgeous island map for a few days (which I've dubbed Syrenity). I wish I had more done, but a bunch of real life issues plus some issues with my computer have prevented me from doing as much as I wanted. I have been running into an issue where I get a low memory warning popping up on my desktop behind the game. Then, it proceeds to crash. I think it has to do with some of the mods I downloaded. After some pruning, I've been able to have a couple solid and stable sit-downs, so hopefully it's mostly behind me. If any of you have run into this issue, please let me know if you've been able to fix it and how. But anyway, on to the pictures!


Sometimes it's the less flashy intersections that make you stop and pause. This is one such intersection. I just like the way it developed. It's very middle of the way...not too big, not too small. The Goldilocks intersection, haha (that hot dog van is taking that corner awfully damn fast).


I did this juxtaposition here between the old (high school) and new (the skyscraper). I think it's things like that that really make a city unique. Really happy with how this turned out.

(btw, the skyscraper mod (which I think is fairly new) is the Quinto Tower by Crumplesticks: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417045108)


A few of the islands have developed into some rather nice areas. If the house doesn't necessarily look all that high-end, just look at the cars parked out front (I'm talking to you, blue sports car).


High up in the hills is the Umber Hill Lumber Mills. You get a completely different vibe up here. This is the old mill, which is actually terraced along the mountainside. It's significantly more winding and random than the other side of the Mills, which are basically grids that maximize efficiency.


That isn't to say that the Old Mill isn't efficient. Trucks whiz in and out in an orderly fashion, and while traffic is heavy, it never backs up. One of my proudest traffic planning moments, I tell ya what.


I took to first person camera and started hunting the two lane roads for interesting pictures. This was one that struck me as pretty nice. I really love the Art Deco building in the foreground.


There's that Quinto tower again...the Apple Store next door really seems to work. They seem to go hand in hand.


An overview, with the Old Mill to the "north," the New Mill to the "west," industry to the "east" and then the central high-density core. Hope that makes sense.


A final panorama of the city of Syrenity.



Some great entries, i especially like the 1st picture of this one

Thanks very much!

These newly designed custom skyscrapers are really adding to this game. That third picture is amazing.

They really are. I've found a bunch of great ones. There's always a few clunkers here and there as well as a few scale issues, but overall, there's lots of really good stuff.

I agree, the buildings are great.

Yeah, the modding community has taken the bull by the horns. It's really amazing how much has been created in just a few short weeks!

Awesome close-ups, sir.

Is it me or some buildings in skylines are very detailed and some others pretty flat?

Some are significantly flatter than others, yes. There's some flat textures as well as some really simplistic models.

Some of them may appear flat as users are trying to reduce poly count on their custom creations (at least I think that's the reason).

As for the shots masked they look gorgeous. That first one especially looks amazing!



I think that's the reason, too. Thanks for the kind words, James!

Entry 5: Tropical Paradise

Told you I like to bounce around. There's just too many neat things and ideas swimming around in my head to stick to anything for an extended period of time. So, after getting an itch to find a few custom maps, I found this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=411591966

It's a tropical map with lots of little islands, a beautiful forested mountain range, and some narrow flat areas for building. It's a challenge, for sure, but I'm enjoying the way it's coming along. This is a non-sandbox city. Progressing as normal and with a normal budget--the only mods enabled are the 25 tile unlock and the rest cosmetic (Sun Flares, Ambient Occlusion, First-Person Cam). The city is still rather small, as I have just recently unlocked high density.


This map is gorgeous. Like...seriously.


I'm getting tired of wind power, but when you're playing the game with an actual budget, it's so cheap and efficient it's hard to NOT use it!


The train line is elevated through the (thus far) usable tiles. The cargo train flies through Umber Hills Lumber Mills. Yes, that's right. The default district name was Umber Hills, and it just seemed far too perfect to simply slap, "lumber mills" to the end. I'm a poet...and didn't even know it.


A simple overview. Like I said, still small. However, this is an older picture. I've developed quite a bit more than this. I've got a bit of a downtown area working now that high density is unlocked. But that will have to wait for another day! Have a good one, and thanks for the continued support.



That 5th picture is really something, it feels like a slice of Manhattan.

Thanks. Yeah, I love how this city has developed. Definitely feels like a metropolis-worthy downtown! This most recent update was again inspired by your work with the sun mods. I'm still trying to get the hang of them.

The 6th picture is even better. Ground level images is something really SC4 is missing :-(

I wholeheartedly agree. I love the diversity of SC4 and all the amazing CJ's that are around. Hopefully Skylines can have a good amount of diversity as well, once the modders really get going!

Liberty Place? Go Philly!

Ha, I had no idea that's where the building came from. It's by far the best custom structure I've downloaded.

Wow, the second picture looks like in real life, great job!

Thanks very much!

Well, the blue and grey one with the spire is One Liberty Place in Philadelphia, one of my favorite buildings in one of my favorite cities. Awesome city you built, too!

Thanks for the info. I Googled the building and it is very beautiful, indeed.

This is simply delightful...excellent entry. Love how you capture the feel of your city. Great job yet again!!! And thank you for your comment on my cj! I kinda miss working on my SC4 city...lol

Thanks so much. Ha, your SC4 work is incredible. You clearly have a much firmer grasp on that game than I do! I've never been able to do much with SC4. I think I came in to the party a bit too late and was a bit intimidated--hence my love of Skylines! We're all starting together and learning together. :)

Entry 4: Setting the Mood

So, after following lots of CJ's over on the forum side of the site (is it kosher to post my CJ there, too? Or should I keep it in one spot? I'm unsure about that), I've been incredibly inspired by all your work. I've specifically been following Ln X and his experimentation with mods. With that being said, this batch of pictures is my own fooling around with some sun mods and custom filters. I also tried out a few more custom buildings. Some are great, some not so much.


There are two gorgeous cathedrals on the Workshop. This is the second one I downloaded (the Russian Orthadox that you saw in a previous update is the other). I love this one. It is

the Cathedral of Salzburg and can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407094677


I also tried my hand at a stadium/expo center combo entertainment...area...thing. It's okay--it still needs some work. Also, I'm digging the Stuttgarter-Fernsehturm structure. It's a nice height and compliments the other skyscrapers pretty well. Find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408044350


Just messing around trying to get some interesting angles. I love how dense this has turned out. It took a while and playing on sandbox meant I had a lot of abandonment at first, as high-density commercial and offices require educated workers, of which I had none to start! The city has since stabilized.


Another look at the spire. I'm finding the pictures I take don't necessary reflect what I see on my screen when I'm playing. Not sure why that is, but I'm sure it has something to do with the filters and the sun mods I'm using. I'm going to keep tinkering, although I'm having an itch to try out some new concepts on a new downtown...like I said, I prefer to bounce around project to project. :P

So I hope you enjoy and I'd like to say thanks for all the support of my inaugural Skylines CJ! You're making it really easy to keep playing and keep posting my work. Have a great day!



I would completely love to have that church in SC4. It would have saved a lot of photoshoping time in my previous entry.

You keep doing a good job with skylines.

Thanks very much. The church is a wonderful asset and I was able to find another equally lovely one that I used in the most recent entry.

Awesome stuff!

Thank you! Your stuff is also rather awesome...much more than mine!


Very nice update! I like that European mixed with American style!

Thanks. If there's any Euro/American mix, it's completely unintentional, haha. I've always wanted to try an old European city, but my OCD and inherent love of grids makes it difficult! Some day. ;)


Uh, I think thank you?

I particularly like the 4th picture.

Thanks, that's my personal favorite, too. I like the ones that show how the skyline actually fits into the surrounding.

Skylines looks awesome. I just wish for more people and vehicles on roads !

Some parts of the city are very crowded. It all depends where in the city you are. Also, the populations aren't huge even with lots of buildings/high density. It's a trade-off, I suppose.

Very nice entry!

Thanks a lot. I've been following your SC4 journal, it's fantastic!

Entry 3: A New Skyline

So, you might have noticed I changed the name of my CJ. I can't stick with one project for very long (it's always been a bad habit regardless of game I play (ask the RCT community)). Today, I decided to play around in sandbox, with unlimited money and everything unlocked and available. Surprisingly enough, though, if I haven't unlocked one of the various staged buildings, it's not available in this mode either. It's some incentive to play the actual simulation, I suppose, so I'll have some work to do. So while this city isn't Schollenberg, that doesn't mean that it will be going away. Think of this journal as a catch-all for my messing about in this game.

With that lengthy paragraph, then, let me explain the following pictures. As I said, I wanted to mess around without money, so I started with a CBD and planned the road layout before zoning anything. The freedom to plan was great and something I've missed since playing the game when it came out. I've also been hunting for big skyscrapers on the Workshop. I've found a few nice ones and a few junky ones. I appreciate all the effort the modding community is doing--they truly are the pioneers of Skyline's custom content. Anywho...on to pics!


There is a long narrow park between the bay and the main avenue that follows the coast. This picture was taken from said park.


A highway essentially forms the backbone of the CBD. There will be some additional high-development behind this highway, but it won't be fully upgraded (hopefully) so as to create a better transition into the suburbs.


There are two bridges that cross the bay and lead to the peninsula. You can get a decent view of several of the custom buildings.


Those two giant buildings are my favorites, but I can't remember for the life of me what they are. If anyone's interested, drop me a comment and I can tell you what they were. These fit the style of the game and are really quite beautiful.


I love this little triangle section of development. Quite cramped...


From the hills far in the distance. I think this will be quite nice once all is said and done.

So there you have it! Hopefully you enjoy and you don't mind the switch in gears. Next update will be something...I just don't know what!



Looking awesome.

Thanks a lot!

Curious, my largest city so far is built also on this terrain. And I also laid the early city core at the up side of the map (as oriented in your picture) and the industrial area on the down side. Looking forward to see how you develop it!

This was a fun first map for me. I'm curious about some of the the others as well as some of the gorgeous custom maps I've seen. I still have lots of land to develop in this map, though, so I'll be here for a while!

Looking great so far

Thanks so much.

Entry 2: A Stroll Along the Point


The Point, in addition to being the business hub of the city, is also the tourist center for Schollenberg. There are several landmarks here that draw in several tourists a day. This one....looks kinda familiar. Not sure where I've seen it before, though. ;)


Along the highway, there is the Science Academy, an independent center for higher learning. Astronomy, Genetics, and other areas of study are the focus in this building.


One of the many busy streets on the Point.


A look from further down the main boulevard on the Point. You can see the bigger buildings along the river.


A beautiful old Russian Orthadox church has been here longer than any of the skyscrapers. It fits in surprisingly well.

Thanks for looking. :)


Hey, everyone. I've been super excited about Cities Skylines for a while now, but haven't had much time to sit down and play. I've been picking away at a city since release, though, and this is what I've come up with.


Ah, Schollenberg. If you were to exit right here, you'd be in the oldest part of the city, adequately named, "Old Town." However, if you follow the interstate there, you can see the modern heart of the city and the commercial hub. It's simply called, "The Point." There's a few landmark buildings down there that really stick out.


One of the many plazas around the city. This one is located in Old Town and celebrates...someone doing...something. I dunno...


The trees can no longer hide the man-made structures. Wood is dwarfed by glass and steel.


Old Town received a healthy development bump once the mayor started tinkering with some policies on The Point (namely the tax code). Parts of Old Town just aren't old any more.


An areal shot of this mess of an interchange. Each route serves a distinct purpose, however, and traffic flows seamlessly (albeit after the driver has the opportunity to drive his or her route a few times).


The Point gleams in the sun and shimmers on the water of the Fyuter River. There is plenty of land to exploit--er--develop, though.


As a tribute to those who have gone before us, we have this--uh--not at all creepy statue. Where in the city is this? Why right across from Schollenberg Crematory, of course!


The aforementioned crematory. Schollenberg Crematory: Saving valuable space since whenever it opened!


An overview of where the city currently stands. Plans are being drawn up for the General Mills Paper Company as we speak...so long as the land rights can be purchased.


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