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  1. You make great BATS, couldt you pplease make a pack witch old, japanese buildings?

  2. Dong He Night Market

    Version 1


    Typical taiwanese night market scene.Dong He Night Market is a place for your Sims to go shopping and have food at night. The Lot is designed to fill the space between two roads in a distance of 7 grids.It consists of 14 individual buildings and one entrance gate.Feel free to use them for lotting, as long my name is mentioned somewhere while publishing. Stats: Lot Size: 3x7 Building Type: Ploppable Landmark CS$$ Capactity: 250($$) Bulldoze Cost: 100 Plop cost: 5.000 $ No Dependencies Model by William
  3. Version 1


    Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was built in 1972 to commemorate Father of the Republic of China. It is one of Taipei City's most well known landmarks. The hall doesn't just function as a place to display the historical relics of Dr. Sun's life and lead in the revolution, it also has a world-class performance hall, audio-visual center, lecture halls, library and exibition hall, allows other cultural preformances and exhibitions to take place. It is also often used for important memorial services, international meetings, and awards ceremonies. --------------------------------------------- Stats: Lot Size: 8x8 Building Type: Museum Plop Cost: 10000 Budget Item Cost: 3000 School Coverage Radius: 1600 School EQ boost: 60 School Student Capacity: 11100 No Dependencies Enjoy!
  4. Chinatown Gate

    Thanks everyone!!! to:simbris123 the two buildings in the picture are HKABT Akiba Ishimaru LaOX and HKABT Akiba Onoden. Just search in simtropolis you will find a lot of chinese stuffs.
  5. Chinatown Gate

    Version 1


    Model after the "Goodwill Chinatown Gate", one of Yokohama Chinatown's Gate, which I think is the most beautiful Chinatown gate of the world. The width is a bit larger than the real one. --------------------------------------------- Stats: Lot Size: 1x1 Building Type: Park & Recreation Park Effect: 60 100 Plop Cost: 500 Budget Item Cost: 15 No Dependencies The Lot is transit enable.
  6. Beijing Inner City Wall part1

    Excellent work!!! I was planning to create city wall myself, but it seems you did it and no need to do it myself now. I wonder if you're going to make it's citygate,too?
  7. Version 2


    This is the sec. version of Lung-Yun Temple. It's now less bright and looks more realistic. And it's not a LM anymore. This version functions as a park. But you would find it under the "Reward Menu". Description from ver.1: Inspired by Lung-Shan ("Dragon Mountain") Temple in Lukang, Taiwan, I made this Lung-Yun ("Dragon Cloud") Temple. Like the real-world one, the temple was based on sounthern Chinese architecture. It would be an good addition not just to your asian cities, but also to the china town in a western cities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: Size: 3x7 Building Type: Park Budget Item Cost: 10 Bulldoze Cost: 100 Landmark effect: 100|90 Park effect: 100|100 Plop cost: 6.000 $ No Dependencies Model by William
  8. Asia Corner Shop

    Version 1


    Here is another asian style corner shop, inspired by a SimCity 3000s Building. It had been made long time ago, until recently i retextured the Model and decided to release it. Hope you like it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: Lot Size: 2x2 Building Type: Ploppable Landmark CS$$ Capactity: 300($$) Bulldoze Cost: 100 Plop cost: 6.000 $ No Dependencies Model by William P.S. If you look closer, you can find out that the TV screen underneath the Spiderman 3's poster change from day to night. Try it out!
  9. Ishimaru Denki

    Version 1


    Ishimaru Denki in Akihabara, Tokyo. Actually, I have posted this BAT before but somehow lost in STEX during the time. So I remake some Texture and release it again. I have never been to Tokyo before so some details may be different from the original one. Hope you still like it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stats: Lot Size: 2x2 Building Type: Ploppable CS$$ Capactity: 308($$) Bulldoze Cost: 100 Plop cost: 6.000 $ No Dependencies Model by William
  10. Bahnhofsplatz Subway Station

    Good work! I like the night effect
  11. Asian Style Cities

    Originally posted by: blazingheatnix Can you please tell me where you got the building with the cocacola ad and the one with the red box on the roof, along with the the little one besides it thanks. BTW what a night life. quote> Those are buidings i made myself but haven't post them yet. I'm still trying to remake the texture to make them more realistic.
  12. Asian Style Cities

    Nice works everybody! Here are some pictures from my city Ji-Yu
  13. THZ XiangHehLou BGTCN

    Nice Work!!! I like traditional chinese building
  14. Version 1


    The National Concert Hall is located in the ground of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park, on the opposite side of the National Theatre Hall, was built in 1977, together with the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the National Concert Hall, and completed in 1980. Both Chinese and international symphony orchestras and choirs perform here. Together with the National Concert Hall, the National Theatre is an important centre for the performing arts in Taipei. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stats: Lot Size: 11x10 Building Type: Landmark Budget Item Cost: 150 Bulldoze Cost: 3000 Landmark effect: 120|120 Mayor rating effect: 15|256 Plop cost: 100.000 $ Power consumed: 60 Water consumed: 0 No Dependencies Enjoy!