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  1. So, I've recently reinstalled SC4 since apparently the new one doesn't have that much room to build in, and whilst downloading my massive amount of mods, I thought about trying to get onto the Chinese site to get some BAT's from the Chinese community, yet it seems that the site is down. So I did a check on it using "Is it down or is it me?". According to that site, It's apparently me. With no other choice, I decided to come here since this is the center of the Simcity community. I am compelled to ask if anyone knows the status of any of the chinese sites or even why I am having a little trouble accessing them Browser is Chrome and Location is UK
  2. Discreet Advertising? While i see that this may be controversial, it may add a little atmosphere to your CJ's As long as the billboards aren't larger than skyscrapers, I'm fine.
  3. And yes, there was no mod support straight out of the box for SimCity 4. No Lot Editor, no IE Reader, no SC4 Tool, no BAT for MAX or GMAX. If the game is good enough upon release, people are going to take their time playing the vanilla and learning the mechanics and this new Glassbox engine. Did you really expect there to be as many mods useful mods as there are for SimCity 4 on day one? The mods we have now are an accumulation of nearly an entire decade of hard work. The internet being a requirement thing is sort of a let down but is it really such a horrible thing? Most PC users are constantly connected to the internet. There's WiFi everywhere from coffee shops to air and rail terminals to even sometimes the planes and trains themselves. It'll be an inconvenience sometimes yes, but very often it won't be. Right, here's my two cents. Firstly, DRM, wether it be in the form of Steam, Origin, Starforce, SecuROM or anything else, is a MASSIVE Inconvenience for any PC gamer, Simcity is, unfortunately, only the latest in a line of games to require Origin. DRM is in effect, useless, All it really serves to do, is to taunt the guys over on the torrent sites into saying "Challenge Accepted, *£$%!@* . Sadly for us, they usually win, they end up with a DRM free copy for free, DRM deliberately screw you over. In fact, The Witcher 2, which was released on gog.com with NO DRM was not actually the version that was shared on the net, supposedly. Requiring any Digital Platform is ridicolous at this point in time, because, frankly this means you HAVE to be connected to the net to play a game, designed to be played ALONE. You have the option of supporting this with your cash, or you can just not buy it. and this is pulling me in the direction of no buy, and considering Simcity's community in love with a what would be considered a rather niche title that are out now, They know, that they HAVE to please us, to get the massive sales they desire and to release the DLC they wish to use to milk us dry with. Mod support however, you should NEVER expect that on launch. One of the games that recently launched, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, had no way to mod it at launch. Now, that game has a massive PC fan base, that have modded everything from houses, to weapons to armour to the Kneecapper bow, and honestly, it's good that there is no modding at launch, this gives us a chance to see what we actually need to change. If the Road network is not functioning properly, we'll modd it ;P DLC and DRM, get angry about, Day One Modding support is a far fetched dream.
  4. Good Points. So I guess you guys won't mind me ruining your futuristic vistas with a dirty polluting metropolis then? :trollface: Joking Aside, I think that people are overreacting to the whole "love child of Simcity Societies and CXL thing". And Honestly, I was excited because Maxis have made very good Simcity games before, and this one should be the best they've ever made. And to all those that think it will be crap without Will Wright. He didn't work on Simcity 4 so much, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimCity_4 As the Wikipedia Article states, Simcity 4 was designed by Joseph Knight and Micheal McCormick. And Look at how this game turned out on Release. It's loved to bits years later. This game will still have the magic, and 2x2 Km is a bad descion in that we can't create metropolises quickly, but good in that we can be forced to be creative. So if the 2x2 tile is at the foot of a mountain, maybe it will a good idea to build a hillside neighbour hood. Despite a few design changes, this is Simcity in it's true form, you have every right to be cautious, after all, this is Simcity We're talking about, Not CXL. At this moment the Day One DLC is putting me off. I will not buy Simcity, I will not attain a copy of the game, if the DLC gives the children who have parents with deep wallets a high score on the leaderboards and doesn't give the rest of us an equal chance to get to the top first. Buying power in Video Games, whether it be a Single Player City Builder or an Online Multiplayer 50-a-side Big Explodey Shooter, is WRONG. I Refuse to buy Simcity if EA decide to allow Power Buying.
  5. Make SimCity(5) 3D

    Simcity? On A 3D TV? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yunSRfnsVck Reality has it's little way of saying "Thats ridicolously silly"
  6. I am new and I need help...

    Simcity 4 is probably the better option but has a steeper learning curve if you want to play properly, but with mods, the game gives more freedom than the others do.
  7. Discussion about City Tile Size

    8x8 hopefully should make an appearance in the future, and if not. We can pressure Maxis to make some time to make it. But the game is being designed to run on low end systems (The sort your average 11 yr old child who has used a console all his/her life will have access to). The problem here is that many of us have medium to high end rigs and we'll be able to run Simcity on Ultra with 60FPS, and maxis has to cater to both audiences. However, I wouldn't discount the possibility of Larger City Tiles being brought in Later, Perhaps the 2x2 one is the only one working and they just need more time to see if 4x4 or 8x8 will work?, You gotta remember they're about 30% of the way through development.
  8. Meaning end of the First Quarter I doubt that this is the actual release date
  9. The whole environmental bent worries me

    They're Worse in Tropico 4, They're all like "Please stop the development of your nation so we can make love to trees" and "please tear down all your buildings and wear no clothes and walk around in forests" All the time I'm ANGRY because of them. Sunny Flowers gets on my nerves, with her "Peace and love, Presidente, Have this flower and pretty please stop burning down the forests"," HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE WITHOUT WOOD?!?!" I say, "Also you're a traitor to your own cause by picking a flower out of the ground!".
  10. SimCity(2013) will be moddable

    I see I have to bring all your hopes crashing to the floor, and be the overly pessimistic manically depressed player here. Anyway, In case you guys don't know, Simcity has a LOT of DLC that EA is planning for it. There are British neighbourhood packs, German Neigbourhood packs, Maxisman and Dr. Vu are back. A thousand other DLC packs are probably being considered. My Opinion on this, Don't expect modding tools until at least 12-18 months after release. EA want to monetize this as much as possible, being EA, I wouldn't be suprised if they gave us the modding tools 16 months after release (around 2014) then stopped communicating with the simcity community for a while so they can remake Spore.
  11. SimCity 5 Facts

    I'm excited that a new Simcity is coming. The Problem is we're worried about EA taking 90% of the game out and charging extra for it. We're going to have to pay £65 over here in Britian for the full package (Digital Deluxe), To the guys in America, we're going to be paying the equivalent of $102.28 of we want said Digital Deluxe Edition. And thats of today (7/03/2012). The British get ripped off massively and I'm sure Europe is going to be just as bad, if not worse. DLC in the form of Expansion packs is completely fine. The limit is DLC that was developed after the game is done, as the Art team are doing nothing much, and they can create some new skins for the fire stations, British Terraced houses, German marketplaces... You get the Idea. The problem is, Simcity is about 30% of the way through the development process, and honestly, if that game is not complete when they make the DLC packs, It should be on your Disc/In Your Download. If they complete the game then start work on the Day One DLC. Fair enough, they're assets made by the Art team. Mass Effect 3 Is receiving a boycott and and a lot of hate because of many reasons, Mainly because of EA forcing DLC onto the game. They took a crucial part of the story and locked it off to those who had extra cash. Also it is the fact that until we see proper gameplay, we have no idea what the game will really be like. Zoning is in the game, but It could be SC3K/SC2K style zoning or SC4 style Zoning with the streets, Will we be able to build only one city in a region or are players limited to 7 cities or something?. Will we be able to create unions and trade partnerships between cities? Have the Terraforming mechanics been altered? What elements of Societies managed to sneak their way into the game? and the two most important questions are Will the traffic network be decent enough to not require it's own version of the NAM, or Will the game Be Moddable?.
  12. SimCity 5 Facts

    Origin is the DRM here, and we all now that Origin is useless Malware. Nothing More, Nothing Less.
  13. Hmm Maxis won't deliver on all promises,The game is SCS:2 and SC4 will nevah be ditched. Pessimistic perfectionists are always right (I should know, I am one ) and I will wait 6 months to buy the game. Umadbro? Ok Trolling aside, I will buy the game to play in my off Simcity 4 time. however I am under the Impression that Simcity 4 will be the game everyone plays.
  14. Well...here we go again.

    No doubt a beta will be out by 2013 for the MP mode, OFC Single Player will probably be in the game and from what I've heard in the conference, Collab CJ's are now easier to do. DLC worries me though.
  15. EA Game Changers Event at GDC

    No modds and loadsa worthless pig crap in the form of DLC. UMADBRO? (This is a joke, if you take this literally, I despise your sense of Humor)