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  1. BLS GA Farm Halloween Jack OLanterns BSC

    Here's the dependency list since it's not included in the description (note that the links no longer work): 1. Dependencies: ...BSC_Props_People_Vol01.dat [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/lots/index.cfm?mode=files&filetype=Prop&Str=BSC%20People%20Props"]http://www.simtropol...SC People Props[/url] ...Barbury CropCircle [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/lots/index.cfm?mode=files&filetype=Lot&Str=Barbury%20CropCircle"]http://www.simtropol...bury CropCircle[/url] ...O'Lantern Manor [url="http://couchspuds.homestead.com/Fourlandcp.html"]http://couchspuds.ho...Fourlandcp.html[/url] Search for CycleDogg creations. Picture at the bottom of the page. Takes a while to load. This lot also needs the field lot ...BLS GA Farm Field - Pumpkins_6e17f4bd.SC4Lot [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/lots/index.cfm?mode=files&filetype=all&Str=BLS%20GA"]http://www.simtropol...=all&Str=BLS GA[/url] Your choice of with menu or without ...bldgprop_vol1.dat (Available at the Maxis official site)
  2. Modular Amusement Park Pack Roller Coasters

    Edit: [b]Fixed it![/b] If you are seeing brown boxes, but have the dependencies, the thing to do is get ALL of the MAPP packs. That means you should have four in total: MAPP Classic Rides, MAPP Modern Rides, MAPP Ancillary Buildings Essentials and of course the coasters pack. I guess some of these packs have files that other packs need. @KaintGetRight The coasters are ploppable blocks you can put anywhere you like. The coasters aren't modular (i.e. you don't design your own coaster) they are pre-built and ready to go.
  3. BSC PEG Texture Pack Vol 01

    [b]This file now forms part of the BSC MEGA Textures Vol01.[/b] That's why it was locked! Download the BSC MEGA Textures Vol01 instead and this is included.

    If you're having issues installing this there is a version with an (more or less) automatic installer, so you don't have to manually delete any files. Just google Road-Top Mass-Transit V3.50 and look for the version that has "installer" in the name. You might have less flexibility in choosing the styles, but if you're like me and only want one functionality (i.e. I just wanted bustops on sidewalks) and could care less about the way it looks, the installer is the way to go.