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  1. One year ago today, David Bowie himself left this earth. I understand him. There are probably way cooler places.

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    2. airman15


      Please don't! I would be sad and bored and the heavenly hard rock/metal groups won't be complete!

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Don't worry, I'm not committing suicide just yet. I have too many friends and too bright of a future for that right now. :)

    4. raynev1


            Yeah , don't go off and do something ... I really like seeing you around here on simtropolis . Hold your head up and be proud of who you are . That's what I do . If someone doesn't like the way I am , then go hang with someone else .I don't need others to bring me down . I only have a small number of friends . And they help me keep it together . When life gets tough then we have to get tougher with it , and keep trucking through with it .